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Very sad news: RIP Joker
OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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    Draft Stock: JJ McCarthy Game Manager to 2nd Overall

    I'm hoping its a smoke screen If they pick him I'll vomit
  2. M

    If Wolf picks Daniels and he busts, then JJ becomes a star…

    The other half of the debate should be how many guys he hits on in rounds 2-6
  3. M

    Dugger 4 yr extension $58 mil

    Bb band is back together
  4. M

    Curran Knows Something

    Lies lies lies.... Up the price
  5. M

    Mike Sando shares what some NFL Execs think about the new NE Pats

    True but they need to play the cards right and have 3 good drafts in a row
  6. M

    Mike Sando shares what some NFL Execs think about the new NE Pats

    Yup kind of sad but ultimately it falls to Jonathan Kraft soon
  7. M

    Patriots Rumors: Eliot Wolf ‘Pushing Hard’ For This QB Prospect

    Daniels threw 40 tds granted he's had some good wrs. Hope it's not like Mac
  8. M

    How Belichick lost his place in posterity

    The more we see and hear the more it appears kraft meddled
  9. M

    Players have too much control

    If covid taught us anything it's that in the end people maximize what they have. You don't think theyd drop Sanders kid once he's damaged goods?
  10. M

    Players have too much control

    Yeah no kidding... I think the billionaire owners should have complete control. In the end it's supply and demand. You don't have negotiation power if you don't have a commidity
  11. M

    Mayo brings the warmth and love as Pats HC.

    If they win fine who cares, if they don't it won't be pretty
  12. M

    Brady will be inducted to NEP HOF on 6/12/24

    The same thing is gonna happen to the krafts that happened to bb. All roads lead back to Brady. When Brady left could BB win without him? No. When BB left can Kraft win without him? To be determined but they better win some games real quick or the pressure is gonna mount
  13. M

    Brady will be inducted to NEP HOF on 6/12/24

    Anything to make a buck. He absolutely deserves it but feels like kraft is looking to generate more revenue.

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