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Dec 6th

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  1. NYPatsFan

    Pats and Packers Afterthoughts?

    The Patriots are not a top team. They’ve lost to every good team along the way and I can’t make the case that they are serious contenders. If they want to be considered contenders, maybe they should have beaten Baltimore, Houston or Kansas City. The Packers are in the same boat. It all makes...
  2. NYPatsFan

    Gronk's issue with part of the Patriots Way under BB

    I wish Gronk well. His career as a TV analyst won't last more than this season and he's going to need something else to do.
  3. NYPatsFan

    Why Wasn't Mason Rudolph Suspended?

    Nobody believes Garrett’s claim of a racial slur being used. If I had the power I would suspend him for next season too for trying to maliciously destroy another players reputation.
  4. NYPatsFan

    Pats @ Eagles all-22 rewatch thread

    Matt Chatham broke down the game on his Athletic podcast. He lays blame at Brady’s feet for the poor offensive performance. He said Brady played poorly and by his count, had double digit bad plays on Sunday. But it’s not just Brady.. there are other problems too.
  5. NYPatsFan

    Humor: Pat McAfee has figured out the Patriots' secret

    McAfee is an entertaining guy. I wish I was as confident in a win this weekend as he is.
  6. NYPatsFan

    Pats offensive line ranked 9th

    If Tom Brady wasn't the greatest QB to ever play, this offensive line would rank in the bottom half of the league. He is able to move guys around to give them the best chance of success on most plays. He also gets rid of the ball very quickly which cuts down on sacks and allows the team to have...
  7. NYPatsFan

    BB gives the league another key blueprint: vs Mahomes

    Yes, that's the way to beat Brady or any great passing QB.
  8. NYPatsFan

    Watson won’t be activated - he is now a Free Agent

    This frees up $2 million in space. Perhaps Bill is trying to trade for a wide receiver. Also, who else is going to claim Watson? If the Pats make a trade they can probably sign him back.
  9. NYPatsFan

    Brown Goes Off, Takes Shots at Patriots Owner Robert Kraft on Twitter

    That “different strokes” for different folks line :D
  10. NYPatsFan

    Antonio Brown

    He will join Colin Kaepernick, Ray Rice and Terrell Owens on the list of involuntary unemployed former NFL players.
  11. NYPatsFan

    Poll: Browns a tough game for Pats? or we twerntn' too sure

    I watched some of the game last night and my only concern about the Browns is that they hit hard and sometimes late. Someone could get hurt.
  12. NYPatsFan

    Eli Manning benched

    If Eli is a Hall of Fame QB based solely upon his playoff stats, Super Bowl wins and Super Bowl MVPs, then Julian Edelman is a Hall of Fame wide receiver using the same criteria.
  13. NYPatsFan

    Almost 1/2 of @Pats on 01,03,04 report brain injuries

    The number is higher than one might expect because former plays want to be on record now in case they develop symptoms in the future.
  14. NYPatsFan

    Cavs trade away Thomas.

    When I heard IT criticize the Cavs coaching staff for poor in game adjustments, I figured he was on his way out.
  15. NYPatsFan

    Arthur Blank is very upset about the 283 diamond Super Bowl rings

    It sucks when your team loses the biggest game. I live in New York State. I can’t tell you how many times 18-1 was thrown at me, and not just from New Yorkers but Pats haters. Don’t want to be mocked? Don’t lose.
  16. NYPatsFan

    Squealers Dad Reacts to Super Bowl (Parody)

    I laughed all the way through. This guy is entertaining.
  17. NYPatsFan

    Tom Brady TV Show? (mod edit: "Tom vs Time"

    And he focused not on the nearly perfect throw that he made, but that the defender made a great play.
  18. NYPatsFan

    Tom Brady TV Show? (mod edit: "Tom vs Time"

    Episode 2 made me sad. I've enjoyed all of the Patriots success without sacrificing anything other than my time. To see him work hard on mechanics or watch Super Bowl 42 tape over and over. Why do you do it Tom? "Because I can still learn from it." I'm a fan and I haven't even had the courage to...
  19. NYPatsFan

    Tom Brady TV Show? (mod edit: "Tom vs Time"

    I watched episode 1. I was prepared to be embarrassed but I thought it was really well done and I enjoyed it.