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  1. Silver Blue&Red

    Solder reunion?

    I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, but if so, please feel free so move it. I first heard this rumor on Bart Scott(a55hat) and Maggie Gray show on The Fan radio station last week. I realize we are desperate for help, and maybe he could help with Scar helping him.. But I was never a big fan...
  2. Silver Blue&Red

    Wrecks Cryin, still cryin'

    I apologize if this been posted somewhere already, or if anyone even gives a 5h!t. But this clown is coming back now, to kick the Pats amid another controversy. What a capitol "A" A-hole. I've been watching this dik kiss up to the Pats the last few years, and he goes right back to being a sour...
  3. Silver Blue&Red

    Happy B-Day to BB...

    ..and Me!! I never forget his Birthday.;) My wife, now understands why I'm so grouchy .
  4. KDPPatsfan85

    Jets player sends Pats mascot to hospital at pro bowl

    Jets Jamal Adams sent man in Pat the Patriot costume to hospital Jamal Adams sent person inside Patriots mascot costume to hospital Now, if I was the guy, I would be on the phone with my attorney! He's gonna get PAID!
  5. Silver Blue&Red

    Kraft remembers "Boston Bleachers" as child.

    I know this may be a little OT, but I felt this was a cool story. It was posted in the PatsFans News Feed this week, but I felt compelled to re post it. I love history, and especially old buildings, landscapes. Boston was, and is a great city. I loved it, the few times I've been there. I just...
  6. Silver Blue&Red

    Flash Dance

    I know there are already threads about Gordon. I'm too lazy to go back and find a thread on him right now. I know I will get the "Thread police" attacking this thread. (Just move along) ..Please. If the Mods deem it necessary, so be it. ...But this guy is really impressing me (so far) . I'm so...
  7. Silver Blue&Red

    Rumor?: Pats workout 3 D linemen

    I haven't seen any mention of this, and wonder about the validity of the "rumor". For those that go to the practices, or just have more info: Has anyone heard anything about this? Also, to those who are familiar with these players. Your thoughts? I am a little familiar with Bennet when he was...
  8. Silver Blue&Red

    Gillislee to Saints?

    I haven't seen this posted yet. There's so much info going around right now, so I'm sorry if this has already been mentioned. Please merge NFL Rumors: Ex-Patriots Running Back Mike Gillislee Lands With Saints
  9. Silver Blue&Red

    Damn it!.. They finally figured it out!...

    And I thought we had all of our cheating secrets down to a science. Somebody finally figured out the winning strategy. How stupid are we to let this get by... A long snapper, no less. Oh well, we will get right back and figure out another way to cheat. Because, that what we do. Enjoy your...
  10. Silver Blue&Red

    J. Kraft: Jones told us to "take your medicine"

    This hypocrite, POS. I really hate this guy. And , a big reason this burns me, is because I had Cowgirl fans trying to sell me this same BS. Patriots' Jonathan Kraft: Jerry Jones told us 'take your medicine' during deflate-gate
  11. Silver Blue&Red

    Chargers CRY foul....

    ..Could you imagine the backlash, if BB or any Pats player or coach, said such a thing? Aren't there rules against this? I think the calls favored them a bit, if anything. Chargers Cry Foul After Penalty Nullifies Long Touchdown Vs. Patriots
  12. Silver Blue&Red

    What's up with the PAT's ?

    Really Tho, what's up with the high percentage of missed extra points this season? I see a lot of criticism of BB, and comments of possible regrets by him for endorsing the rule change. But I think it's worked out as exactly as he intended. Get rid of the "Given", if you will. I mean, look at...
  13. Silver Blue&Red

    Who Cares?...

    .. what these front runners think!? Everybody condemned TB for Framegate. Now they want to come out the woodwork, and not even mention , they "may" have been wrong.? Go pound salt. We don't care what you think. And the TB/BB FU tour is coming to tear your city apart. Save it. We remember, TB...
  14. Silver Blue&Red

    I will leave this to the more knowledgeable...

    ...Who is the better coach of their careers? Lombardi or BB? Is BB worthy of taking over "The trophy"? I would love it. Or is Willie Mac talking out is @55?:D Willie McGinest Makes Case To Rename Lombardi Trophy After Bill Belichick
  15. Silver Blue&Red

    I hope we kick Tomlins @55

    ... even with a back up QB, I hope we embarrass his arrogant @55. His condescending attitude towards BB is getting old. His suggesting the Pats sabotage his head sets, etc. Yea "We have transparency" . We trip guys right out in the open. I really have come to despise this prick. I hope we hang...
  16. Silver Blue&Red

    Am I the only one...

    ...worried about all of the hype? It's a Patriots slobber fest. Can we shut down Green with double coverage. And can Butler keep up with Lafell, if that's the plan?. I just have this "Trap game" feeling. The secondary worries me sometimes. I think the Bengals run game can be improved, but I...
  17. Silver Blue&Red

    OT: Pipe bomb explodes in NJ beach town.

    Seaside Hts NJ . A pipe bomb went off at 9:00 am, right before a Marine sponsored race (Semper Five). It was right near the beach. A place I go every Friday afternoon, with my bandmates, before we rehearse. They found multiple bombs that hadn't exploded. Apparently they were set to explode...
  18. Silver Blue&Red

    Happy B-day Bill

    Happy birthday BB... I never forget his birthday because it's also mine. :p:D
  19. Silver Blue&Red

    Anyone else notice excessive piped-in noise at Buffalo?

    I'm used to hearing a lot of noise at some stadiums. But it really seemed over the top and longer than should be allowed. It was LOAD on TV!!. These are the things that Kraft has to complain about. A perfect time to start playing the leagues own game. Make a big stink over any minor infraction...
  20. Silver Blue&Red

    Hey Show"man"...

    U MAD BRO?