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  1. JayNM

    Thoughts on the Defensive Line

    Who's excited for the new season? I am, we all need distractions bc the world is a stinky poo-poo While we've been talking a lot about Cam and the WR group, Id like to take a look on our D-Line. Our players are: DT1 Lawrence Guy; DT2 Adam Butler; DT3 Beau Allen; DT4 Byron Cowart So, Guy is a...
  2. JayNM

    Giving up in the First Half

    I get it. "They didn't trust the offense" And it still the decision that pisses me off the most even one day later. I will explain why and yes, this is my form of venting BECAUSE IM PISSED The Middle 8 is one the most important parts of the game and BB knows this ( The Middle Eight ) At that...
  3. JayNM

    Who's out/extended/sacrificed to fit AB's contract?

    I have an Economics Degree so Im pretty sure i can confirm that the 6.3 Million we have in cap space is less than the 9M up to 15 that we've agreed with AB. Who is being given as an offerend to the gods? Any predictions or guesses? I have no idea... Brady already re-worked, so... I don't see...
  4. JayNM

    Poll: Which "Unknown" Player will be the best this year.

    Pre-season started with a fury. Many rookies and newer player showed a lot of promise. Heck, even Hoyer looked very good. So here is the question: Who, outside of our more well-known players, will be the Patriot this year? Im counting even some Players who were here last year but weren't...
  5. JayNM

    OT: Champions League Final.

    Is anybody watching this? I know @BritPat if he's around is probably struggling
  6. JayNM

    We are on to the Next Season

    Who's ready for Number 7? There is plenty of speculation about our team for next season, besides all the free agency usual question of who'll come and go. Are we really going to see core players retiring? I really can't tell. I think Gronk is more likely to hang his cleats than the McCs Two...
  7. JayNM

    Is Bleacher Report in your blacklist? Cause this video was hilarious

    Just discovered this on Youtube. The whole series is good too
  8. JayNM

    David Andrew sucks and I can PROVE IT

    He gets pancaked by a FRIGGIN SAFETY OH HOW I LOATHE THEE Seriously tho, I get that he is pretty smart to "run" the OL and his connection with Brady is important But at some point we need to consider searching for a better player. One that DOESNT GET STEAMROLLED BY A DEFENSIVE BACK This...
  9. JayNM

    Fun Fact: Every team that beat Pats, lost the following week

    Someone needs to tell'em that winning against us is still just 1 W! But yeah, we often forget that plenty of teams that we face treat the game as a Super Bowl. Not just guys we beat in AFCCG, all of em... Heavy is the head with the crown and all teams think that beating us they have some sort...
  10. JayNM

    Secondary appreciation thread

    How awesome it is to have a great secondary? I think we all agreed that our CBs were doing well, but yesterday was a statement game for sure: Thielen and Diggs combined for 77 yards, 10 catches and 1 TD. JC Jackson is a diamond. He needs to keep watching his hands - he got away with at least 1...
  11. JayNM

    A Video! Of BB! Saying things!

    While I was/am procrastinating, i found this Hey, I found it funny and awesome! You know who else could find it funny? Other Pats' fans! Then I remembered about u, my beautiful bois Best lines (timing is iffy): "We got this Bill" 2:30 "Too much gossip, not enough sretching" 6:15...
  12. JayNM

    WR Battle - Why I love it so much

    I love the WR Battle in so many ways... Everytime i read something positive in camp i get funny feeling for real. Maybe that's what they call love... Edelman and Hogan look like they are 100% again. We all know what that means, specially for the Squirrel. Hogan hasn't really improved in his...
  13. JayNM

    OT - World Cup 2018 Thread

    It's time, ladies and gents. For the biggest sporting event of Earth. No, not the Super Bowl It's not the Finals, either What? World Series? Get out here WORLD CUP BABY. No matter how delusioned I am with my country, It's impossible not to get excited as a Brazilian. I know there are plenty...
  14. JayNM

    Brady is the storm

    Chills down my spine, friends. Guess that ESPN hack job did have an effect after all. Let's go Goat
  15. JayNM

    Brady on pace to get sacked a career-high 52 times

    Tom Brady on pace to get sacked a career-high 52 times Clearly our defense is #1 concern, but this is really worrying. Regardless of age, our QB can't be hit all game, no QB could go through 16 games + playoffs unscratched like this. Scar needs to work his magic fast. Good thing Cannon is...
  16. JayNM

    Another trade: Cassius Marsh, DE for a Fifth and a Seventh

    Adam Schefter‏Verified account @AdamSchefter DE Cassius Marsh traded from Seattle to New England, per source. EDIT #First It was a fifth and a seventh. Pretty expensive, for training camp left-overs Adam Schefter‏Verified account @AdamSchefter 1m1 minute ago One more trade update: In return...
  17. JayNM

    Should we go after Aaron Donald?

    He's currently holding-out on the Rams. PFT reported that this is a ideological stand, which might mean he could simply refuse to play with us as well (Although I doubt it, for some reason). Still, he is a cornerstone player and if we can lock him up for the future (We still have 16 M left this...
  18. JayNM

    Small Analysis/Prediction: The Return of the Wishbone Formation

    Hello there, The Patriots have the best RB roster in the NFL, from top to bottom. White, Lewis, Burkhead, Gilleslee and Develin are bound to have some role in this team (granted, we can never be sure with the Pats) and, most importantly, they are all quality players. We all know that our...
  19. JayNM

    Malcom Butler has a great attitude.

    Source: Butler still upset, but head in 'right place' if he has to return to Pats Pretty interesting tweets about Butler. Honestly, this is the a great attitude, no matter what the out come is. Let agents talk under raps, focus on being ready. I'm hoping he gets the best thing possible for...
  20. JayNM

    OT: You like Woodhead? Well... I got some bad news

    He's a Ravens beat reporter for the Baltimore son, so I think he's reliable. It's just goes to show that some players don't enjoy being here, even though they are successful. This is too vague. I'm trying to look for context. UPDATE - Couldn't find ****, so don't turn on him completely, lol...