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Very sad news: RIP Joker
OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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    Polian is spot on. Expect some major curveballs

    But you know who desperately wanted to trade up and draft Mahomes? McAdoo.
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    BGC 2024 QB/PTP Thread
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    “The draft is an absolute petri dish for every cognitive bias underneath the sun,”

    It would be interesting to study how draft valuation charts have changed over the years - my impression is that the value have flattened over time (ratio of pick 1 to say pick 33 has declined a bit). That backs up the theory that more picks are now looked on more favorably than fewer higher...
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    OT: Eclipse

    Saw the total eclipse near Burlington, VT. Really spectacular - like someone flipped a light switch. This video (not mine) gives you a sense of the timing: Trip back was horrendous - 7 hours instead of 3 1/2. Such is life - but it was worth it.
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    Curran Knows Something

    Yes. But it's surely a signal that they want one of those 3 QBs for themselves.
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    Curran Knows Something
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    OT: Eclipse

    The difference between 99% and 100% is like nothing you could ever imagine - truly a sight to see at least once in your life. I saw the last eclipse in Idaho and it was the most dramatic thing I have ever seen by far. I'm going to be driving up to Vermont where it's total - weather should be...
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    Drake Maye would be the IDEAL pick for the Patriots at #3

    This is a nice article (hope it wasn't posted previously here) on Maye's toughness. Includes video of that massive hit on Brady by Clements in Brady's first season. Article echoes Mayo's comments - Maye has a higher ceiling than others but also a lower floor. So they know exactly what they...
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    Interesting perspective on picking a QB with a high draft pick...

    Sure there are busts, but at a much lower rate than QB's drafted lower. In the first ten picks there were 16/28 starters and 7 stars - roughly 50% and 25% odds. How about 2nd round? 5/21 starters and only a few stars (Drew Brees, Andy Dalton, Colin Kaepernick) with Garoppolo trailing those. So...
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    Changes to the kicking rule.

    As I understand it you need 2 returners back. Arguably it will be both RBs. Players like Mapu and Dugger will also be important on both sides of the play.
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    Hip Drop Tackle Banned

    What is interesting is the way rugby officials handle these penalties (at least in the World Cup). They are all subject to video review which the TV audience can actually see. The rugby penalties for things like a deliberate blow to the head (red card, meaning player is sent off and not...
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    Changes to the kicking rule.

    Some interesting stuff here from the XFL guys that designed this - it's more like a running play than anything else:
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    Changes to the kicking rule.

    Can only be an improvement over what we have now. Going to increase scoring a bit I suspect - better starting position on average.
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    Mayo as "the anti-BB" -- something to watch going forward

    Reiss on the new regime - not much more than has been said here already:
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    Mayo as "the anti-BB" -- something to watch going forward

    Bill had the credibility to take a hard line. Most other coaches do not. Bill the coach only wanted to coach players that would toe his line - perhaps that restricted who Bill the GM could sign. College players nowadays have a lot more power than they used to have - perhaps the transition to...
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    Mayo as "the anti-BB" -- something to watch going forward

    I keep seeing this claim. Here's the reality - Patriots have actually spent a lot of cash to date: It's also instructive how Bill's "treat 'em like ****" coaching tree repeatedly flamed out when they tried to imitate his style.
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    The Patriots FO needs to avoid appeasing the fans.

    There are only three ways to get players - you can draft them, you can sign FAs and you can trade for them. The reality is that this year the FA offerings on the OL and WR front were meager - all the best players got retained. They took a swing at one lower-level WR1 with history of...
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    Player Signing Patriots Signing S Jaylinn Hawkins

    They actually have spent a fair bit of money - albeit mostly on re-signing their own players:

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