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Dec 6th

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  1. ANGR89


    "If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,... Or being lied about, don't deal in lies, Or being hated, don't give...
  2. ANGR89

    Every teams season in 3 words..except Patriots?

    just came across this and was curious what they had for the Patriots, oddly enough the Patriots were only team left off of this and it did say all teams in title. Innocent mistake? Every NFL team's 2016 season in three words
  3. ANGR89

    NFL clears Harrison and others.

    For lack of credible evidence. lmao ummm I seem to remember another investigation that had lack of credible evidence but that didn't stop them. this is such BS!!!
  4. ANGR89

    Brady accepting suspension:(

    Just seen his Facebook post, sad but I support him.
  5. ANGR89

    Brady declined post game interview

    Seen he declined again, I LOVE it, keep it up Brady to all those you ran their mouth about you!
  6. ANGR89

    Tom Brady's facebook video/post, want to get pumped up:)
  7. ANGR89

    Chris Mortensn blasts herald for incorrect reporting lol (2008)

    Chris Mortensen maybe should have practiced what he preached. One of ESPN’s top NFL reporters, Mortesen has been under fire in recent days and weeks for his work. He’s been criticized for his handling of a January report in which cited a source that said 11 of the New England Patriots’ 12...
  8. ANGR89

    One of lawyers to be on Dan Le Batard

    Soon...for anyone who wants to listen...suppose to break down some of transcripts.
  9. ANGR89

    Ravens issue statement that they didn't tip off colts

    Just heard that on espn radio......who gave that piece of information? Was it Bradys camp or the nfls?
  10. ANGR89

    Espn don't post link to transcript

    Just a short article....with obviously a lot left out. Call me shocked. Lol:rolleyes:
  11. ANGR89

    Mort -Dan Lebatard Show [Updated: 12:15am 8/4 Florio Completely Debunks His Claims!]

    They said that he said off the air he didn't want to talk about this whole PSI thing, but their going to push him anyway....sure nothing will come of it but I'll still listen. On a side note I'm surprised that haven't given Lebatard a gag order, he's been very negative NFL.
  12. ANGR89

    Some owners want to lessen Godells power

    Jason Cole from Bleacher Report is reporting he spoke to 3 owners who are tired of deflategate and how much it's cost and gone on etc...especially when it's about something that's not that big of a issue. And think it's time to get a independent arbitrator to handle these things. Could the tide...
  13. ANGR89


    Just heard him on espn radio and he said he believes Tom Brady is innocent and pointed out all the flaws in the nfl investigation, brought up how stuff like destroyed phone was put out there on purpose. Said Goddell should have never heard this appeal. Overall he sounded completely annoyed...
  14. ANGR89

    Brady was willing to accept 1 game?

    On espn radio their saying Judy Battista from espn is reporting Brady was willing to accept 1 game if the records were to be sealed. That's what they were supposedly negotiating. Anyone believe this?
  15. ANGR89

    colts and ravens owner leading the charge Not that it's something we didn't all know, but hey know it's out there for all to know who it know teams who the Pats just nothing but jealousy!
  16. ANGR89

    espn ad takes jab at patriots

    Seriously can't stand this network anymore!
  17. ANGR89

    Big pregame celebration in California before opener

    Gee you think they did this because they plan on Brady still being suspended and Patriot fans boycotting the pregame celebrations? Don't get me wrong if Brady out I want fans to do this but still think it's crazy their not having it at the super bowl Champs home!
  18. ANGR89

    Some funny Brady facts:) Came across this old article, thought some might enjoy it, especially the end of #2. Lmao (not the pain part just the irony with deflategate lol)
  19. ANGR89

    So Don Shula is not so perfect...

    Remember his "we didn't cheat to win" he just threatened his players that if they didn't take pain meds and get on the field they will lose their job. So basically risking their health more while their injured...Funny they named him specifically since he's had such a big mouth with the...
  20. ANGR89

    Did he really just compare Brady to Hernandez?

    How much more of a moron can someone be? They are really reaching now!