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Oct 25th

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  1. PYPER

    I’m on Team Hoyer

    After all these years watching Belichick it seems like many haven’t learned anything. Our most likely starting QB is going to be Brian Hoyer. We need to get behind this guy. Stop dogging him and start supporting him. No disrespect to Stidham but he has a lot of catching up to do to beat out...
  2. PYPER

    How do I access Chatroom

    Hey Ian, My favorite link doesn't seem to be working and can't find chatroom. Can you send me link or url? Thanks bro!!! I hope all is well! Go Patriots Baby!!!
  3. PYPER

    Can't find chatroom....please help!

    Need to be with my boyz!!! LETS GO PATS!!!
  4. PYPER

    Never Thought I'd Love Another Pats Team as Much as '03-'04

    Thought I'd share my thoughts... The '03-'04 team that won back-2-back championships and 21 straight games has always been my favorite team. That team showed so much heart and mental toughness. Guys like Bruschi, Harrison, McGinest, Seymour, Brown, Vrabel, Law, Givens, Branch, Light...
  5. PYPER

    #Deflategate Symposium w/Stephanie Stradley

    Andrews Kurth Moot Court National Championship Part 4 is outstanding...Part 3 is off topic and boring...Part 1 & 2 are ehhh About to start Part 5 Highly recommend you take a look and share on all your social media sites... @Ian ...I think this video should warrant some consideration in the...
  6. PYPER

    Where's the ChatRoom?

    Hello all, if anyone can send me a link to the chatroom, much appreciated...
  7. PYPER

    Can someone remind me how to access the chat room isn't working
  8. PYPER

    Petition to officially rename Roger "GOOFdell"

    From this day forward Roger the Dodger shall be known by all within Patriots Nation as The GOOFdell. We should also starting thinking of adding the word goofdell to the urban dictionary. Consister this thread as your opportunity to define exactly how a goofdell should be defined. Sally...
  9. PYPER

    Is Brady just a pawn being used to get to Belichick?

    I believe this whole mess is really about trying to bring down Belichick? There are many individuals within NFL circles with strong dislikes for the man. I will not be surprised if the league tries to suspend Belichick for even longer than they try to suspend Brady. We'll hear much from the...
  10. PYPER

    PATRIOTS NATION PLEASE REPORT TO THE CHATROOM!!! Some of you may have issues with your Java but if you can get it worked out, its far better for the game than the msg boards… GO PATRIOTS!!!! AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
  11. PYPER

    Must Read Article…Includes the untold story of Spygate I'm not sure if this has been posted before…If it has my apologies. Its a pretty thorough breakdown of our current situation and spy gates effect on that situation. The author does a...
  12. PYPER

    On behalf of the human species, our media centered culture, and NFL fans everywhere...

    On behalf of the human species, our media centered culture, and NFL fans everywhere I would like to apologize to Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots. It is a sad and unfortunate reality but many within our ranks choose to rush to judgement and allow their own personal biases...
  13. PYPER

    ATTN: Patriots Nation!!! Join us in the chat room!!! AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
  14. PYPER

    Addressing the AFC East is Weak Myth

    I keep reading or hearing how our string of success over the past 13 years is a by-product of playing in a weak division. Our detractors seem determined to chip away at our credibility. That led me to do some research. Since 2002 when the NFL implemented the realignment to create the current...
  15. PYPER

    Belichick should be GM of the Year!

    Oh, the irony… Blasted on the airwaves and on boards such as this by the ignorant and misinformed for his performance as GM, Belichick has constructed the deepest roster in the NFL. After dominating a decade with a veteran team, he is now going to his 3rd straight AFC Championship Game with...
  16. PYPER

    AFC East Undefeated

    Three weeks into the season and the beleaguered AFC East is an NFL best 9-3, including 6-0 vs the rest of the league (3-3 vs themselves). The Victims Colts Falcons Panthers Browns Bucs (twice)
  17. PYPER

    Brady became the 1st QB in NFL history to go 100 games over .500

    With today's win, Brady became the 1st QB in NFL history to go 100 games over .500 (139-39) in regular season games. While he was already the first and only QB to accomplish this feat in total starts (regular and postseason), the NFL typically separates regular season and postseason...
  18. PYPER

    Low priced free agent deep threat?

    I'd like to pick this guy up. Check out Matt McGuire's scouting report on him from 2009 (link below). Its been dead-on. He predicted the guy would struggle early in his career and would be overrated based on his measureables. He also predicted that he could emerge as a starting quality wr...
  19. PYPER

    Peter King doesn't know how NFL Schedule is generated!

    For those that mistakenly think this hack is a quality writer.... How can a sportswriter who has been following the NFL for 20+ years not know how the NFL generates its schedule? Its one thing for a 15 year old poster on a message board to not know it but for someone of his pedigree, this is...
  20. PYPER

    Anybody know of any websites streaming tonight's game?

    Go Pats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!