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    [PSU clarifies - no athletes have this condition - misunderstanding] OT: PSU says myocarditis found in 35% of C19-positive Big 10 athletes

    Cardiac complications occur following COVID-19 infections even in asymptomatic patients. Any activity that stresses the heart will increase the risk of further damage during the convalescent phase. There is ZERO doubt that this virus can cause myocarditis, and at a frequency far greater than...
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    [PSU clarifies - no athletes have this condition - misunderstanding] OT: PSU says myocarditis found in 35% of C19-positive Big 10 athletes

    Here is probably a better article. COVID-19 Can Wreck Your Heart, Even if You Haven’t Had Any Symptoms Many issues with trying to calculate actual prevalence following exposure and correlation with severity. With that being said, yearly we have some football player (HS/college) die of cardiac...
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    Glad Brady has left the Pats

    It is human nature to be restless. If you plan to climb Mt. Everest every year, you need to mentally and physically prepare for that event months in advance. If you have done this for 20 years in a row, and made it to the summit 6 times, almost made the summit 3 more times, and made it to base...
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    The Pats need a new direction on draft/FA signings

    I think the OP needs to 'reflect' on BB accomplishments as the GM and tell me 'who' would be better? From 2010 to 2108 8 straight AFC championship games, and 5 SB, winning 3, while nearly completely turning over the roster. If you are talking about a complete tear down, and rebuild, I am not...
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    Official Post Game Thread- Titans beat the Pats

    I am a little sad, but in my mind we have essentially had 4+ 'bonus' years since the Seattle SB win. To me that was the year of vindication, and redemption. That was probably our most 'complete' team as well. This team has been 'flawed' and consistently suffered from injuries in key positions...
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    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Week 10: Other Games Thread

    No, it does not mean that. It means that the defender gets flagged for an illegal play, and the offense can decide if they want to accept the penalty or not.
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    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Week 10: Other Games Thread

    Yes he did, but his actions on Metcalf while being out of bounds resulted in his ability to take the ball when returning inbounds. Why is he rewarded for not playing with in the boundaries of the football field?
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    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Week 10: Other Games Thread

    This makes no sense, he was completely out of bounds while touching the defender. The ball was still in Metcalf's possession.
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    My-My-My Loophole Face

    I think something like this happened against the Giants in SB XLVI, where the Giants went offside at the end of the game, and there was a 10 second run off. I think BB wants the rule changed, but nothing happens unless it is the Patriots doing this.
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    Patriots trade for WR Mohamed Sanu, for a second-round pick

    My take, looking back at the last several years, is that players like Amendola, Hogan, etc, were the guys that made critical plays at critical moments in the game that Brady went to when the main targets were not free (Edelman, Gronk etc) or injured. Here hoping that Sanu continues that trend...
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    Antonio Brown

    Soooo, you mean to say that Lloyd has a better chance to be with Mary than AB is to be with the Patriots?
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    Idle thoughts - "this post is as ugly as the game" edition

    My only comment is that I think the offense looks bad in reference to what has been going on in the league for the last several years. The expectation is getting points on every drive along with having a ridiculous red zone efficiency. I think most of us are not used to elite defensive play...
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    Trade ideas to dig us out of this 0-4 hole

    I am shocked and somewhat disappointed in you guys. 4 pages and over 60 responses and no one has even mentioned Larry Fitzgerald yet? This thread has no legitimacy till his name is brought up...………….haha
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    Dwayne Allen, Where is he?

    The team has been blessed with great TE play for years. Martellus Bennett was I think a saviour when Gronk was out a few years ago (and we did win the SB with him). I really think Dwayne Allen was an important player on the O-line for the last several years. Losing Gronk, Bennett and Allen was...
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    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread - Week 5 Pats @ Redskins

    Unclear on the offensive game plan. I understand the injury issues, weak OL play, lack of WR depth, but the number 1 goal for the Patriots is to make sure Brady does not get injured. I don't care if the RB gets stuffed again and again but when we are in the Red zone, but why are we not even...
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    Why Not Two Point Conversions?

    Another factor to consider is that the TD is not the only way to get points. I think looking at statistics for TD only, and comparing the extra point vs 2-point conversion has to also factor in relationship to FG's. 1 TD with extra point is worth more than 2 FG's. Given the finite number of...
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    What makes an elite defense? Stars vs Depth

    Hightower gets no love? The guy single handedly made plays at critical junctures in the superbowls to allow the Patriots to win (Goal line stop against Seattle, 'wanting the ball and taking it away from Ryan', and had 2 sacks against Rams a few months ago). To me his play in the biggest stage...
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    Antonio Brown

    Did she hire legal counsel before the SI article or after, and is SI paying for her legal expenses (given that she is a 'starving artist')? Just asking a question, not implying anything.
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    Well This Exchange Was Awkward..

    I think Brady responded in the only way possible. BB has taught him well...….
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    The Offensive Line

    Maybe a stupid question, but any chance we could convince the Giants to trade Nate Soldier back to us (maybe in the next couple of weeks if they continue to 'tank')? I don't understand how to read his contract, but it seems he has a base salary of over $5 million this year, and the Giants have...