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Oct 25th

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  1. PYPER

    OT Musing: Are the Patriots Undervaluing mid/late 1st Round Picks?

    nonsense. If a another team wants to move up from 3 to 1 or 6 to 3, or from anywhere, its bc they’ve fallen in love with a particular player. When that happens, they often overpay. Even if they dont overpay and you simply go by trade value chart, multiple picks is the better play most of the...
  2. PYPER

    Don't put Parcells in the Patriots Hall of Fame.

    Parcells was anti-Patriots. If he had had his way, this franchise would have been an inept laughing stock. He stole Curtis Martin and undermined the Kraft’s due to his enormous ego. His heart and soul never bled Patriots blood so he doesnt deserve to be in our HOF. Its really that simple. He...
  3. PYPER

    OT Musing: Are the Patriots Undervaluing mid/late 1st Round Picks?

    Its actually quite simple. Two players are better than one. When you trade down from #23 and get #37 and #71 in return, you give yourself a chance to get two players who often times are just as athletically gifted at what you would have taken at #23. Sometimes you may even get the same player...
  4. PYPER

    I’m on Team Hoyer

    Much of the offense’s struggles were due to injuries on the oline. They didn’t open up holes in the running game or give Brady enough time in the passing game. Our oline has historically been a team strength and will need to be once again for us to have any success this year, regardless of who...
  5. PYPER

    I’m on Team Hoyer

    After all these years watching Belichick it seems like many haven’t learned anything. Our most likely starting QB is going to be Brian Hoyer. We need to get behind this guy. Stop dogging him and start supporting him. No disrespect to Stidham but he has a lot of catching up to do to beat out...
  6. PYPER

    DRAFT Patriots OFFICIAL Draft Day thread - Night 1

    I’m intrigued by idea of trading Thuney to Miami for Rosen and a 3rd (#70). With 5 picks in the top 100, we’re well positioned to address a number of needs. I like idea of trading down in 1st rd (always have) but the key is picking the right guy.
  7. PYPER

    NFL Draft: Day 2

    Personally, I love the draft we've had. I seem to be in rare company but I love all the trades BB does. We started the draft with 5 picks in first 3 rounds and ended up picking 5 players in first 3 rounds but also substantially improved our draft positioning in round 4 (3 Picks!!!) and also...
  8. PYPER

    NFL Draft: Day 2

    I LOVED Stanley Morgan....One of my favorite all time players. We got to find a way to get his kid and hopefully he restores the magic of number "86".
  9. PYPER

    NFL Draft: Day 2

    In Bill We Trust....That's a heck of a return. Admittedly though, I was getting excited by the idea of pairing DK with N'Keal on the outside. That would have been nasty...
  10. PYPER

    Game Day Thread Official Super Bowl Game Day Thread- Rams vs Pats

    Can somebody send me link to chatroom? I"m struggling to access it.
  11. PYPER

    How do I access Chatroom

    Hey Ian, My favorite link doesn't seem to be working and can't find chatroom. Can you send me link or url? Thanks bro!!! I hope all is well! Go Patriots Baby!!!
  12. PYPER

    Can't find chatroom....please help!

    Need to be with my boyz!!! LETS GO PATS!!!
  13. PYPER

    Next Year's Schedule

    That’s a tough schedule. Denver will sign a veteran QB, likely Cousins. Houston will have Watkins back. Aaron Rogers and the Vikings at home. Then 4 road games vs playoff teams plus a competitive Lions team. Division always plays us tough, especially at their stadiums. Only easy game is Bears...
  14. PYPER

    Official Game Day Thread- AFC Championship..Jags @ Pats

  15. PYPER

    Jags @ Steelers Game Thread

    Same here......Find myself rooting for Jags but also fear that they have similar blueprint/makeup as Giant teams that broke our hearts.
  16. PYPER

    Jags @ Steelers Game Thread

    This game aint over yet.....
  17. PYPER

    RUMOR: Waddle's knee injury likely to end his year (edit: or not)

    This is a big loss.....especially if Facing Jags in AFC Championship. Our success depends on protecting Brady.
  18. PYPER

    Report: Browns and 1st rounder for Garappollo (Maybe Yes or No or Who Knows)EDIT

    I'd rather see him in NFC than have to see him in playoffs every year.
  19. PYPER

    Just turned 25 today and was wondering

    9....1985 Postseason run to SBXX Die Hard in 1986 (AFCE Champs, lost in AFCD at Den) Stayed loyal through down years between ‘89-‘93