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OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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  1. Brotherblues

    PATRIOTS NEWS Patriots OTA's 5-31-2023

    "... James Ferentz tried to block his path but Judge easily sidestepped him. Myles Bryant trailed him asking for a ride but couldn't quite catch up."
  2. Brotherblues

    Hopkins comments on trade with Patriots or Bills

    Immediate suitors, but not immediate deals.
  3. Brotherblues

    We are on to the Heat and Jimmy Butler.

    Where can I find the O/U on how many more wins the Cs get this postseason?
  4. Brotherblues

    Can new players get tudored by retired players? Can this work?

    Who needs coaches when past greats can transfer magic to the new guys
  5. Brotherblues

    DRAFT Kayshon Boutte

    Agreed but it ain't limited to AB. A *lot* of WR gambles didn't pan out. Mitchell, Gordon, AB, Harry, Sanu... They needed just 1 of these to not fail spectacularly and 2019 would have been part of the window.
  6. Brotherblues

    DeAndre Hopkins released

    I do admit Julio is the biggest reason I'm wary of Hopkins. A few people here wanted to give up "whatever it takes" to bring Julio aboard. Also, once your body starts breaking down with age, I'm not sure it matters how resistant to injury you were as a young pup. That said, I'm not against...
  7. Brotherblues

    We are on to the Heat and Jimmy Butler.

    Devil's advocate: when you play with more intensity and superior strategy you're likely to end up taking more open and better shots than the other team, thus sinking a higher percentage.
  8. Brotherblues

    Patriots Lose Two OTAs Due To Rule Violation

    Is that something that exists though? Guys unaffiliated with the team walking around the facilities with a "NFLPA OBSERVER" badge and getting access to all the meetings?
  9. Brotherblues

    Patriots Lose Two OTAs Due To Rule Violation

    From what I understand he's getting exactly zero dollars from the Pats. He gets his check from the Maras while working for the Krafts. And the Maras are the hands down clear winners in this arrangement.
  10. Brotherblues

    Patriots Lose Two OTAs Due To Rule Violation

    Could the meeting have had to do with discussing the rule change?
  11. Brotherblues

    CBS QB rankings- Mac Jones dissed

    My first thought was that's gotta be fake... then I looked it up. These are our role models.
  12. Brotherblues

    One month from camp - prime Patriot FA signing time

    Next Thursday (June 1st) we might see something with cuts around the league, plus players becoming easier to trade then too
  13. Brotherblues

    One month from camp - prime Patriot FA signing time

    Can you tell us some past examples of this being the time of year the Pats do their best work in FA? I'm having trouble getting as pumped up as you seem to be. Not knocking you or anything.
  14. Brotherblues

    Brady plans to join the FOX broadcast during 2024

    Can a team owner even be a broadcaster?
  15. Brotherblues

    NFL resurrects emergency QB rule

    So the 3rd QB can be inactive but still enter the game in case of emergency. It makes so much sense I'm surprised they did it.
  16. Brotherblues

    Cole Strange ... Sell me on him moving to Tackle

    I'm 100% sure I heard BB once say something about only LTs being the o-line position worth a really high pick. His track record is in line with that as he's proven to be fine with guards in the late first (Mankins, Strange) but picks tackles earlier (Wynn, Solder).
  17. Brotherblues

    Patriots Player Departure Patriots reportedly waive OT Yodny Cajuste

    Awesome. Now let's clear 2 more by waiving Bryant and signing him for his true market value of whatever the hell the minimum is.

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