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Nov 29th

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    Gronk sugery scheduled

    Generally you wouldn't want to perform this type of surgery if an infection is still present, so their scheduling the surgery would most likely indicate that his infection has at least calmed down, or is completely gone.
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    Patriots Add 16 Undrafted Free Agents

    That wasn't a highlight video...the video shows you where he lined up, and what he did on every play he was on the field. Here is more of a highlight video: 2013 Draft Prospects - T.J. Moe, WR Note: this highlight video seems to be mostly from this past season, doesn't feature much of his...
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    How many picks did Steve Belichick make?

    While I doubt Steve had all that much to do with any of these picks, I did think this might be the best thread to post this picture: So, for at least one game Rutgers even had the same colors as the Patriots...adds a little extra layer of funny to the "Rutgers North" tag I've seen thrown...
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    A Texans fan says Patriots "borderline" cheated to neutralize Watt.

    I didn't want to put this on the internet, but since you mentioned it, I think there is a very good chance he's using PED's during the off season, but from my experience in football that is almost to be expected, as the majority of them do take some form of PED's during the off season to bulk...
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    LaRon Landry helmet to helmet hit on Julian Edelman

    When I watched the game live I said out loud to friends/family in the room "He speared him", and the replay looked to only prove he lead with the helmet. Sorry but leading with your helmet is always illegal, and could cause serious injury to the tackler as well. This is why helmets used to have...
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    Crying over spilled milk: should've drafted DeMarco Murray over Ridley or Vereen

    To me that picture represents opening the flood gates, but I don't know if that is in reference to his saying you're crying, he's crying too (you made him open the flood gates), or your bringing it up is only going to lead to a mass cry of the three, I think. Back to
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    Rapid Reaction: Patriots Select Syracuse's Chandler Jones

    Re: C.Jones : BB Picked Me For a Reason Your logic would be dead on, if not for the fact you seemingly skipped over the part where people typed "great" before grand dad.... This is not important, but something like "my bad" or "oops" would make a lot more sense than your reply.
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    Rapid Reaction: Patriots Select Syracuse's Chandler Jones

    Re: C.Jones : BB Picked Me For a Reason That would be Chandler's Grand dad, not his "Great" grand dad, which is what people are saying Deacon is. I'm not saying I know it to be true, but your reasoning is flawed.
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    I'm currently arguing Spygate w/Kurt Warner on Twitter

    This needs to be said, while this man is a public figure, at no point was he obligated to respond to anything you said. In actuality, he could have deleted any and all comments you made from his page, and ignored you, literally. Why assume he has failed to read anything linked? Some of his...
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    I'm currently arguing Spygate w/Kurt Warner on Twitter

    LOL. That is most likely just an attempt to seem youthful, and connect with a younger audience. His children likely send him text like that, so he started doing it. Trust me, I always found people sending me text with everything short hand like that really stupid, but from time to time I catch...
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    I'm currently arguing Spygate w/Kurt Warner on Twitter

    I in no way agree with his stance, but you guys should cut the man some slack. Think about it this way, at least he is willing to engage in an extended conversation with you about it, and seems to actually be reading the sources you are mentioning. That is more than a lot of "celebs" or athletes...
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    Birdman plans to wager $5 million on Super Bowl(Patriots)

    He's saying he's going to bet $5M on the Patriots, and is trying to goat a rich NYG fan into taking him up on the bet. Some of the songs that made him famous: "Get Your Roll On", "#1 Stunna", "Stuntin' Like My Daddy", and "Pop Bottles". Oh, and 50 cent has said he will take Birdman up for...
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    Fox Sports ranks Brady as #10 on list of Most Injury Prone NFL players

    Agreed. Brady has actually sustained a large number of injuries, he just plays through most of them. Heck, Brady played with a sports hernia around the same time McNabb was sidelined by one.
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    Hollywood's Gift to Us

    Technically you could possibly say that is what he meant, but I've never seen anyone word it that way, unless they were talking about a pornographic actress. From the article... Basically, he should change the wording, to avoid any complaints from her, or her loved ones.
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    Hollywood's Gift to Us

    Am I missing something here? Procopio is referring to Shawna Waldron as a former child star turned adult film star.....only from everything I've seen on the internet, that is far from an accurate description of her. Waldron was in Poison Ivy 4, which is an R rated erotic thriller/drama, where...
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    ~ 7 of 9 ~

    God, I love this thread.
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    Watching Ridley on YouTube

    YouTube - Stevan Ridley These are more actual highlights.
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    Yuck...(Warning - Brady Hair Pic - Don't Look if You're Not Interested

    Re: Brady at Carnival: via Jim Rome's facebook page Why did they have to splice it like that, it makes his dancing so much worse, lol. I like this video better, Brady's just having a good time with his wife, and at least they seem like a really happy couple. I'm sure Tom couldn't care...
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    Mankins Update: agent says "deal cannot be worked out - we disagree"

    After I heard LaMarr Woodley had already signed his tender, and seems to be acting like a good soldier for the Steelers (as far as I know), I thought about Mankins, and his agent's antics in 2010. I almost commented on it in the Woodley thread, but decided against it. At the time I was wondering...
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    Thought just crossed my mind: would Pats sign Gholston to minimum contract?

    Never liked Gholston, thought he was overrated and a bad fit for NE going into the draft, but many posters on this forum had pipe dreams of NE drafting him... I'm glad that didn't happen. I also don't believe the Patriots were ever all that interested, and I'll be shocked if he ever sees the...