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Dec 3rd


2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
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Very sad news: RIP Joker
Article: Bill O' Brien, Mac Jones and the Offense
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  1. pazrul72

    Demario Douglas

    Yeah I couldn’t believe there was no call on that, looked dirty as hell, even if he is a runner it’s football not WWF or XFL. Honestly I have seen gentler tackles in NFL Blitz. The patriots injury luck this year has been horrific.
  2. pazrul72

    //** Huckleberry Casino **// Week 12 Odds/Bets

    Best thanksgiving memory has to be the buttfumble, I remember being so nervous and wound up before the game. That was the height of Rex Ryan actually being able to coach defense and those Jete games were tight and hard fought. Took just over a min to turn into a total laugher comfortable F you...
  3. pazrul72

    Alamo's Predict The Score 2023 Alamo's Predict The Score Contest: Week 12 - NE @ NYG

    Such a tough game to pick, on one hand I always want the pats to win and root for them to do well (and I agree with a lot of the loser mentality sticking long term for ”tanking” teams) on the other a top 3 pick would add a lot to the excitement for next year and losing this game Is a giant step...
  4. pazrul72

    ☢⚠ Suicide Pick'em Redemption Contest ⚠☢ W12 Results, W13 Picks

    Well out again, on the plus side the pats pick goes higher so I’m not that unhappy
  5. pazrul72

    //** Huckleberry Casino **// WEEK 11 Odds / Bets

    I realized i did the teaser wrong. It should be chiefs +3 instead of -3.
  6. pazrul72

    //** Huckleberry Casino **// WEEK 11 Odds / Bets

    Lions -9 (4k) Vikings +2.5 (4k) Bucs/9ers over 41.5 (4k) Texans/Cards under 47.5 (4k) Raiders ML +800 (4k) 4 Part 6pt teaser +300 (4k) Chiefs -9 Bills -1 Tits +13 Steelers +7
  7. pazrul72

    ☢⚠ Suicide Pick'em Redemption Contest ⚠☢ W12 Results, W13 Picks

    Week 9 Ravens Week 10 Cowgirls Week 11 Redskins
  8. pazrul72

    You be the Offensive Coordinator

    Hes in front of his man and keeping him from doing more then reaching an arm towards Mac. Granted its not a pristine pocket but in NFL terms that is a reasonable pocket i would expect ALL NFL caliber QBs to be able to work in. **** i would expect 95% of college caliber QBs and 60% of HS QBs to...
  9. pazrul72

    Pats only need a top 10 pick to get a blue chip star in draft

    In regard to #4 the over/under on that game may set a record low at 28.5, I think I’d still find the under tempting.
  10. pazrul72

    PostGame Thread 23 Official Week 10 PostGame NE vs IND Reactions

    I hate piling on, before this I gave Mac the benefit of doubt, bad o line, not the greatest receivers, no running game, 3 OCs in 3 years, and he had made just enough plays to make me question how much of the bad play was him, and how much was everything else? That Int was 100% inexcusable...
  11. pazrul72

    //** Huckleberry Casino **// Week 10

    Falcons -1 (4k) Texans +7 (4k) Raiders/Jets over 36.5 (4K) Redskins/Seahawks under 45.5 (4K) Texans ML +300 (4K) and everyone loves some DoubleDs over 45 yards (4K)
  12. pazrul72

    ☢⚠ Suicide Pick'em Redemption Contest ⚠☢ W12 Results, W13 Picks

    No worries **** happens and i appreciate you doing the paperwork for our entertainment.
  13. pazrul72

    ☢⚠ Suicide Pick'em Redemption Contest ⚠☢ W12 Results, W13 Picks

    And you liked it so i assumed i was good to go
  14. pazrul72

    //** Huckleberry Casino **// Week 9

    Ravens -6 (4K) bears +8.5 (4K) Dolphins/Chiefs Over 50.5 (4K) colts/panthers Under 44.5 (4K) DD over 45 yards receiving (4K) Pharoh Brown gets some +600 (4K)
  15. pazrul72

    Alamo's Predict The Score 2023 Alamo's Predict The Score Contest: Week 9 - NE vs WA

    I was going to predict a pats win but no parker, no trent brown, i see Mac being hasseled into 2 big mistakes. Redskins 27 Pats 20
  16. pazrul72

    Bill Belichick’s empire has fallen. How will the Patriots pick up the pieces?

    While i agree that is what made the pats so much fun to watch the past 20 years i feel putting it all on Brady is disrespectful to alot of other great players. Willie sitting at the front of the locker room clocking when people checked in, Bruschi being a star LB when he didnt have elite traits...
  17. pazrul72

    ☢⚠ Suicide Pick'em Redemption Contest ⚠☢ W12 Results, W13 Picks

    I tried getting too cute last time and went out in week one, this time I’m going for a surer winner so I can play longer than one game. Ravens
  18. pazrul72

    Trade deadline thread

    Way too much hand wringing for a traditionally nothingburger time of year. I’d expect at most we will see a Uche trade for a 4th. More then that just doesn’t happen at this point between having to have the cap space, get a new player up to speed with the playbook, and the concern that the new...

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