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2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
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  1. thecore762

    Impact WR….whom do you want?

    none of the above draft one? BB doesn’t have a great history in drafting WR.
  2. thecore762

    Did Kraft put BB on notice?

    I hope he pays attention because he is the one signing the checks at the end of the day.
  3. thecore762

    How much longer will you drink the BB kool-aid?

    They need to get a real GM, BB the GM is awful picking offensive weapons.
  4. thecore762

    Patriots Player Departure Meyers to LV Raiders

    On paper our receiving corp is at the bottom of the barrel. JuJu not really a #1 receiver.
  5. thecore762

    Player Signing Patriots Showing Serious Interest in JuJu Smith-Schuster (Update: Done)

    If he is 100% recovered from the injury then he will be a solid asset.
  6. thecore762

    Massachusetts millionaire 9% tax another factor working against Pats in Free agency

    God, what’s with these ridiculous threads? Talking about players taxes based on the state they play in…
  7. thecore762

    With FA looming, how do you *want* the Pats to use their first draft pick?

    Many say OT, I think that is the safe choice since BB sucks at drafting WRs. He did have few misses with OT, but not as awful as WR. Our receiving corp hasn’t been good at all, and I doubt it will get any better.
  8. thecore762

    Season ticket prices have increased

    So expensive. I cannot afford season tickets. Maybe once every few years attending games.
  9. thecore762

    Tom Brady says he's done "for good"

    I’m sad, but we all knew this day was coming. He got lots of things going on in his life. His brand is becoming main stream, him having a successful podcast, and now an ironclad contract for fox…the guy will have a lot of projects now that he is retired and we will see a lot him in the next few...
  10. thecore762

    Super Bowl 57 PreGame Discussion: Chiefs vs. Eagles (Andy Reid bowl)

    I’m also thinking this will be a blowout. I doubt this will be a close game. Im getting the same vibes from the Seattle vs Denver SB. If the eagles o-line shuts down the KC pass rush then you can expect a big day for for Hurts. But also Hurts is the type of QB that is mobile, he will beat you...
  11. thecore762

    Super Bowl 57 PreGame Discussion: Chiefs vs. Eagles (Andy Reid bowl)

    I like the eagles too. KC sustained lots of injuries and we know mahomes is not going to be 100% his ankle still bothering him. He will have plenty of time to recover. That eagles defense is a beast. They can generate lots of pass rush. The eagles running game is way better than KC. Also, sack...
  12. thecore762

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION NFL Conference Championship Game Thread

    The bengals made way too many mistakes in the end. You can’t give a veteran team like the chiefs multiple chances. I do think the Eagles will be a much better match up on defense. Also the chiefs haven’t been able to run the ball. I think the Eagles will be able to put the pressure on and also...
  13. thecore762

    Sign the beast!

  14. thecore762

    Reports are the Pats may upgrade the WRs through trade (not necessarily Hopkins)

    No more old receivers or budget receives. Give me a pro bowl receiver! How can all these teams pick good receivers but BB can’t for the life…outside drafting Edelman and Gronk, any other worthy receivers that actually amounted to anything over the last 10+ years? I feel that Brady saved BB big...
  15. thecore762

    PATRIOTS NEWS BoB officially back

    Well now there will no excuse for Mac to improve next year if BoB comes with a solid plan on offense for him and that the offensive line is not utter trash.
  16. thecore762

    (Draft) Will Anderson Jr.

    One can only dream to get him. He is pretty much Micah Parsons 2.0. Put him in the right team and he will thrive in this league like Parsons. I think the game is evolving and we will see similar player statures playing this role. They can literally lineup anywhere on the field from rushing to...
  17. thecore762

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION 2022 NFL Division Round - Sammy Teal-Blue Cats vs the Amerindians (Jax vs KC)

    Jacksonville seems to be no match…chiefs moving the ball at will.

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