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    Tracking Devices on all NFL players to assess possible COVID contacts

    We're getting a taste of this lineup problem right now with the NBA Clippers (were for many experts the favorite to win it all) experiencing a depleted lineup as their last big man has just broken the bubble for family reasons. This NFL method is more of a take-down than I assumed it would...
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    So Brady was chapped with McDaniels?

    On reading this, it's hard to know who was worn out by whom? And also hard to know what constituted the "deteriorating rel." apart from Tom's apparent desire to have more control over play-calling. In any case, more words devoted here to their love fest than to their clashing.
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    2020 schedule to be released tomorrow - (UPDATED: Pats open vs MIA on 9/13)

    Expect the revised schedule in Aug, and maybe another revised schedule in late Sept. As in 14 games, perhaps dropping to 12 games.
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    NFL rumored to be considering 14 game season starting in October

    I keep thinking about how the NBA season was canceled in like one day when 2-3 players tested positive for covid. Many other players, refs, and broadcasters were then placed in quarantine for 14 days. Given this, it seems that any single NFL team would have to play with like a 30 man roster for...
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    Pats... tanking? Develin says, "No!"

    Well, we do know that Stidham isn't going to be up for tanking. Imagine, having a new young QB and instructing him to reign it in a bit for the sake of a better QB next year.
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    Bengals release QB Andy Dalton

    Jacksonville makes the most sense. Pats second.... otherwise Dalton joins the backup competition.
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    I’m on Team Hoyer

    Hoyer, the system specialist, will probably play better without fans than Stidham, the novice.
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    The Official 2020 UDFA Signing Thread

    On Pats tracker: CB Myles Bryant, Washington (5077, 183 lbs) (viaTom Pelissero)
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    DRAFT Pick 159, Patriots Select K Justin Rohrwasser

    He kicked a 53 yarder against Western Kentucky last Oct. A couple of expert graders have already given this pick an F. And he wasn't listed at Walter in the best place kicker list. (ha)
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    DRAFT Official Draft Day LIVE Discussion Thread - Night 2

    How long will the preludes me tonight? Will start time be like 7:30??? And will we have in house players tonight like last night... I want to see a PAT PLAYER get some of that attention.
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    Jerry Jones last night

    His presence on the yacht probably had a lot to do with the pick of a glitzy wide receiver over a lineman or any defensive position. Strike that he said to his hired staff, I want some flash.
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    DRAFT Patriots OFFICIAL Draft Day thread - Night 1

    Except for missing out on all this anticipated player coverage, I totally love the trade... just what I dreamed of.... we have 7 solid picks from the early second to the middle forth. Swell!!!
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    [Pre-Draft Thread] NFL Draft 2020 - NE Edition

    If we do kick out of round one and say it's for a 2nd and 3rd, Friday night will be a big one for the Pats and for the Pats future!! That's 5 picks that night and then Sat morning opening up with two 4th round picks. Yum.
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    [Pre-Draft Thread] NFL Draft 2020 - NE Edition

    Joe Klatt at Fox just released his final (and bizarre) draft. He has Tua going at 6 to the Chargers, and Herbert going at 18 to the Phins. The Pats get Cole Kmet at 23 (who I thought was a 2nd rounder)
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    5 Draft Day scenarios for players with NFL tape.

    I like most of the trades but the one I have doubts about is 5 or basically Thuney plus two six's for Carr. I guess it depends about how one reads Carr, but I think I would say no to this one and probably yes to all the others.
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    Gasp, With No Reasonable Tradedown Or Out, Belichick Drafts

    You can be sure that the 22 picked prior to 23, will never materialize that way. Why? Because the draft is never that predictable. Nearly always the problem is too many good choices rather than none--guys always fall, always. Then we're all pumped and half of us are let down by the pick we do...
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    Another Potential Patriots Tight End Draft Prospect Devin Asiasi

    He looks tough & intimidating and at 6'3" 260, he no doubt is (he has that linebacker look) But I wish he were a bit taller as in 6'5" 265.
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    Will you go to a Patriots game before a vaccine is generally available?

    No. One thing this self-isolation has taught me is that I do quite well apart from dense social gatherings and maybe even prefer this. But I have this sense that if medicines have been approved to help with Covid-19, none wd be available in my neck of the woods, or wd only reach me at too late a...
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    Brady admits he wouldn't throw to receivers he didn't trust

    Add the fact that Brady knew before last season that the writing was on the wall about his future in NE, thus making the ice out thing bigger due to his uncharacteristic moodiness about his future. I thought I could read this, but I may have been overstepping.
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    NFL QB situations are sad

    Except for Mahomes, I wouldn't pay any QB over 30m, and I'd want to wait a little longer even on him. The big money just leaves a team too thin, and overworked, overstretched... which means more injuries... and now in 17 games to boot.