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Dec 6th

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    NFL Division Round: Packers at Falcons

    Matt Ryan is an overhyped game manager
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    NFL Division Round: Packers at Falcons

    If you seriously think the pats would loose to browns at home in a divisional game, you're an idiot.
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    Looking ahead, who would you want in the AFCCG? Ravens or Steelers?

    Ravens offense is more of a threat than the steelers
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    And they call Ryan a good coach?!? (Miked Up)

    ^^Did that really matter? Jets would have knelt and ran clock out still...
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    Interesting claim: The Jets are more talented than the Patriots by a wide margin

    the jets may have talent but people are forgetting that its not jets d vs pats d or jets o vs pats o. I'll take the pats o vs jets d and as long as sanchez quaterbacking ill take pats d vs jets o.
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    My son Tommy is a finalist to represent all Patriots Fans. Please Vote

    Didn't vote for you. How were you able to make a thread with zero post count?
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    It'll be Jets, Chiefs, or Ravens....Who do you want?

    Re: Cakewalk to the Super Bowl? Our best case scenario The easiest road to the sb for the pats was kc finishing 3rd and colts finishing 4th. It would have played out like this. Jets beat KC. Ravens beat colts. Jets comes to the razor, Ravens goes to Pitt. Pats demolishes Jets again. Doesn't...
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    NFL Playoffs Set

    Re: NFC: 5 versus 6 is realistic Ppl need to start looking at saints and packers more realistically instead of on paper.
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    Who is the better porn star?

    Peyton Manning...teabagging:D
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    Patriots Defense = Ranked #1 in AFC for Interceptions

    Next Year, lets get the AFC sack crown...
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    Patriots magic number down to 1 (AFC East + #1 Seed)

    Re: Jets as a number one seed? yea i worded it awk but jets will likely beat the chiefs and remain the lowest seed in the playoffs so then it is ravens/colts/pitt, 3/4 of the afc powerhouses. whoever makes it out will be physically depleted...given the colts and steelers injury issue, it will...
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    Patriots magic number down to 1 (AFC East + #1 Seed)

    Re: Jets as a number one seed? the playoff picture as it is right now is the best the pats can hope for. pats #1 pit #2 KC #3 Colts #4 Balt Jet balt are more than likely going to win out plus they have h2h over jets jets are more than likely going to clinch the 6th seed after beating pitt...
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    what would rogers have done to us?

    Rodgers not playing actually benefited the packs.n Lack of quality film on Flynn made it difficult for BB to sufficiently prepare his guys. I hope you didn't expect to just figure out a guy starting for the first time in the nfl. If Peyton couldn't beat us, what made you think Rodgers would have?
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    Just Keeping Things in Perspective

    this was 2007 eagles all over snf back up qb good def pats beasting weeks leading up close gm etc