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Very sad news: RIP Joker
OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
Article: Bill O' Brien, Mac Jones and the Offense
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  1. everlong

    //* Huckleberry Casino *// Superbowl Betting (New Casino coming next fall!)

    I couldn't agree more. I kept saying right up until game time to anyone who would listen, SF will have the lead in the 4th and KC will win in a 28-24 type of score. This era of quarterbacks is really overrated. So Kermit will continue to win.
  2. everlong

    //* Huckleberry Casino *// Superbowl Betting (New Casino coming next fall!)

    I was willing to lose if the Chiefs lost but I'll take my winnings.
  3. everlong

    //* Huckleberry Casino *// Superbowl Betting (New Casino coming next fall!)

    Teaser for $321,999.99 Chiefs +8 and Chiefs/49ers over 41.5
  4. everlong

    Does Mac Jones have any Trade Value?

    I think you're trading him to a team who needs a backup. Miami or Carolina backing up Crimson Tide alum is one thought I had. Maybe Minnesota to backup Cousins. I don't see a lot of value coming back. Take what you can get and move on. If he comes back here the crowd is going to go crazy the...
  5. everlong

    //* Huckleberry Casino *// Championship Weekend Betting

    100K each teasers Chiefs -9.5 and Chiefs/Ravens over 39.5 Lions -13 and Lions/49ers over 45.5 Lions vs Ravens SB Matchup 10K Gibbs 40+ receiving yards 10k Laporta 60+ receiving yards 10K Either game goes to OT 10K
  6. everlong

    //** Huckleberry Casino **// Divisional Betting

    All 25k teasers Texans +15.5 Texans/Ravens over 37.5 49ers -3.5 49ers/Packers over 44.5 Lions -.5 lions/bucks under 54.53 Chiefs +8.5 and chiefs/bills under 52.5
  7. everlong

    //** Huckleberry Casino **// WildCard Betting

    All 10K teasers Texans +8 and Texans/Browns under 50.5 Dolphins +10.5 and Dolphins/Chiefs under 49.5 Bills +3.5 and Bills/Steelers over 28.5 Cowboys -1 and Cowboys/Packers over 44.5 Rams +9/5 amd Rams/Lions over 45.5 Bucs +9 and Bucs/Eagles under 51.5
  8. everlong

    POLL - Jerod Mayo: What's your take?

    I would have preferred a clean break with a young offensive mind but that said I'll argue in favor of him. 1. I'll give Kraft credit. He's hired 2 head coaches. Bill and Pete. While Pete didn't workout here they both have multiple SB appearences and if you throw in what Pete did in college...
  9. everlong

    Be honest all of you old heads. What was your initial thought when we hired BB?

    A lot of the players liked the hire and Bill definitely wasn't going to let the team and press walk all over him like the poodle so I was in favor of it. That said I in no way thought it was a slam dunk choice.
  10. everlong

    //** Huckleberry Casino **// Week 18 Betting

    Bucs -4.5 Jags -3.5 Dolphins +3 Commanders -13 Bears +3.5 Patriots/Jets over 30.5 Commanders/Cowboys under 45.5 Lions/Vikings over 44.5
  11. everlong

    Alamo's Predict The Score Alamo's Predict the Score Contest: Week 18 - NE vs NYJ

    Pats 20-19...........Reverse Jinx don't fail me now!
  12. everlong


    What it's like watching the Patriots the past couple of years.
  13. everlong

    //** Huckleberry Casino **// Week 17 Betting

    All 10K teasers Jets +13.5 and Jets/Browns over 28.5 Panthers +12.5 and Panthers/Jags over 32 Raiders + 9.5 and Raiders/Colts over 37.5 Bengals +13 and Bengals/Chiefs under 50.5 Lions +12 and Lions/Cowboys under 59.5
  14. everlong

    //** Huckleberry Casino **// Week 16 Odds/Betting

    Giveaway 1: Eagles Giveaway 2: The one which popped into my mind was my first bike. I’ve definitely had better and more expensive presents but when you’re 6 and you get a gift like that there’s nothing like that excitement. I’m old so it was the standard 1 speed Schwinn. Me being me I pointed...
  15. everlong

    //** Huckleberry Casino **// Week 15 Betting/ Odds

    Damn, I thought I had put bets down. 29K minmum bet teaser Seahawks +10 and Seahawks/Eagles over 41.5

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