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Very sad news: RIP Joker
OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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  1. Jangles

    Patriots Player Departure Mac Jones traded to Jags for a 6th

    You must not have seen Mac jones play last season. A sixth is a steal. We’re lucky we didn’t have to give up picks for someone to take Mac
  2. Jangles

    An interesting list of what can we get from QB desperate Teams for our pick #3

    So we could have a defense that allows less than 20 ppg and an offense that’s lucky to make it to double digits What a strategy
  3. Jangles

    (Sort of OT) Question for former IBWTers...

    2 obvious choices for me Benching butler in the superbowl was inexcusable. Now I say that obviously without knowledge of what exactly happened. But there’s a 0% chance it didn’t rattle some of the other players that all of a sudden he’s out. I wouldn’t say I lost all faith in the guy. Just...
  4. Jangles

    POLL - Jerod Mayo: What's your take?

    Not a fan. But nothing to do but wait and see I agree with the articles I’ve read that if we were to get rid of Bill then it should be a clean break and start fresh from the top down. This seems like it could very well just be a continuation of his regime
  5. Jangles

    Rap: Mayo is the new HC

    Disappointing with Vrabel out there
  6. Jangles

    Schefter: Bill Belichick & Patriots to Part Ways

    No but he won the games Bills record without him speaks for itself.
  7. Jangles

    Schefter: Bill Belichick & Patriots to Part Ways

    Yeah all that ended when Brady left
  8. Jangles

    Schefter: Bill Belichick & Patriots to Part Ways

    The pats have been just one of the 32 since Brady left
  9. Jangles

    [OP would like to see] Rodgers to the Pats

    For once I agree with this guy Time for bed OP. Better luck tomorrow
  10. Jangles

    Bill Belichick Press Conference 7:30am (1/8/24)

    No He just covered up for all the questionable ones
  11. Jangles

    A Toast to Bill Belichick

    Maybe it was nice to be treated like a superstar for a change. I don’t know. Either way I’m firmly in the let’s stop overrated Belichicks coaching job. Really good defensive mind. Must have been nice to have the greatest QB of all time in place so you didn’t have to do much with that side of...
  12. Jangles

    A Toast to Bill Belichick

    Of course he was looking around Dude was underpaid and under appreciated his whole career. Can you blame him? Because I don’t. I bet the guy actually had to negotiate his way to under market deals.
  13. Jangles

    A Toast to Bill Belichick

    Ok What were their records without them? And how many of them ran their QB out of town just so he could win a superbowl somewhere else the next year
  14. Jangles

    A Toast to Bill Belichick

    What’s his record without Brady He lost this claim unfortunately
  15. Jangles

    A Toast to Bill Belichick

    forever grateful he brought us the guy responsible for nearly 2 decades of excellence
  16. Jangles

    Game Day Thread 2023 OFFICIAL Week 18 Game Thread: NE vs NYJ

    Yeah Kraft is definitely stoked with the garbage product his HC and GM put on the field the last few years
  17. Jangles

    Game Day Thread 2023 OFFICIAL Week 18 Game Thread: NE vs NYJ

    Fitting way for Bill to go out Terrible weather, terrible team, probable loss to the jets Shame I can only watch via redzone and they’re not big on lowlights. Only see a play when the other games are at commercial

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