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Oct 1st


Very sad news: RIP Joker
Article: Bill O' Brien, Mac Jones and the Offense
2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
OT: Doug Kyed's Daughter - Please Consider Donating
OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
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  1. dustcover

    The 53

    Here's a copy in numerical order.
  2. dustcover

    Player Signing Myles Bryant Tendered....Yay.

    Please, will someone explain to me how a tender works.
  3. dustcover

    watering hole

    The Downtown Pub in Norton opted for karaoke!
  4. dustcover

    watering hole

    I'll continue to be in the area for the next few weeks or more and I'm having difficulty finding a decent bar or pub in the Attleboro, Norton, Mansfield area that show the Patriots' games, specifically with the audio turned on so you can hear the broadcast. Competing with Karaoke is not an...
  5. dustcover

    Do you think this is one of Bill’s favorite teams ever?

    "This is his team he built from the ground up this offseason." You can't convince me that there isn't an element of his psyche that motivates him to prove he can build a winning team sans TB12.
  6. dustcover

    Henry Catch or no?

    Maybe it was and maybe it wasn't, but I doubt there is enough video evidence to overturn the call on the field. :whistle:
  7. dustcover

    First ten starts for Bledsoe, Brady and Jones

    "Hope there is a warm bed in hell for that nurse that “took care” of him." Can you elaborate? I don't recall the situation.
  8. dustcover

    RIP Jerry Remy

    Oh no. I will so very much miss the Remdog. May the Lord bless him and keep him and make His face to shine upon him.
  9. dustcover

    View from Section 131

    Perhaps these will give you some idea of your seat location and view of the field.
  10. dustcover

    A little Stidham is on the way

    Wow! Give the guy a break, just a simple congrats would do nicely.
  11. dustcover

    Content Post Idle thoughts - the what could have been edition

    Nicely done, you pretty much covered it. By 3 a.m. my bottle was empty and my brain was mush, so you are clearly one sober hombre! Good job amigo.
  12. dustcover

    What will the first play of Mac's career be?

    I'd bet the ranch on a running play. Probably the run play that has been the most successful throughout the preseason.
  13. dustcover

    Rhamondre Stevenson suffered dislocated thumb

    You may be correct, but situational football may dictate otherwise in certain instances.
  14. dustcover

    Definitely not an overreaction . . .

    Perhaps all his receivers being covered has something to do with his 'posturizing'.
  15. dustcover

    Hit Piece

    I believe the term you are seeking is "vultures" ! :)
  16. dustcover

    PATRIOTS TRAINING CAMP PATRIOTS TRAINING CAMP Day 8 Training Camp Thread- Thursday August 5th

    His dialogue reminds me somewhat of Gino, played by Don Ameche in the movie 'Things Change'. Very amusing film for a rainy day!
  17. dustcover

    Where the pats stand right now

    I think your grade of D+ for WR's is a bit harsh. I'd lean more toward a B- or C+
  18. dustcover

    Player Signing Lawrence Guy officially re-signs

    What, no room for Bentley and/or Hall as LB's?

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