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Nov 29th

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2020/2021 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread.
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  1. Seneschal2

    Welcome Tavon Wilson!

    Mods, please merge all of his threads into this one. We have the welcome mat out for Jones, Hightower, and Dennard. It's only right we also welcome Tavon to the Pats. Researched the heck out of him last night, found some impressive tidbits: Longtime HC at Illinois (now former) was Ron Zook...
  2. Seneschal2

    Beat writers mock - 4/23/11

    A lot on the line in this draft - Sacramento Living - Sacramento Food and Wine, Home, Health | Sacramento Bee --- Notice that Jordan/Watt/Kerrigan are off the board by #17, and both Wilkerson and Heyward are gone by #28. In this scenario, if NE wanted one of the DEs, trading up or down from...
  3. Seneschal2

    Rick Gosselin's first mock (2011)... now out, and unfortunately subscription-required. I've been able to piece together some picks from various sources -- but not the Pats picks (yet). Here's what we have so far: 3) Buffalo - Von Miller 9) Dallas - Tyron Smith 25) Seattle Danny Watkins 27) Atlanta - Phil Taylor 30) NYJ -...
  4. Seneschal2

    The latest buzz...

    :gossip: Pats-related or not, here's the thread to post the latest draft rumors, or what-the-experts-are-hearing leading up to the draft. All buzz is pertinent, as there may be some truths to weed out which may influence the Pats draft. Please link to source. NFL draft rumors | National...
  5. Seneschal2

    Pats roster round by round...

    An interesting annual resource, courtesy of Reiss: Patriots roster by draft round - New England Patriots Blog - ESPN Boston
  6. Seneschal2

    NFP Mock 1.0 (4/7/11)

    The NFP writers team up with their first mock draft: NFP Mock Draft 1.0 | National Football Post Pats picks: --- Note: *Assuming the trade is for Minny's #2 this draft plus an '12 pick -- the Vikes have the #43 pick in round two, which would leave them w/o a 2nd and 3rd rounder this draft...
  7. Seneschal2

    New scouting technology could give teams an edge in NFL draft

    New scouting technology could give teams an edge in NFL draft | Green Bay Press Gazette | Excerpt:
  8. Seneschal2

    Moses Cabrera new assistant strength coach...

    Cabrera new assistant strength coach - New England Patriots Blog - ESPN Boston --- For those who always like to connect dots, Colorado's top prospect is OT Nate Solder, who could use some bulking up. :cool:
  9. Seneschal2

    Nick Caserio w/ TE Virgil Green...

    Nevada Pros impress on Pro-Day - Nevada Wolf Pack Sports and News
  10. Seneschal2

    Rang's Top 32 plus 10...

    Thought it worthy to post this, considering the Pats first three selections (17/28/33) may be among his 42. Feedback appreciated... From Rob Rang: Rang's Big Board: Top 32 plus 10 - NFL - -
  11. Seneschal2

    New Michael Holley book: War Room - Bill Belichick and the Patriot Legacy

    On Sale: 10/4/2011 It Books --- Hope the Pats draft board is revealed... Can't wait...:popcorn:
  12. Seneschal2

    Potential Pats trading partners (up or down)...

    Came across the following tidbit and thought having a floating thread on the topic may assist us in preparing for Belichick the maneuverer. :bricks: Charley Walters: Look for Vikings to trade their first-round pick in April's NFL draft - --- Any thoughts on this scenario? And...
  13. Seneschal2

    Tyron Smith skips Combine workouts (knee)

    Tyron Smith drops out of Combine | ProFootballTalk --- Wow. One of the top rated OTs...may change round one -- depending on the reason. Stay tuned...
  14. Seneschal2

    More OL info...

    Two informative articles on the OL prospects. The more info the this position will be addressed by the Pats in some fashion (early, late, or both): Reiss:With offensive linemen the focus of Day 1 at NFL combine, New England Patriots could find what they need - ESPN Boston...
  15. Seneschal2

    2011 NFL Scouting Combine News & Notes...

    The NFL Scouting Combine will be held February 23 – March 1, 2011. And once again, it's important to have one convenient thread devoted to all Combine happenings. Of course, we can post weigh-in/workout results in separate threads once they take place: Official Site: Home | NFL Scouting...
  16. Seneschal2

    DE Cameron Heyward may be unable to work out for 3 months -- elbow surgery

    Tony Pauline (TonyPauline) on Twitter --- Anyone think this will affect round one?
  17. Seneschal2

    Official 2011 Senior Bowl thread

    It's that time again to post all Senior Bowl-related news, notes, weigh-in results, etc. in one handy thread. Official Website of the Senior Bowl Rosters: Official Website of the Senior Bowl: Game History
  18. Seneschal2

    Rick Gosselin wins best top 100 score (again)

    2010 NFL DRAFT --- Gosselin led the way with 87, and also has the best 5-year average -- 86.2
  19. Seneschal2

    Gosselin's Top 100...

    Annually, this top 100 has been noted as a valuable resource, as it's compiled and based on conversations with NFL general managers, personnel directors, pro and college coaches and scouts. It's my working list on draft day. Rick Gosselin's top 100 prospects in this year's NFL Draft |...
  20. Seneschal2

    NFL Network: Exclusive four-part interview w/ Belichick to air on draft day

    Fang's Bites: NFL Network's 75th NFL Draft Plans