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  1. QuantumMechanic

    Saints FB Michael Burton tests positive after flight to Detroit

    Saints reportedly found out tonight, after arriving in Detroit, that fullback Michael Burton has tested positive.
  2. QuantumMechanic

    OTish: How do you run practices in plague times?

    Ross Tucker made an interesting point I don't recall seeing before: So how do you deal with this? Presumably NFL practices are massively structured around position groups being together all the time.
  3. QuantumMechanic

    OT: Ivy League has cancelled all sports until at least January

    The Ivy League has cancelled all sports until at least January. It will be interesting to see if this is a harbinger or if they're going their own way alone. I think all college sports should be cancelled. It's perhaps one thing for well-paid, unionized pros to play. It's another thing for...
  4. QuantumMechanic

    OTish: Great piece on the SB42 ring-stealer

    What a wild story! The Patriots Fan Who Stole the Giants' Super Bowl Rings
  5. QuantumMechanic

    OTish: YouTube basically kills off Lazar/CLNS

    Well that totally sucks. :mad:
  6. QuantumMechanic

    Poor Squirrel

    Too soon? ;)
  7. QuantumMechanic

    NFL ordering team facilities closed

    The NFL will be ordering teams to close down their facilities.
  8. QuantumMechanic

    Brady messing with game scheduling :)

    Networks are waiting to see where Brady ends up...
  9. QuantumMechanic

    OTish: CBA vote about to start, ends 23:59 on the 12th

    So we will know on the 13th if there’s a new CBA, which presumably would increase the chances of Brady staying.
  10. QuantumMechanic

    OTish: Official recognition of gambling to come to stadiums

    Shows how phony the NFL's anti-gambling rhetoric all these years has been. NFL further warms to gambling by allowing stadium betting lounges
  11. QuantumMechanic

    Tanguay: Belichick inquired about Washington job after JG trade

    Oooooooooookayyyyyyyy..... Wait, what? Report says Bill Belichick 'inquired' about coaching Redskins
  12. QuantumMechanic

    Bedard: Belichick “rumblings”

    Grains of salt and all that: "There have been increasing NFL rumors that perhaps Belichick is not as wedded to Foxborough as many of us, certainly me, thought. Is Belichick setting up a final test on whether he has complete control of the football operations? I think Belichick would be OK with...
  13. QuantumMechanic

    Happy 20th Belichick Resignation Day!

    Today’s the 20th anniversary of perhaps the second most significant event in Patriots history. Too bad the napkin has been long ago lost. Should be in the Pats HoF.
  14. QuantumMechanic

    1978 Pats now #2 :(

    Needing only about 95 yards, BAL got 200+ yet again, claiming the single-season team rushing record. Never would have thought that record would fall in the modern pass-happy NFL.
  15. QuantumMechanic

    OTish: Cancer back for Solder’s son :(

    Well that sucks :( Glauber: Solder faces foe much tougher than defensive linemen
  16. QuantumMechanic

    First AFCE Championship question

    In a few days (December 10) we'll be at the 41st anniversary of NE winning its first AFCE championship ever by beating the Bills 26-24 at Schaefer Stadium. I was there and it was great, but for others who were there or watching on TV (assuming it wasn't blacked out) I have a question. So NE...
  17. QuantumMechanic

    Forbath waived

    Seeing tweets from beat types saying Forbath has been waived.
  18. QuantumMechanic

    Happy McGinest stop day!

    Happy McGinest stop day!