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    To Everyone Blaming Brady

    Hard to defend him. Yes, he has new rookie receivers that are not up to speed. He has a few veteran receivers that are not up to speed...and he has Edelman who is up to speed. Brady said a few mos. ago, "I don't know what they (rookie receivers) can do for me and I don't know what I can do for...
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    Patriots Tribute Videos(go to post#106-all vids are viewable)

    Here is mine. Randy Moss one handed catch in HD...Enjoy. Randy Moss HD One handed catch 9_19_2010.mpg - YouTube
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    Seymour kicked out of game for late hit

    That would be .66% of his $3.78M 2010 salary. Pocket change that won't change anything. If the NFL wants to make fines fair and more effective then make them a fixed % of their salary.
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    HD Video Randy's Catch

    Youtube: HD, 4 clips. Enjoy YouTube - Randy Moss HD One handed catch 9_19_2010.mpg
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    Official Pats/Dolphins Post Game Discussion

    Charlie and Romeo are avail :)
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    Gasper: Maroney Ready to Run Hard

    Every time Maroney opens his mouth he talks about 'learning'. That time is OVER. He still see's himself as a student. He needs to graduate and get it done. Time to quit the dance class and put up the numbers. I think everyone would agree that the Pats have had infinite patience with him...
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    Globe: Union files Seymour Grievance over five day letter

    Seymour's contract is owned by the Raiders. Could this whole thing be turned around. Unlikely. I'm sure the Commissioner and the owners wouldn't allow it as it would set a dreadful precedent. I think all of this is for Seymour to gain some leverage in his contract situation. I doubt he...
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    Seymour On Reserve/Left Squad List per Lombardi

    This story is really getting nuts: Here is the report that he HAS the letter: Ultimatum for Richard Seymour - Here is the report that the letter has NOT been sent as reported above: Raiders Deny Putting Seymour On Notice | NBC Bay Area What to believe? I guess it...
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    Seymour On Reserve/Left Squad List per Lombardi

    He got the letter on Thursday. He has 5 days to report or the Raiders can put him on a season ending reserve list. He gets no pay and is still the Raiders property for the 2011 season. Not sure what Seymour is thinking but losing 200K+ per game seems to indicate he isn't thinking. We do...
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    PFT: If Seymour doesn't report, Raiders will want their pick back

    I think the longer this goes on the more likely the Raiders will sour on this deal. It seems almost universal that they got snookered badly. I also heard that Seymour wants the Raiders to guarantee that they won't Franchise him next year. That was from Mike Lynch on Ch 5 last night.
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    PFT: If Seymour doesn't report, Raiders will want their pick back

    Here is one scenario I haven't seen discussed. What if Seymour, for example, accidentally breaks his arm and thus guarantees he would fail the physical? The Patriots could claim he was fine when they traded him and the Raiders didn't insist he pass a physical prior to the trade...
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    Guregian: Tom Brady suffers setback; Infection leads to two more procedures

    We won't know till he is off the antibiotics and the infection is gone. These infections can be stubborn things. The best thing would have been to avoid one all together. This surgeon may be a world class surgeon and his mechanical repair of the knee may be top notch but what good is it...
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    Guregian: Tom Brady suffers setback; Infection leads to two more procedures

    Actually they can. Remember the Curt Schilling saga. Left to his own devices he would have had surgery last January but the club had the final say due to the wording in his contract. Not sure that is the case in the NFL but maybe they should have some say since they have mega $'s invested in...
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    Guregian: Tom Brady suffers setback; Infection leads to two more procedures

    I agree and that is why I put MAY have created issues. Hopefully all is well on the home front but if I'm BB or RK, I'm at the least annoyed and at the most livid. I do agree that ESPN likes to create stories and run with them till they are either true or run out of gas...
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    Guregian: Tom Brady suffers setback; Infection leads to two more procedures

    The Dr. and his staff are responsible for the dirty environment etc. that caused the infection. If the ESPN article is true then Brady also may have created issues with the club by going his own way and having the surgery on the West Coast. The key in the article is that he is on IV...
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    Brady has 2nd surgery after infection

    Re: Brady Has 2nd surgery Your being to easy on the Dr. and the Hospital and their staff. Infections are caused by germs. No mystery there. They got into Brady either by dirty hands, dirty instruments or a dirty environment. All of these are supposed to be absolutely sterile before...
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    I'm still proud of Cassel

    It's hard to be proud of Cassel unless you value someone surviving a severe beating. As a reminder: The Patriots have the easiest schedule in the NFL this season. Cassel has been in the system for 4 years. I'm sure the coach expects a whole lot more from him and why should we fans expect...
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    Picture Sequence of the Hit...

    From the CBS telecast...
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    Picts of the Hit...

    Painful to view....