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Nov 29th

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    What trade moves should the Patriots make before the deadline?

    The Jets tanking for the right to destroy Trevor Lawrence's career is a given at this point. Fields and Lance are going 2 - 3, barring an injury of Tua proportions. In the hypothetical universe in which the top 10 remains fixed, both the Bengals and Dolphins (picking for Houston courtesy of...
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    Would you trade Thuney to improve WR/TE?

    I'll take Cooks for a 5th...
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    Taking a look at 2021 Patriots HOF possibilities

    Parcells' contributions are largely symbolic today, thanks to the past 20 years of success. Parcells would have made it a decade ago in an alternative universe in which this team does not reach its dynastic heights. At this point, Parcells will have to wait for Welker, Seymore, Vrabel...
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    Running Backs (Five-Headed Monster)

    Why Harris? Because RBs get banged up, Burkhead and Michel in particular. We have an advantage over most other teams in that we can run out a fresh set of legs on every single play of a game.
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    Michael Onwenu

    Combine Owenu's contibutions with Dugger's rise, this could shape up to be a very good draft class if Uche and one of the TEs deliver.
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    JCJ says "we've got something" for Waller

    I wouldn't say Gilmore has been bad. He's been average. I agree that he needs to turn it around quickly though. At his age and cap hit, and given the depth around him, he'll be out of here fast if he isn't playing at an all pro level.
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    Feelings on the New Uniforms?

    The new uni's look amateurish. The pair of red stripes on the shoulder pads make them look like a marching band's. It's like watching a bizzaro version of the Patriots. If any uniform change were to be made, I'd prefer a variation of the old red and whites. However, I'm of the mind that any...
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    Week 3 pre-game discussion... we're on to Oakland...

    I'm not buying into the Raiders hype train. Not at all. I understand that their OL is great. They have a few physical mismatches on offense in Ruggs, Jacobs and Waller. They'll exploit our interior defense a few times. What else do they have? Derek Carr strikes zero fear into my heart. Our...
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    Why does 1st round pick Sony Michel play like a jag?

    Simple answer...because he is a jag.
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    Cam Newton feeling the love Tom Brady never did

    I won't read any more stories about Tom Brady's emotional state. The media's perpetuating of the Brady vs. Groppolo vs. Gurrero vs. Belichick vs. Kraft soap opera ruined the last three years of Patriots football. Since SB51, the only time I've really enjoyed this team was during the unexpected...
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    Maybe Cam is a better QB than we (and everybody else) thought?

    I think there are a few factors contributing to Newton's early success here: He's as healthy as he's been over the past several years. Lack of preseason + changeover from a pure pocket passer + coaching genius = an early advantage for this offense He's proven himself to be an accurate passer...
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    Some Thoughts About the SEA-NE Game

    Good points, I agree with the optimism of the moment. I viewed this game as an early litmus test for Newton and the offense. I expected the offense to struggle overall but hit enough big plays to put 21 on the board. I never expected Newton to push 400 yards, or for Byrd and Harry to be this...
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    I was going to suggest that Folk shouldn't take too much heat for missing a 51 yarder, and that some blame should be put on the offense for losing two yards on the prior play. However, that shank would have missed from 35, and the average success rate for 51 yard kicks between 2014 - 2018 was...
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    Extend Newton

    The sooner the better. I've hoped since Newton signed that he would play well enough and sign a discounted deal, something in the $25 million range. If he plays too many more games like he did last night, it's going to take a lot more than that to keep him around.
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    Gronk... Disturbing on so many levels!

    I'm a little surprised on how quickly some on this board have turned on Gronk. This is no different from posing with the porn star in 2011, or the Gronk party cruise.
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    2021 HoF Nominees

    Manning and Woodson are locks. Megatron belongs in the HOF. For a short period he was a dominant a WR as we've ever seen. I bet they make him wait a couple of years. Of the remaining first years, I think Jared Allen will eventually get in - 12th all time in sacks, 3rd all time in tackles for...
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    NEW ARTICLE: Patriots-Seahawks Week 2, Key Matchups: Who Has the Razor's Edge?

    I disagree that Seattle's WRs have an edge over our secondary. Metcalf and Lockett are a good pair of starters, but Gilmore and Jackson should be able to keep them in check, and Seattle's depth (Josh Gordon and Phillip Dorsett), well, I sure don't fear them. The x-factor in this game will be...
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    For the "Brady made Belichick" crowd

    I had forgotten how many of the defensive starters from SB36 were also starters on the 2000 team. We remember the 2001 free agency period as Belichick's first great coup when it comes to turning bargain basement signings into key cogs, but, aside from Vrabel, Pfifer and Seymour, all the key cogs...
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    Games start Thursday, so beat the rush: Rank the NFL teams

    1. Chiefs 2. Ravens 3. Saints 4. 49ers 5. Steelers 6. Cowboys 7. Titans 8. Seahawks 9. Bucs 10. Patriots 11. Bills 12. Eagles 13. Colts 14. Texans 15. Vikings 16. Cardinals 17. Browns 18. Lions 19. Broncos 20. Packers 21. Falcons 22. Rams 23. Chargers 24. Raiders 25. Bengals 26. Bears 27...