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Oct 1st


Very sad news: RIP Joker
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2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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    Game Day Thread 2023 Week 1 OFFICIAL Game Thread: Patriots vs Eagles

    That tackle has been lined up illegally all day, so they call it when it doesn’t matter
  2. M

    Game Day Thread 2023 Week 1 OFFICIAL Game Thread: Patriots vs Eagles

    Eagles left tackle is three yards in the backfield
  3. M

    Should we worry about or regret Kayshon Boutte getting cut?

    Jake Bobo an I drafted kid from Belmont Hill ran a 4.9 and is lighting it up in Seattle just like he did at Duke and UCLA. He trained a few times with my son and always seems to be open and catches everything! Straight line speed is overrated
  4. M

    Should we worry about or regret Kayshon Boutte getting cut?

    If the scouts don’t love him and his combine numbers are pedestrian we should cut him, as we all know they are never wrong. I mean they totally knew what a stiff Tom Brady would be
  5. M

    (Edited Title:) Writer thinks Zappe is winning the QB "battle"?

    Cassel also had Randy Moss and Wes Welker that year.
  6. M

    (Edited Title:) Writer thinks Zappe is winning the QB "battle"?

    For some reason, the fact that he didn’t completely **** the bed turned into he played really well. The Packers last year were average like the Patriots and the reason the game was close was the defense.
  7. M

    Can the Line hold up?

    The o line was horrendous last year, I am not sure why this wasn’t the top priority. As well as people thought mondre did the majority of his yards were because he would break off a big run, there was no consistency and there were many games he was consistently met in the backfield. When people...
  8. M

    Malik Cunningham = QB1

    He should be in the Patriots hall of fame, if he scores a Touchdown in garbage time of the next pre season game against guys who will be working at Walmart next week, then he can go into the real hall of fame. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves!
  9. M

    Kirk Herbstreit on Mac Jones

    As bad as the play calling was last year, the offensive line was worse.
  10. M

    Looking for Pats fans from 2001

    I was in that end zone, about 15 rows up and honestly could not really tell if it went through until I saw the refs r as use their hands.
  11. M

    Talk Radio and the tone of discussion on NFL message boards

    I think everyone/anyone is on the trading block with Bill if other teams offer enough
  12. M

    Instant Reaction: Your Patriots 2023 Draft Grade

    I think the more appealing thing to Bill about the trade in the first round with Pittsburgh is keeping the Jets from getting the tackle they wanted.
  13. M

    Player Signing Patriots Sign Gesicki

    2 nice additions. The funny thing is if you look at Jonnu’s history it was actually very close to his production in NE. I think the Pats were caught that year with the fact they needed to make a splash and the FA talent just wasn’t really there, so they made the mistake of paying for wishful...
  14. M

    Rodgers in talks with Jets [UPDATE: 'It's my intention to play for the Jets']

    Vikings beat the Bills and the Lions started to get really good near the end of the season.
  15. M

    Report: Brady bullied Josh McDaniels in NE

    Wasn’t there rumors he wanted BB out for O’Brien?
  16. M

    Dolphins freeing up a total of around 50 million in cap.

    Building through free agency can work, but there needs to be some luck in the timing. If you get your money for the spending spree but there’s only used Hondas out there, you might pay Porsche prices for a used Honda.
  17. M

    Dolphins freeing up a total of around 50 million in cap.

    Dan Snyder……oh….. I guess your right
  18. M

    Patriots currently projected to finish last in AFC East in 2023 by Vegas

    What are the odds that Tua makes it through 5 games?

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