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  1. bobbutts

    Official Post Game Thread- Chiefs beat the Pats

    I don't know when or how many times he posted it. I posted a few days ago and forgot about it until now. Returned today to see that my post had been deleted and his reply was still up. Based on that it seems obvious that those words are OK here. I easily could have missed something though.
  2. bobbutts

    Official Post Game Thread- Chiefs beat the Pats

    Of course it's racist and you know it. At least take ownership of the words you use, coward. P.S. Go ahead and delete it racist moderators. I'm done here.
  3. bobbutts

    Titans Covid positives, first outbreak

    I see some logic to forcing a forfeit if there is an outbreak and a team cannot safely field a full squad. Who knows though, that's a hard question. The big thing is containing any outbreak quickly so it's only a handful of people infected. As long as they can do that we should be able to play...
  4. bobbutts

    Pre Game thread: Week 1 Dolphins @ Pats

    So you misrepresent the message you refuse to even listen to. Freaking annoyed that we're even talking about this here. I came to get hyped for the game.
  5. bobbutts

    Welcome to The Patriots Newton!

    Right here in this thread have a guy anticipating that he will kneel for the anthem and calling him a traitor. Nobody besides me even felt it was worth a disagree. You do the math.
  6. bobbutts

    Sort of OT: multiple TB Lightning players test positive for COVID 19

    I don't know and it is hard to find details about exactly what happened and what the options were at the time.
  7. bobbutts

    Sort of OT: multiple TB Lightning players test positive for COVID 19

    Nationally the numbers are the worst in the world and getting worse. Locally they are getting much worse in many areas. The bungling of nursing home patients is probably the worst individual mistake, but premature opening for "the economy" and reducing mask usage over politics that will almost...
  8. bobbutts

    Glad Brady has left the Pats

    Or it's just people acting on ****ty information and a variety of motivations creating a dangerous clusterf. Have you not been watching the results of going back to "business as usual" in terms of infections and hospitalizations?
  9. bobbutts

    Sort of OT: multiple TB Lightning players test positive for COVID 19

    If you look you'll find hundreds of examples of mistakes including extreme negligence and worse among our leaders during this pandemic. This democratic voter thinks Democrats who failed should be called out as much as Republicans even if other democrats would give them a pass. Don't be blinded...
  10. bobbutts

    Glad Brady has left the Pats

    I don't think there's an obvious answer here. It's ideal to allow people to determine their own risk and act accordingly but when those risks endanger others it's not so ideal.
  11. bobbutts

    Sort of OT: multiple TB Lightning players test positive for COVID 19

    We don't know the long term effects of being infected yet and we're still struggling to understand and treat it in the short term. I am skeptical of the idea that it's not a big deal for younger healthier people to get it even without considering the potential for transmission to others. Hope...
  12. bobbutts

    Aaron Dobson fighting people on Twitter

    lol, haven't played Madden in a long time but Bethel Johnson was like a hall of famer in my game.
  13. bobbutts

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION AFCCG Game Day Thread: Titans @ Chiefs

    This thread is a disaster. Reminds me of the threads people post here from chiefs planet. Maybe drink less or something I donno.
  14. bobbutts

    It really is Brady having no help, Wow

    I agree AB would have been a big difference but I still agree with letting him go.
  15. bobbutts

    Official Post Game Thread- Dolphins beat the Pats

    Settle down. It's a figure of speech. Maybe attacking people for no good reason is a sign of being in a bad mood too. (looking at self in mirror)
  16. bobbutts

    Official Post Game Thread- Dolphins beat the Pats

    That one hurt. A meaningful game at home in December to the lolphins with Fitz playing far better than Brady. I'm having the same thoughts as some of the more negative posters here but might as well see how the playoff game(s) go before barfing them out publicly.
  17. bobbutts

    “We’re onto Buffalo...”

    I was wondering if that was one of the "deep fakes" I've heard so much about.
  18. bobbutts

    A Note to Bob Kraft

    The points have merit but I simply cannot complain considering the results.
  19. bobbutts

    Official Post Game Thread - Chiefs Beat the Pats

    They need to figure out a better way to make sure obvious things are overturned no matter what. The refs need to NOT blow the whistle on close call fumbles and out of bounds plays and let those be handled by review. Of course they'll just continue having easily fixable bad calls change the...
  20. bobbutts

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Week 14 Chiefs @ Pats

    So frustrating. I can't stop expecting them to flip a switch and figure it out despite what's becoming overwhelming evidence against that.