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2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
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  1. Crazy Patriot Guy

    OT: Kyler Murray gets paid

    I was with my cousin when I saw the news of this extension, told him, and he responds with: "I don't know if he's the answer, but they're not going to get anyone better." That's my problem. I don't care what the market is, $46 million per year should buy you a hell of a lot more than "not going...
  2. Crazy Patriot Guy

    NFL Free Agency 2022 edition

    I'm sure he's referring to 2004 when they held Manning to 3 points with a 2nd year Samuel, undrafted rookie Gay and Troy Brown.
  3. Crazy Patriot Guy

    Going to Green Bay: behind Patriots bench, midfield, row 5

    Packers tickets seem to be crazy cheap for some reason. My cousin went there with a co-worker for the divisional round playoff game against Seattle in 2019. Playoff game. 50 yard line. Row 7. $400 each.
  4. Crazy Patriot Guy

    Howe: Pats Ecstatic with Mac this Offseason (so far)

    Does anyone know if one of those Texans letterman jackets from 2012 is on display at the Patriots hall of fame?
  5. Crazy Patriot Guy

    DRAFT Patriots select WR Tyquan Thornton at 50.

    Agreed. There are some circumstances in which cutting/trading a player is instantly addition by subtraction. Albert Haynesworth is an example. But the Pats aren't better without Agholor just because he's overpaid. If we make it through training camp and Thornton and Parker both look fantastic...
  6. Crazy Patriot Guy

    DRAFT Patriots select WR Tyquan Thornton at 50.

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  7. Crazy Patriot Guy

    NFL Free Agency 2022 edition

    I too want to see us on top again and it's not fun seeing all the changes to the top teams in the AFC. But after 20 years of unprecedented dominance and 6 Super Bowl wins, maybe this isn't something to get pissed off about? And what should other fan bases have felt during all the time if we're...
  8. Crazy Patriot Guy

    Patriots hosting Malcolm Butler for a tryout

    Not sure if this is legit. It's from 5 hours ago, and he also has Mayfield to Seattle 2 hours ago, I've seen nothing anywhere else. Very few followers. I hope it's true though.
  9. Crazy Patriot Guy

    NFL Free Agency 2022 edition

    Josh Allen was 15-12 in his first 2 seasons, 24-9 since. Is it wrong to say Buffalo's roster has improved in that time along with Allen's development? Watson was 24-13 in his first 3 seasons before his 4-12 year. Considering O'Brien traded Hopkins for David Johnson and a pick they swapped for...
  10. Crazy Patriot Guy

    NFL Free Agency 2022 edition

    Thanks for the laugh.
  11. Crazy Patriot Guy

    NFL Free Agency 2022 edition

    Bro, you said the Pats were a 2-15 team yesterday. That ship has sailed.
  12. Crazy Patriot Guy

    NFL Free Agency 2022 edition

    Exactly. We had no need for Tom Brady with his way of thinking.
  13. Crazy Patriot Guy

    NFL Free Agency 2022 edition

    Dude. I understand some frustration with the players we've lost and the free agents that signed elsewhere, but 2-15? Seriously? Maybe take a breath before your next post. I would literally bet every penny I earn for the rest of my life the Pats aren't a 2-15 team next season.
  14. Crazy Patriot Guy

    After Day One (11:59 PM)

    I'm sure it's the same complaint as most years when the Pats don't make a big splash. People pretend re-signing players to cheap contracts means Belichick is prioritizing them over top free agents, instead of facing the reality that it's easy to sign those players and has nothing to do with the...
  15. Crazy Patriot Guy

    Cam Newton set a new Career record!!!!!

    Sometimes the media can hurt a player as well. When the Panthers beat the Cardinals two weeks ago, the headline on my app was something like: "Superman is back: Newton leads Panthers over Cardinals." He had 22 yards of total offense in that game. 22 yards. It turned me against him instantly...
  16. Crazy Patriot Guy

    OT: Favorite interactions with casual fans

    This story isn't a personal interaction, but what I was told by a sales rep at work years ago. Back in 2010, he and his wife went to a neighbor's house in Texas for Thanksgiving. As they eat lunch, they're watching the Pats-Lions game and the neighbor's wife (at a point in the game when the...
  17. Crazy Patriot Guy

    Belichick's end of season speech / excuses to team

    So you want me to believe that you wouldn't be on here complaining if Brady had led us to a 10-6 season and another 1st round playoff loss? This is just about winning seasons now? Because I have no doubt we would have made the playoffs with him, but I also have no doubt we still wouldn't be...
  18. Crazy Patriot Guy

    Belichick's end of season speech / excuses to team

    I'm really confused on what your point is or what that had to do with my post. I pointed out our team sucked last season and we still went 7-9. After 20 years of dominance, our "awful" season was 7 wins for crying out loud. What fan base should we be getting sympathy from right now? As for...
  19. Crazy Patriot Guy

    Belichick's end of season speech / excuses to team

    No worries. Yeah, the season was frustrating, but as I told someone shortly after it ended: our QB was a train wreck, the WR and TE positions were severely lacking, free agent departures caused our defense to take a step back and we were hit harder than any other team by opt outs. We still went...

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