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Very sad news: RIP Joker
OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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  1. stephens44

    Interesting perspective on picking a QB with a high draft pick...

    This team has so many holes on Offense due to Bill's inability to draft talent on that side of the ball in early rounds that drafting a QB and putting the whole franchise' hopes/stress on him is going to happen. I'd rather see them get the best LT in the draft, then the best Defensive player on...
  2. stephens44

    NEW ARTICLE: Patriots News 3-24, Standing Pat with #3, Mock Draft 2.0

    They should probably trade down a little, get a top WR, then use the 2nd rd pick and draft capital from the trade to come back into the 1st round and get a LT. That's a safe draft compared to the potential of a swing and a miss on a franchise QB that could set the whole process back by years...
  3. stephens44

    Should we consider drafting Joe Alt in the first round?

    Trade down and get two tackles, book ends, onwenu and strange in the middle, we're set at TE and have O-line depth. Round 2 WR are a guaranteed bust in NE based on past history, so never do that again. Get a safety in round 2, develop the team around the run game, tank, get a QB 1 next year.
  4. stephens44

    Player Signing Patriots Signing Former Vikings WR K.J. Osborn

    Sounds like a good/ok move in March, but reality is he may get cut if we actually hit on a draft pick or two at WR, its happened. FA hasn't exactly been fireworks, so hopefully the draft is better. I think a QB is always a gamble, and its sucks to gamble at number 3 when there's a playmaker...
  5. stephens44

    Draft 2013 - 2022: 1st and 2nd Round

    Bill sucks at drafting in rounds 1-3, he somehow makes up for it overall in the later rounds and with UDFA signings. Its mind boggling how you can find diamonds in the rough in later rounds but miss the obvious diamonds in the early rounds. Hopefully they tank the rest of the season, we get a...
  6. stephens44

    Will Mac Jones be the starter after the Bye ❓

    Well, Bill always claims responsibility for everything and shuts down conversation. So, lets sign him to the active roster and let him play QB? That way he really and truly is responsible. :cool:
  7. stephens44

    Bill Belichick’s empire has fallen. How will the Patriots pick up the pieces?

    This is what this season looks like in a 76 second analogy:
  8. stephens44

    If this is Bill’s last season as HC, who do you want as a replacement?

    Rex Ryan Its a no Brainuh, he's wicked good! :rofl:
  9. stephens44

    Patriots 1989 Season

    I was having similar thoughts. If things are truly cyclical, it's our turn to bottom out and suck for a while before coming back up. Bill's past is glory, his future is retirement and that's something Kraft needs to realize helps the cyclical process matriculate towards the next generation of...
  10. stephens44

    PostGame Thread OFFICIAL POST GAME THREAD: Patriots Lose 34-0 to Saints

    We can say Bill without Brady, but its also Bill without Dante Scarnecchia, Ernie Adams, and Josh McDaniels. Bill is done, time to blow this thing up and rebuild from the ground up.
  11. stephens44

    Next 6 games.

    Getting pretty hard to make an argument against that. If they lose to a crappy NO team tomorrow, its basically over after this (ugly) season.
  12. stephens44

    OT: Revis absolutely shredding Asante Samuel on Twitter tonight

    Maybe Samuel will finally shut up after being publicly humiliated. What a clown....
  13. stephens44

    Deandre Hopkins Visiting Patriots Next Week

    I wish we could land Hopkins AND Dalvin Cook. Signing one would entice the other I think.
  14. stephens44

    Draft Discussion: Let's RESTACK for Day 2 - Best of the Rest

    2nd round WRs have always been a major disappointment during the BB era, so hopefully they don't go that way. I'd say best player available at either OT, Edge, LB, or TE that is within reasonable reach without over-reaching.
  15. stephens44

    NEW ARTICLE: Belichick ‘Still Pissed’ About Mac Jones Going ‘Outside the Building’ For Help in 2022

    NEWS FLASH: Fans are still pissed that Bill hired two unqualified guys to run the offense, which led to Jones looking for answers. Cause and effect and as Bill said he's ultimately responsible. If he's still "pissed", I think he needs to look in the mirror and read the definition of hubris out...
  16. stephens44

    buffalo really has become the team that hasn't won anything but goes in thinking they've already won it all

    Bills fans used to be obsessed with the Patriots.... when we were a dominant franchise. Now, there are no Patriots threads on their board, but we have to have Bills threads here? No thanks, not worth discussing or giving them the pleasure of seeing the shoe on the other foot. At least it isn't...
  17. stephens44

    Playoff Scenarios

    Sounds good, but I don't trust the front office/BB to bring in an impact player and I'm more interested in what they do in FA. Another solid draft and a few impact players through FA and next season could be good if not great, depending on what they do with this putrid offense.
  18. stephens44

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Bengals @ Pats

    I have to say, I honestly feel cheated by this coaching staff and Belichick. I feel like there was a solid foundation laid last year, and then they made these bizarre decisions about the offensive scheme and who was going to run it that obviously didn't make any sense. Here we are..... What...
  19. stephens44

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Bengals @ Pats

    They look amazingly bad, shades of 1991....
  20. stephens44

    Will BB change OC in the off-season?

    As much as I'd like to see a miracle 3-0 at the end of the season, realistically its more like 0-3. This debacle of a season started with the loss of McDaniels and the hiring of two guys better suited to other jobs... I think team ownership will step in and make some changes, whether BB is...

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