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Dec 3rd


2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
OT: Doug Kyed's Daughter - Please Consider Donating
Very sad news: RIP Joker
Article: Bill O' Brien, Mac Jones and the Offense
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  1. Boston Boxer

    6 games to go. How many more wins?

    the answer is zero
  2. Boston Boxer

    Something to ponder about BB.

    "I'm not a fan of conspiracy theories"...but i am going to throw one out there anyway. This is bull junk and if actually true, then Kraft needs to sell the team because he has been played. Kraft needs to wake up and run the damn team. He needs to clean house and prepare to hire a staff and...
  3. Boston Boxer

    Brady plans to join the FOX broadcast during 2024

    no. Conflict of interest
  4. Boston Boxer

    2024 QB

    i like Caleb Williams the best of all the QBs. I think the media and fan forums have blown his issues out of proportion. He is on a garbage USC team and they win because of him, not in spite of him. A great talent. We do need OLine help and athletes at WR so there are many holes that cant be...
  5. Boston Boxer

    Reality Check On Drafting A Quarterback

    I'm a Notre Dame fan and i would pass on Hartman. He will be a good back up but not a starter.
  6. Boston Boxer

    Krafts Have a Decision To Make on GM

    he is stubborn and wont accept that imo
  7. Boston Boxer

    Will Mac Jones be the starter after the Bye ❓

    what we can ALL agree on is RLKAG, QPT
  8. Boston Boxer

    Will Mac Jones be the starter after the Bye ❓

    i don't see him being that much better than Zappe. Mac might have more experience, but Zappe gets the ball out quicker and has a better arm (for the record, i have a better arm than Mac). The starting QB for the Patriots is not on this roster.
  9. Boston Boxer

    Report: Red Sox "in" on Ohtani

    as usual. We are linked to every FA every year. The Yankees will over spend for him or he will end up on a California team
  10. Boston Boxer

    Brady to have big say in Raiders next head coach.

    I don't think the deal to have Brady as a minority owner has been approved yet. Not sure how he can be owner of a team AND in the broadcast booth. Conflict of interest or at the very least issues with an owner having access to another teams facility when conducting media business and prep.
  11. Boston Boxer

    But It's Not Mac's Fault....

    Mac is bad. The OLine is bad. Roster construction is bad. Talent is bad. Its all bad
  12. Boston Boxer

    Red Sox 2023-2024

    i wish we could get pitchers like him...oh wait, nevermind. Congrats to Nasty Nate
  13. Boston Boxer

    How To Salvage This Season?

    I say take the rest of the season to evaluate your young guys and see how they perform in real game action. We are not making the playoffs, so lets see what we have.
  14. Boston Boxer

    Celtics 2023 - 2024 Discussion

    i though we needed some role players off the bench as a Morris brothers type guy would can come in and rebound and add toughness
  15. Boston Boxer

    New England can become Superbowl contenders again

    i agree...its time for a new direction at the top
  16. Boston Boxer

    Celtics 2023 - 2024 Discussion

    i was thinking this last night. I had it on in the background and looked up to see Kornet in the game and figured we were blowing them out. Nope, he was actually getting time which is troubling.
  17. Boston Boxer

    If this is Bill’s last season as HC, who do you want as a replacement?

    i have $10 that says he is the next coach of the NY Giants once Daboll get fired
  18. Boston Boxer

    If this is Bill’s last season as HC, who do you want as a replacement?

    not sure who will replace BB, but if he gets fired are we going to have a forum dedicated to him so we can still take all things Bill?
  19. Boston Boxer

    Red Sox 2023-2024

    i just read (on BR i think) that more than a few people have turned down the opportunity to interview. Still early or troubling trend?

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