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  1. NYPatsFan

    Matt Chatham’s Real Thing Patriots Podcast

    Matt Chatham started Football by Football a couple of years back. While he did discuss Patriots stuff, it was more NFL focused. This season he launched a new podcast called The REAL THING Patriots Podcast and it’s excellent. He does deep dives into last week’s game and previews this week’s...
  2. NYPatsFan

    Jarvis Landry: Dolphins will sweep the Patriots this year

    The Dolphins haven’t swept the Patriots since 2000. Miami receiver Jarvis Landry says this is the year that changes. Landry told Peter King of that he expects to beat the Patriots twice in 2017. “If you’re a competitor, that’s the way you should feel, and I don’t mind saying it,”...
  3. NYPatsFan

    OT: Pats fans killed by flying lawnmower at Shea Stadium 36 years ago today

    File this under truth is stranger than fiction. Shortly before the end of the 15-minute show, Philip Cushman, a Brooklyn auto collision repairman, lost control of the model aircraft he was guiding, a novel plane shaped like a lawnmower with a red reel and silver handle. The plane circled the...
  4. NYPatsFan

    OT - Michael Vick: "[When I play Madden] I do play with Tom Brady a lot"

    Via Reddit. When Michael Vick plays Madden, he says he plays with Tom Brady a lot because he likes to play with a passer. LOL. Not Geno?
  5. NYPatsFan

    Classic description of Gronk from a Green Bay Packer writer/fan

    From If you’re getting old like I am, odds are good you played the arcade game “Rampage” growing up. While little Army men shot at you and helicopters tried to take you down, your...
  6. NYPatsFan

    Spygate II - Brady and Gisele filmed "getting busy" at NYC restaurant?

    Anyone miss the days when the Pats just played football and didn't have to deal with all the distractions? At least this isn't during the season... I wonder how long it will be before this tape is leaked?
  7. NYPatsFan

    Giants coaches reveal how they beat the Pats

    I thought this was an excellent read...
  8. NYPatsFan

    OT: Funny video of Favre and Beebe trick-or-treating at Mike Holmgren's house

    I thought this was pretty funny and it's just another reason why most other people love Favre... Just for kicks, wouldn't it have been hilarious if Favre visited John Madden's house on Halloween? I'm guessing that unlike Holmgren, Madden would have...
  9. NYPatsFan

    "Food, film, sleep, massage... visualizing a pride of lions mauling a Ugandan cub"

    Warning... the information in this message comes from a certain talk radio host whom many of you despise. If you can't handle the mere mention of his name, hit the back button now. This thread is not political; it's about Tom Brady. Before championship weekend, Rush Limbaugh always interviews...
  10. NYPatsFan

    Video: Ben Watson's tackle [merged]

    NFL Total Access featured Ben Watson's amazing tackle of Champ Bailey in the 2005 AFC Divisional loss to the Broncos in Denver. If you remember, Champ Bailey returned an INT 99 yards and was knocked out of bounds by a hustling Ben Watson. The clip features Ben Watson, Bill Belichick and some...
  11. NYPatsFan

    Video: Anatomy of a play - Brady's 43 yard TD pass to Moss

    I love this kind of stuff. just put up a video of Brady's 43-yard TD pass to Randy Moss against Buffalo. I love it when professionals break down plays for the rest of us. Brady and the rest of the coaching staff are just too damn smart for most teams. One of the reasons they are doing...
  12. NYPatsFan

    OT: Does anybody know where I can buy...

    Does anybody know where I can buy a fitted Patriots cap... for people with extra large heads? :) No, the Pats 10-0 start has not swelled my head. I am looking for a cap that is about 8 1/2 to 8 3/4 and I can't see to find one.
  13. NYPatsFan

    Caption this photo from last night's game

    I wonder what Roger Goodell is thinking right about now? OR Our plan for league wide domination is nearly complete!
  14. NYPatsFan

    How ridiculous is the whole undefeated talk at this point?

    I just heard a stat on NFL Network that 23 teams in NFL history have been undefeated at this point in the season. If the Pats win tonight, they will be the 19th team to be undefeated after 10 games. The media is unbelievable. They've been hyping the undefeated season for so long now, you...
  15. NYPatsFan

    Tom Brady's knees [humor]

    This would be entertaining if it weren't so frightening.
  16. NYPatsFan

    Harrison only member of 30/30 club...

    From Mike Reiss... Congrats Rodney! It takes perseverence, talent and longevity to put up those kind of numbers. I wonder how many other active players have a shot at the 30/30 club? Carnell Lake is retired.
  17. NYPatsFan

    Gillette Stadium: Are standing room only tickets worth it?

    Hi guys... I need some advice. I've never been to Gillette Stadium and I have some family coming in from out of town. I would like to buy some tickets but the only ones I see are in the upper corners of the stadium and so-called "standing room only" tickets. Are they worth it? What kind of...
  18. NYPatsFan

    Who needs Ambien when we've got Bill Belichick?

    I saw this video on and I started laughing half way through it. Who needs sleeping pills when a Bill Belichick press conference is available? OMG. I don't know how those beat writers do it day in and day out. Do you guys think he does this intentionally? He must be different in the...
  19. NYPatsFan

    24 - Season 6 - Smokin!

    For those of you who are fans of 24, check out the trailer for season 6. Wow!