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Very sad news: RIP Joker
OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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  1. FCB02062

    Rebuilding The Special Teams Units (8 of top 11 are gone)

    only would have a thread about "rebuilding" special teams
  2. FCB02062

    How To Blow the 2024 Draft

    how to blow the draft? Let Bill Belichick run it
  3. FCB02062

    Troy Brown in contention as WR coach at Arizona State

    don't let the door hit you in the ass.... position group sucked and got worse under his watch
  4. FCB02062

    Pedestrian Bridge Coming to Route 1.

    it didn't dawn on me that it took Krafty Bob getting the world cup to make this happen.
  5. FCB02062

    Curran Knows Something

    just wait until Curran is the mayo guardian at the gate when the Pats are 2-8 heading into Thanksgiving
  6. FCB02062

    Mike Sando shares what some NFL Execs think about the new NE Pats

    we're headed for a late 80s/early 90s period with this it
  7. FCB02062

    Brady Hall of Fame event ticket info

    so i'm guessing you've forked over $ to check out a 10 mile view from Krafty's lighthouse? Good on you for stuffing his pockets
  8. FCB02062

    Breaking: Diggs traded to Texans

    I think they'll be ok with Josh Allen
  9. FCB02062

    Brady Hall of Fame event ticket info

    just another $ grab from Krafty Bob. actually, this is kind of pathetic. charging for Brady, but not charging for his teammates before him? as the kids say these days, very "SUS". I wonder if the admission will include a ride on Krafts Lighthouse so gawkers can take a gander at the scenic...
  10. FCB02062

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter all! Surprised there's no NFL triple header today
  11. FCB02062

    Bill plans to write a book

    straight to the bargain bin
  12. FCB02062

    How Belichick lost his place in posterity

    I see the IBWT clowns just won't let go of the fact that BB is a well below .500 coach without Tom Brady...for comparison sake, look at Shula's record without Marino, Parcells without Simms, Jimmy Johnsons record without Aikman, Andy Reids record without Kermit...all above .500, whilst Belichick...
  13. FCB02062

    How Belichick lost his place in posterity

    Belichick didn't do anything, **** Rehbein orchestrated the Brady pick
  14. FCB02062

    OT: Francis Scott Key Bridge Hit by Cargo Ship. Entire bridge collapses.

    I love how the media is now bloviating about this bridge collapse as a "SIGN OF OUR NATION'S CRUMBLING INFRASTRUCTURE!" i'm going to go out on a limb and say a fully loaded container ship with no stopping power that crashes into any bridge, regardless of "crumbling" or not, is going to bring...
  15. FCB02062

    Robert Kraft at the owner meetings

    that's because the millionaire tax passed last year
  16. FCB02062

    Robert Kraft at the owner meetings

    Daniels is a disingenuous reporter, Krafty Bob ALSO mentioned that MA taxes are about 10% higher than Tennessee (no tax)...this is a HUGE factor going forward...just saw the interview on NBC sports Boston...does Daniels have an agenda such that he's dishonest about MA taxes and doesn't want to...
  17. FCB02062

    Why we don't value the X reciever position?

    Who's "We"? I'm a fan, and I definitely value said position, as do most of the non IBWT Toadies on this forum. Now what the New England Patriots value is another question. My theory is it's all about $ and PR. Kraft is a cheap **** and he is wont to have a big time superstar 1,800 12 TD guy...
  18. FCB02062

    Hip Drop Tackle Banned

    so let me get this straight...defender gets a guy in the hip area...his options are a. let go of the ball carrier and b. let go of the ball I missing something?
  19. FCB02062

    What is your preferred offensive style?

    how about an offense that scores at least three touchdowns every game - start there.

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