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Dec 7th


2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
OT: Doug Kyed's Daughter - Please Consider Donating
Very sad news: RIP Joker
Article: Bill O' Brien, Mac Jones and the Offense
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  1. Z

    Patriots waive Grier. Bill must go.

    Will Grier was going to change our world
  2. Z

    OT: Biggest Masshole town in MA

    Stoughton…I grew up quickly there. Also a lot of Patriots players lived there in the 80’s.
  3. Z

    OT: Biggest Masshole town in MA

    No this is fact….it’s always been those “people”,
  4. Z

    Where Mac Jones fits in Pats History

    That's a good list. Before my time but Damn a wish Plunkett remained a Patriot. He'd be 3-4 on the list IMO.
  5. Z

    2024 QB

    Maye, Nix or McCarthy…who ever is available in the 2nd or 3rd round.
  6. Z

    Do you want BB to be our head coach on opening day 2024?

    Only the Wolf within the current regime otherwise an outsider with no ties to the team. The thing I’m concerned about is RK overriding him which is why I prefer Jonathan fully in charge as owner…none of this fake title crap which RK and BB prefer. We’ll have another rebuild in 3 years if RK is...
  7. Z

    Krafts Have a Decision To Make on GM

    Dude…yeah we were. Since BB has been coach…we always were very disciplined and limited turnovers and penalties to a minimum.
  8. Z

    Krafts Have a Decision To Make on GM

    I’m forever greatful for the happiness the team has given me. 6 super bowls is an incredible achievement. Robert Kraft saved our team…along with BB and Brady.
  9. Z

    Krafts Have a Decision To Make on GM

    And that’s ok if they are competitive. Play mistake free…often. But….
  10. Z

    Will Any Patriots Game Be Flexed This Year ?

    Yes….some of the games will be fixed and we will end up with more wins then we attempted.
  11. Z

    Krafts Have a Decision To Make on GM

    It starts at the top. Jonathan needs to replace his dad…violently if necessary. Then the GM search should start.
  12. Z

    Krafts Have a Decision To Make on GM

    ??? Jonathan should make all owner decisions period. Delaying this change will cause further delays in the team moving forward. RK will not be leading the charge to a new Patriots era.
  13. Z

    Krafts Have a Decision To Make on GM

    How do you remember that ?
  14. Z

    Patriots Player Departure Patriots waive CB Jack Jones

    Real shame. Has a lot of talent but his head isn’t right. If there was ever a case of a disgruntled player with mental instability and an issue with guns losing it while cleaning out his locker…this is it.
  15. Z

    Krafts Have a Decision To Make on GM

    RK making GM choices is like BB making roster choices. Until Jonathon takes over…we will keep spinning our wheels on Patriot retreads that are out of touch with todays NFL and haven’t had a management position in the NFL in years.
  16. Z

    Rumor that BB is leaving at the end of the season

    Yeah I’m having my doubts. IMO RK will hire an old GM that is out of touch with how the game is played today. I just don't trust him. I don’t care who he hired at his other business in the past. We should have an owner who’s running the show with a younger perspective like Jonathon. We’re all...

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