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    OLB Prospects Anonymized

    This is not a "test", just an exercise. Here are three potential OLBs for the Pats available in this draft. All are within a few lbs and within an inch or so of BB's nominal height/weight requirements. In no particular order: - one is a guy who's received only nominal respect from analysts...
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    TRADE-DOWN MATH (Reference)

    It occurred to me that, in a practical sense, our list of potential partners for trading down from #28 and/or #33 may be fairly limited, IF we exclude using 2012 picks as currency. I'm NOT trying to start any debate on that point. All I'm doing here is working out the math FOR YOU, for...
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    Happy Birthday Coach Belichick!

    Congrats! You're four weeks older than I am! Here's hoping we both get everything we want out of the draft!
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    Two-round Trade-apalooza

    1. CAR - QB, Newton - Other needs: DT - Next picks: (no 2nd), #65 - Newton puts fannies in the seats, but maybe can also provide an imediate offensive spark. 2. DEN - OLB43, Miller - Other: DT, DE43, TE - Next: #36, #46, #67 - Can't pass on "impact" at a position of need, especialy with...
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    ELITE PASS-RUSHERS, Over-analyzed

    We've all heard the claims. "We need an elite pass-rusher or we'll never make it back to the Superbowl!" "If only we had an elite pass-rusher like McGinest again!" "We NEED to stop screwing around and trade UP this time to get an elite pass-rusher!" Such claims annoy me partly...
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    Snow-delayed April Fool's Mock

    Inspired by VJC's and Uncle Heatster's formidable opuses (opi?) that included extensive analysis, I decided Thursday evening to take my shot at it, too. And then, snow. Yeah. Shoveled another 6"-7" yesterday morning/afternoon. Water-logged stuff it was, too. Really thought we were done with...
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    3-4 DE vs. pass-rush specialist

    Here's my hypothesis: The pass defense sucked in 2010, NOT because we didn't get a sufficient pass rush, but because D-line tackling sucked. Passing yards allowed and passing first downs allowed both exploded to 22% and 26% over their 10-year averages, respectively. Meanwhile, sacks...
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    Buh-bye, Binkys!

    Apparently I'm a very good Picker-of-Prospects . . . for other teams. I should have known how it would go early Thursday night when Alualu, who I had the Pats taking at #44, went to Jackson-effing-ville at #10. EFFING NUMBER TEN OVERALL!! WHOO-HOO FOR ME! Things continued on course in the...
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    Roughly equivalent trade values for the #22

    Some examples of roughly equivalent trade values for our #22 (staying within the 2010 draft). Some of these deals certainly seem better than others. I'm not saying any of these will or should happen, just doing the math so that you don't have to. PACKERS = 23 + 154(5th) EAGLES = 24 +...
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    What if BB is moving to the "3-4 Over" defense?

    As per the BuffaloRumblings blog, WRT the announcement by new DC, George Edwards, of moving the defense toward a base 3-4 . . . starting out with a hybrid 3-4 "look" similar to the "3-4 Over" run by Arizona and Dallas . . . The theory is that it can be easier to disguise the pass rush/be more...