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2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
Asking for your support
  1. Patsfan1958

    2023 Red Sox

    Attention Veterans, First Responders and Current Military!! There's a website where you can get baseball tickets at about half price. The site is Discount MLB tickets for Military & Government on . I used it quite a few times and have done alright with it,
  2. Patsfan1958

    I Want The Patriots To Sign Lamar Jackson

    Who really cares what Asante"Hands of stone" Samuels has to say?
  3. Patsfan1958

    Patriots Draft Prospect Tracker - Interviews/Meetings

    Patriots holding second pre-draft meeting with ball-hawking cornerback prospect
  4. Patsfan1958

    Wishing you all a very heartfelt

    I love the look of utter disappointment on her face!!!
  5. Patsfan1958

    2023 Mock Drafts

    Your 2023 official Draft hat: 2023 NFL draft: New England Patriots official hat revealed, get yours now before the NFL Draft
  6. Patsfan1958

    O/T: Fan sues Patriots Hall of Fame

    At least he's offering free shipping.
  7. Patsfan1958

    Patriots Player Departure O/T: Nelson Agholor signs with Ravens

    Patriots free agent receiver Nelson Agholor reportedly signs with Ravens
  8. Patsfan1958

    Zolak Report on "Big News" [Ron Howard voice: There was no news]

    The Patriots are signing Cam Newton again?
  9. Patsfan1958

    Dante Scarnecchia to receive HOF Excellence award

    Congrats Scar !!! Legendary Patriots Figure To Be Honored By Pro Football Hall Of Fame
  10. Patsfan1958

    Devin McCourty's Retirement Press Conference

    A true Patriot through and through. His contributions are undeniable.
  11. Patsfan1958

    O/T: An old Belichick story

    An old Bill Belichick story is resurfacing in best way possible
  12. Patsfan1958

    How much longer will you drink the BB kool-aid?

    I'm going to drink the BB Kool-Aid right to the very end when he decides to leave (after breaking Shula's record). .
  13. Patsfan1958

    OT: Cocoa Beach bars

    Barbara Eden at 91
  14. Patsfan1958

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Official 2023 Free Agency Thread

    Patriots showing interest in Rams' Nick Scott
  15. Patsfan1958

    Trey Flowers Visited Today

    Can Flowers bloom in New England again?
  16. Patsfan1958

    2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread

    Patriots Reportedly Tender Myles Bryant; Here's What That Means
  17. Patsfan1958

    Patriots Player Departure McCourty Retires

    Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere...

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