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2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
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    BGC 2023 OT/PTP Thread

    Cole “the” strange “pick” is our starting center starting in 2024.
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    BGC 2023 CB/PTP Thread

    So as of today, our starting secondary is: CB outside - Jon jones FS - mills SS1 - Duggar SS2 - Phillips CB - jack jones Nickel - marcus jones Dime - Bryant Another corner would move jack jones to nickel What is bb thinking?
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    Patriots should absolutely pick a CB or OT at 14

    We do not need a shutdown corner. We need a corner that can play in our system!
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    Patriots should absolutely pick a CB or OT at 14

    Our top need is a playmaker. We can get a quality offensive tackle in round two. We can get a quality corner on day 3. What we can not get outside of the first 25 picks is a playmaker. In the first round we take either wr Addison or tight end Mayer if Addison is off the board!!!!! In the...
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    BGC 2023 WR/PTP Thread

    As far as receiving goes, I like kuntz a lot. Could the catch radius be better? Maybe. But he tracks the ball fairly well
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    Joel Klatt's top 50 draft prospects

    Jordan Addison should be our first round draft pick! This kid is special! If Addison is off the board by 14, then we should take tight end mayer!
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    moore to cleveland

    I agree with you. He would be great here based on his ability!
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    Impact WR….whom do you want?

    Jordan Addison!!!! That is all we need to add at the wide receiver position!
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    BGC 2023 TE/PTP Thread

    I like Kuntz as a day 3 tight end option.
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    BGC 2023 WR/PTP Thread

    I am not sure you have any clue about how to watch game tape, but maybe you can find someone to explain it to you! That being said, when someone who actually knows the game watches addison’s tape from the last two years, and they see how often he presents his numbers to the qb, then you know he...
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    Content Post Words on things I watched, read & heard II

    This draft is pretty easy; 1.) Jordan Addison 2.) Blake freeland 3.) tank dell 4.) jaylon jones
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    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Official 2023 Free Agency Thread

    This is a good point. Peppers was also playing special teams and we resigned him recently.
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    BGC 2023 WR/PTP Thread

    Jordan Addison is the only wide receiver the patriots should have a first round grade on!
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    BGC 2023 OT/PTP Thread

    Bergeron is a guard at the next level
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    BGC 2023 CB/PTP Thread

    Jones of Texas a&m seems to have some of the skills that bb would be intrigued by!!!
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    Player Signing Patriots To Add OT Riley Reiff

    byu’s freeland and Michigan’s Myers! We should draft those two this year!!!!!! The veteran retreads are not the answer
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    BGC 2023 RUSH/PTP Thread

    McDonald of iowa state, if he tests well, could fit nice with uche and judon
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    BGC 2023 RB/PTP Thread

    I doubt Tucker of Syracuse is 5’10”, but I would love to see all 5’8-9” of him in a patriots uniform next year. Playmaker!!!!
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    BGC 2023 CB/PTP Thread

    I watched film of McClendon, the guard coming out of Chattanooga this year and as a day 3 day, he might have more upside than Hines! At some point bb has to move cole “the” strange “pick” to center and get a real man to play left guard. Cole plays on skates and is going to get jones killed. Of...
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    BGC 2023 WR/PTP Thread

    Could Charlie jones of purdue be the next meyers as a slot guy?

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