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Dec 6th

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  1. Patstopia

    Alamo's Predict The Score Alamo's Predict the Score Contest, Week 10 BAL @ NE

    Pats 27 Rave 24 bwah..haaa...haaa...haaa.... (evil laugh)
  2. Patstopia

    Hello Pats fans

    It is never the start of the season that troubles the Bills. They usually collapse after the midway point. But they appear solid this year.
  3. Patstopia

    Alamo's Predict The Score Alamo's Predict the Score Contest, Week 4 NE @ KC

    Pats 21 KC 31 No faith in Hoyer. Might as well put Stidham in and see whats what.
  4. Patstopia

    Feelings on the New Uniforms?

    Need an option 'didn't notice' and select it for me.
  5. Patstopia

    Some Thoughts About the SEA-NE Game

    Did you see the replays of the plays between Gilmore and Metcalf, holy crap that was a titanic battle. They had one replay with Metcalf choking Gilmore with both hands as Gilmore tried to push him back. Metcalf is a beast! Wilson was perfect, he is on a roll so far this year. The Pats had a...
  6. Patstopia

    J.J. Taylor - Anyone else impressed by him?

    Definitely want to see more. He just about disappears behind the OL finds a hole and goes.
  7. Patstopia

    Should the NFL add more teams?

    Nothing outside the USA!
  8. Patstopia

    Is nobody going to discuss the happy ending for Mr. Kraft?

    Appalling that they would waste so much time and money trying to prosecute a sex act. Talk about a disproportional response. Someone needs a good kick in the butt for this.
  9. Patstopia

    OT: Bombshell article about Washington organization.

    Although I thought they had hit rock bottom hiring Gruden ,I am sure no matter what is dredged up, they will be given the benefit of the doubt and no fines will be imposed. After all its not like they recorded a vid in the wrong place.
  10. Patstopia

    Will Pats alter Cam Newtons playing style?

    I guess you never saw a difference in TB and the game plan from 2001 to 2019.
  11. Patstopia

    Will Pats alter Cam Newtons playing style?

    It was never going to be the same offense Brady had. Just like BB adjusting the offense to Brady, the Pats will alter to emphasize what skills BB sees in Newton. What if any those strengths are may surprise us all come fall.
  12. Patstopia

    The NFL plans to play the black National Anthem before Week#1 games.

    Do you think you'll be at games week 1? I thought they were not having any crowds.