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2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
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    Not Mortgaging the Future

    The problem with the 2024 - 25 cap argument is the players it does not include. Next year Dugger, Uche, Henry, Brown, Parker, Borne, Giseski and Bentley are free agents. You can argue that many roster on this list could be improved, but that is going to take some cash. In 2025, the free agents...
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    The case for for drafting WR Zay Flowers

    From a value standpoint, #14 is a reach, about 5 - 10 too slots too high depending on who you ask. Then there is the risk of another team coveting him. Green Bay, Pittsburgh, LA and Baltimore could all conceivably take him. One of my favorite draft scenarios has us moving down a few spots...
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    Punting on The First Round

    Wait out the board. There's not a ton of guys I see as value at #14, but there's a plausible chance that Skoronski or Witherspoon fall.
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    Patriots Player Departure O/T: Nelson Agholor signs with Ravens

    He's going to have a great year in Baltimore, then some poor sap of a team is going to sign him for $15 million per next year, and he will revert to his 2022 form. That's what Nelson Agholor does.
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    OT: Phillip Dorsett signs with Las Vegas

    Well, we missed out on Dorsett, time to give this offseason a big fat F.
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    Im a big no on lamar jackson...

    The Lamar to Patriots talk is just ratings fodder. There is zero chance.
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    Player Signing Patriots Sign Gesicki

    I love the move. We've now upgraded Meyers slightly with Juju and we've upgraded Smith significantly with Gesicki. I am now confident that the offense will be functional. We are now also in a position where our 3 major offensive needs have been filled by competent players, reducing the need to...
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    NEW ARTICLE: Patriots Reportedly “Aren’t In it” for WR DeAndre Hopkins

    The problem with a Hopkins trade for any team is his $30 million cap hit. Right now only the Bears could afford that. Yes, a team can do cap gymnastics to bring that number down, but it's a bit tougher to justify when the guy is 31. Taking that contract on is a commitment to a mess come 2025 or...
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    Damien Harris

    I like Harris, but the offense needs backs who can catch the ball.
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    I don't care.I can't stand it!

    In all fairness, the Patriots of recent vintage have not discovered value anywhere near those which can be found at an Ocean State Job Lot.
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    Patriots Showing Interest in former WR Phillip Dorsett

    I love the title of this thread..."former WR Phillip Dorsett". Sounds about right.
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    Patriots Player Departure Jonnu traded to ATL

    I work in a school district that spent millions of dollars on a data management system that has been an utter disaster. I have been saying all year, "it's a sunk cost, cut bait, eat your crow and move on, because that's what a leader does, a leader doesn't just hold onto Jonnu Smith because he...
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    Pats swing and miss on Andre Dillard

    You can have your flashy free agents, I'll take my well-funded schools.
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    Pats swing and miss on Andre Dillard

    The contracts handed out today are beyond stupid. $20 million a year for Jawaan Taylor when the draft could produce five day one starters at RT? $10 million a year for Andre Dillard who has the same AV as N'keal Harry? I know that Belichick's mantra of value is not popular in these parts...
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    With FA looming, how do you *want* the Pats to use their first draft pick?

    The value is setting up right to trade down, pick up an extra 2nd, and still draft an OT.
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    Jalen Ramsey to Miami

    This is a great move that all but guarantees Miami will will 10 games and lose in the wild card round for at least two more years.
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    Patriots Player Departure McCourty Retires

    McCourty isn't just the defensive cornerstone of the second era of the dynasty, he is the starting free safety on the all time Patriots team. He played in and won at least 3 different games that could make a claim for greatest NFL game of all time. Hall of fame or not, you can't tell the story...
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    Hunter Henry's Future Appears Safe

    The value of this draft is at the TE position. I think a TE in round 1 is much more likely than a WR.
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    OT⁝ Free Agent Tackle Orlando Brown

    Chiefs are cutting Frank Clark. It's gonna open up about $20 million in cap space. They will resign brown, and use pick #31 to draft the best EDGE available of a super deep class.

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