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    May 7th fast approaches...

    Signing a Free Agent after that no longer affects comp picks, and there are some good players available. Do the Patriots make a move in the next week or two? Some intriguing players out there: Allen Bailey Jared Veldheer Suh, Ansah, Collins
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    Pick #32

    Seeing a lot of draft talk, of course, and I'm really curious as to how people think the Pats should go in Round 1. Trade? DL? OL? WR? TE? Just trying to get some clarity. Thanks.
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    Butler v. Brown, and other bits

    Watching the game now on tape. Paying particular attention to Brown v. D. First drive: Brown has two catches, both BEHIND the line of scrimmage, one for an 8-yard loss. Easley was walking on his own on the sideline...slow and a limp, but it didn't look disastrous. Hard to...
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    Who suspended JJ and JM?

    In the thread about the Patriots' website to counter the WElls Report, a lot was made of the Patriots decision to suspend these two . One poster even said that this was some of the pushback he was receiving in other places, as in: why'd the Pats suspend them if they didn't do anything wrong...
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    5 Names in each Round to look for

    Just trying to make it interesting this year...last year, I was very into this, but not as much this year. Condensing it down, got 5 (or a few) names in each early round I should look for? I'm talking about players who might be there. Right now I have: ROUND 1: CB Peters CB Jones DT Philips...
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    It's Miguel.Board Experts time!

    Okay, I miss football already, but we're actually coming into a favorite part of the year for me (since last year). Reading the Draft threads was a blast last year. Supafly, Mayo, Brady6, Deus and a few others just amazed me with their homework and reasoning. Taught me more about that aspect of...
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    Revis sticking around?

    Lost in all the Kraft (well-deserved love), I read on NFLN's ticker that the Patriots were not ruling out paying Revis the $20 to keep him next year if they couldn't work out an extension. Found this: Pats haven’t ruled out paying $20M...
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    Brandon Browner Possibly Available Week Two?

    I know it's more complicated because of missing drug tests (while he was out of the league), but they were reporting on NFLN this morning that Wes Welker might be playing next week. They're reviewing the drug policy and the possibility is that non-PED drugs might be treated as substance-abuse...
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    Nick Caserio's draft recap

    I was at Gillette last night for Caserio's recap of the draft. Very interesting discussion. Easley was there - it's not hard to see what they like about the guy, both on tape and in hearing him talk. Calm, measured, clearly intelligent, ready to be a pro and act like a pro. I loved the pick...
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    Glad Edelman is back

    And give the kids a chance! From today's Globe article (even Volin isn't always a jerk, I guess): Brandon Browner, Brandon LaFell seen as good fits with Patriots - Sports - The Boston Globe “His [Edelman's] understanding of football, where he is now as a player compared to where he was as a...
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    4 receivers floating around

    Right now, I see 4 receivers available (maybe?) who bring the one skill set missing in New England - unless Dobson were to make a huge leap. Desean Jackson Kenny Britt Sydney Rice Santonio Holmes The Jackson rumors just don't seem to work for me, unless he's actually willing to take a...
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    Day 1 FA winner and loser

    It's DAY 1. No one needs to come in and say, "Geez, wait! It's only the first day! Don't PANIIIIICCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!" I'm all. I posted a thread a couple of weeks ago saying "what if the Pats do nothing?" I think they're a better team than last year simply because of the depth...
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    Cap to go 140,150, 160

    Florio is saying the cap is going to scream upwards in the next three years. Cap could hit $160 million in 2016 | ProFootballTalk No one should be in a better position to judge this than Kraft. If this is the case, how do you change your strategy? Tie up as many of your valuable players now...
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    For all the fun of speculation, suppose...

    Suppose the Patriots stand pat. They lose Talib and Edelman, resign Fletcher, Blount, and Wendell, and bring no one else in in Free Agency other than the typical JAG receiver or O-lineman or whatever. What faith do you have that this team can stand up without substantial additions and a pair...
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    Is Achilles the new ACL?

    Interesting and hopeful thoughts from Rich Hill: Don't Count Out Wilfork | A few years ago, an ACL was very likely a career-ender. Now, not so much - at all. More recently, many with Achilles injuries are showing promising returns (even, like Peterson with his ACL, career...
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    SF 49er free agent center Jonathan Goodwin?

    Hmm, San Fran's Center is a free agent. He's old - 35 - but he can still play. He's going to provide a good stop-gap for someone. Thoughts?
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    Kerry Rhodes - free agent safety

    Interesting...there's an upgrade for ya. From a chat on deadspin today... JtheRevelatorKerry Rhodes1 If you could play for any team you wanted regardless of contracts, who would you CHOOSE to play for? Today 2:07pm Kerry RhodesJJtheRevelator 18 Patriots.
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    Adrian Wilson ready for OTA's

    This is good news: Source: Adrian Wilson expected to be ready for start of offseason | Also, the Pats don't have to cut him until roster cut downs to save the 1.2 million. I've been reading a lot about Achilles tears, and it leads me to believe that both Wilson AND Wilfork...
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    FA Pick 5

    Okay, so my other thread was very broad in scope, but strictly for free agents... (Here's a complete list: 2014 NFL Free Agents - Free Agency Update - Pick 5 you think/hope the Pats will go after. You can include their own. Just for giggles: 1. Lamar Houston - I would...
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    Your 2014 Pats predictions

    Okay, before FA starts and the rumors begin solidifying into realities, lets get some predictions on the record for the makeup of the 2014 Patriots. We can modify as the chips start falling, eh? This thread isn't necessarily what you WANT to happen, but what you THINK will happen. I'll go...