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2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
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  1. bresna

    Reiss: Jack Jones and Jake Bailey moved to "Reserve/Suspended"

    Bailey & his agent may have also used the grievance to force the Pats to cut him. I don't believe that they can cut someone with an open grievance, so maybe they used this to force it.
  2. bresna

    Possible Barmore drama incoming? (Unconfirmed)

    Unless something has changed, it is very easy for a woman to get a temporary restraining order in Massachusetts. One of my relatives had one taken out against him just because the woman felt threatened. That was it. No stalking. No physical abuse. I've been told that in MA, the courts default to...
  3. bresna

    Patriots Player Departure Meyers to LV Raiders

    Maybe that Jakobi Meyers wasn't worth as much as he thought he was? :) It's not as if he had to sign with the Raiders before free agency even officially started. He clearly wants to go there.
  4. bresna

    Patriots Player Departure Meyers to LV Raiders

    Hey Tom - What about Wes Welker, Danny Amendola and Chris Hogan? All undrafted free agents who got their biggest paychecks in new England.
  5. bresna

    Patriots Player Departure Meyers to LV Raiders

    But Ian, that 2nd round tender also allowed him to go out and gauge his value. The Patriots almost did him a favor, right? The fact that he didn't get poached showed that they were right to do it too.
  6. bresna

    Patriots Player Departure Meyers to LV Raiders

    Which means that Josh McDaniels benched him. That puts a twist on this. :)
  7. bresna

    Patriots Player Departure Jake Bailey released

    Leave it to the Patsfans forum to label an All Pro player a draft bust. :)
  8. bresna

    Dolphins freeing up a total of around 50 million in cap.

    Can the Dolphins even sign Lamar? They don't have their 2023 1st round draft pick and they have to give up 2 first round picks to sign him. Can the league even allow them to make those picks be 2024 & 2025? If I'm the Ravens front office, I would not agree to that.
  9. bresna

    The Franchise Tags are Coming.. The Franchise tags are coming....

    From Tagged (All non-exclusive franchise tags) Saquon Barkley New York Giants · RB The Giants placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on Barkley on March 7, NFL Network Insider Mike Garafolo reported on Tuesday. Barkley, who rushed for a career-high 1,312 yards last season with 10...
  10. bresna

    Jakobi Meyers ▣ Free Agency

    I almost thought that the Patriots would've applied the transition tag to Meyers. $18 Million for one year doesn't sound too far off from what he's likely to get but it may put a crimp in any offer sheet from another team if they come in with back-loaded offer.
  11. bresna

    RIP Robert "Bob" Perryman

    He was only 58. Too soon.
  12. bresna

    OT: Justin Fields: Chicago weather is difficult to adjust to, I hope Bears get a dome

    I used to love that the Patriots play outdoors. But as I've grown older, that love has faded. Those frigid playoff games suck. I would be very happy if the Patriots had a dome. But I know that will never happen so...
  13. bresna

    OT: Carr officially released

    But that just puts them in cap hell in a few years. That's also assuming that all of these players agree to this. And they have to do all of these contract re-writes by March 15th. That's going to be tough. Not impossible, but tough.
  14. bresna

    OT: Carr officially released

    From what I'm reading, and it may be wrong, it looks like after tagging Jackson ($45M) on March 7th, the Ravens would have to get under the salary cap by March 15th and they can only designate 2 players as "Post-June 1 release". I don't think your scenario would work. Most of the players you...
  15. bresna

    OT: Carr officially released

    I'm not seeing those numbers for Stanley, Andrews & Humphrey. I'm seeing a lot less actually ($5.75M, $250K & $250K), and all of these numbers are with a Post-June 1 designation, which I am not even sure they can do since they have to tag Jackson by March 7th. On top of that, you're talking...
  16. bresna

    OT: Carr officially released

    The way their cap is right now, they almost have to let him go because they can't pay his $45 Million salary without some serious player moves.
  17. bresna

    OT: Carr officially released

    The Ravens only have $28 Million on the cap and 5 of their top 7 biggest cap hits have a ton of dead money, making them practically impossible to cut/trade. They're going to implode that team if they play the tag game with the intention of keeping him and trading him with that $45 Million...
  18. bresna

    Is that the most tainted sports championship you've witnessed?

    Hey Zach - see that blue line on the ground there? This is happening at the line of scrimmage. If this little tug is holding, flags should be flying every. single. play.
  19. bresna

    OT: Carr officially released

    Did I miss the news that the Ravens had re-signed Jackson? Last time I looked, he was listed as an unrestricted free agent.
  20. bresna

    Is that the most tainted sports championship you've witnessed?

    Regarding the refereeing, and in particular, the replay officials in NY, when are those idiots going to realize that "survives the ground" was removed from the definition of a catch? They mentioned it in regards to the Hunter Henry TD on Thanksgiving night and again last night on DeVonta Smith's...

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