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Nov 29th

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  1. Scouse Patriot

    Patriots portrayed as the leading number-crunching NFL team

    They're a team of crabs right now, can only play sideways.
  2. Scouse Patriot

    Patriots portrayed as the leading number-crunching NFL team

    John Henry has just brought it in at Liverpool. Liverpools transfers are now heavily based on statistics. Stats have a place but shoud never be used over your eyes and instinct IMO.
  3. Scouse Patriot

    Tight End - A Very High Draft Need

    Wouldn't place it as a very high need in the draft at all to be honest, we have two very good starters who you would solely focus on developing. You need a guy who can step in and keep things ticking over should an injury happen, if you indeed chose to go with three TE's. If your going...
  4. Scouse Patriot

    I know this may be a stretch, but what about going after Mario Williams?

    This guy is a football player and he's such an athlete he'll make plays at end or standing up. He will command and likely get a ton of money, sadly it wont be with New England in my opinion. I remember when there was chaos he was taken ahead of Bush. Quality selection in what was a draft year...
  5. Scouse Patriot

    Brandon Jacobs to Giselle "Stay cute and shut up."

    I agree with Jacobs, what she said creates an awkward situation for Brady and unessesary attention.
  6. Scouse Patriot

    I wish Patriot fans had a `Patriot Way`

    There are always a good core who understand and are patient with what they're seeing, pay attention to those. Outside of those fans are the bipolar fickles. You win and life's great, you lose and it's fire the coach, I'm off to hang myself. Then they'll be given airtime because these views...
  7. Scouse Patriot

    A new CB will decide this teams fate.

    All my money would go on positions that can dictate, not react.
  8. Scouse Patriot

    OT: Gutlessness

    If your going to display who you support you've got to expect things like this. People will comment because it's such a passionate subject, most of it is harmless. Wait until you've been spat at and abused for wearing rival colours, then you'll have good reason to be p!ssed.
  9. Scouse Patriot

    We'll be in New Orleans next season

    Need a defense first, the Patriot D right now doesn't feel to me like it has identity.
  10. Scouse Patriot

    Report: Patriots to Play Rams in London for 2012 Season

    Your games are there 99% of the time. If your a St Louis fan then I can see the point of losing a home game you probably may have attended, or the team losing any advantage gained from their own venue and crowds but NE are the away team. You'll be watching it on TV just as you would if they...
  11. Scouse Patriot

    Report: Patriots to Play Rams in London for 2012 Season

    Great, had to miss the last one so I said the next time they come over I'll go. This time they come over here and I'll be in America!
  12. Scouse Patriot

    World Cup: USA vs Japan

    I'm friends with one of the England players, she's dissapointed they went out obviously but maybe extra so because there was a real feeling England were growing into the competition as they went. Our ladies are better than the fellas! With most female players being professional or semi...
  13. Scouse Patriot

    New England Revolution

    MLS will always continue to struggle until soccer becomes mainstream in the US. American soccer will simply lose talent to the main sports and the kids who choose soccer, to Europe at some point.
  14. Scouse Patriot

    USA vs Mexico

    Weak and riddled with envy.
  15. Scouse Patriot

    USA vs Mexico

    The argument football is so popular because anybody can play it is weak. An American football costs £6 over here yet I dont see everybody out playing with one, after all you can quite easily throw an American football around just as you would knock a soccer ball around. And just to finish that...
  16. Scouse Patriot

    Do You Want Plaxico Burress?

    Be shooting ourselves in the foot if we do..
  17. Scouse Patriot

    Champions League Final

    Barca can be had, it's just getting the ball off them! Every system in football has a weakness. Barca press high and their front line and to some extent, their midfield can all be bypassed by counter attacks but it must be quick. If it's not quick and decisive it's no good. United needed...
  18. Scouse Patriot

    Random Comments Thread.

    Remember when shops were closed on Sundays... I'm thinking you like the peace around, being off when people are in work. Those mornings on your day off with a mug of tea and nothing but the noise you make eating your breakfast, a free bird ready to do whatever.. I only get as far as the...