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2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
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  1. chasa

    Bedard - Pats NOT IN on lamar Jackson....

    Stop his old boys club nonsense. He wasted an ENTIRE year by having judge and patricia royally **** up the offense. He wasted a year of mac He wasted a year of his offensive skill players He forced his year 2qb to learn a new offense that ABSOLUTELY sucked He allowed two absolute coaching...
  2. chasa

    Not Mortgaging the Future

    140 mil in cap space doesn't mean **** if the players you sign are trash. Spend now to get proven commodities, or we end up wasting money on aglohor and jonnu again.
  3. chasa

    Zolak Report on "Big News" [Ron Howard voice: There was no news]

    maybe they hubs replacing one racist co-host with another?
  4. chasa

    Patriots currently projected to finish last in AFC East in 2023 by Vegas

    the odds are with the expectation that rodgers is going to them, if rodgers says no, the jets will drop
  5. chasa

    Patriots Player Departure Jake Bailey released

    his haiku is missing some syllables
  6. chasa

    Patriots Player Departure McCourty Retires

    with the #14 pick the patriots select the best available safety
  7. chasa

    Is that the most tainted sports championship you've witnessed?

    Because the AFCCG and the superbowl both had some really shady **** that made their whole playoff run feel like that had a the refs tilting the balance.
  8. chasa

    Is that the most tainted sports championship you've witnessed?

    those calls last night are the reason i was talking about, with regards to that post "can we root for mahomes now" once again the refs were bending over backwards to give the chiefs second chances. "oh **** they didn't challenge in time, lets call a ref time out even though philly got a play...
  9. chasa


    i don't remember the patriots ever being given extra downs because "reasons" The league's been pushing the cheifs as a dynasty since before mahomes won a single ring. It's going to be interesting to see what sort of shennanigans they get calls for in the superbowl after that hilariously...
  10. chasa

    Can we root for Mahomes now?

    its hard to root for him when the league is basically serving him up title chances.
  11. chasa

    Coaching Staff Concerns (*posts moved out of rookie camp thread)

    i don't know but before the season bill said if it didn't work blame him. now after the season bill is basically not giving mac jones and votes of confidence. Might be one of bills worst coaching jobs since he;s been here
  12. chasa

    Neutral-site championship game = permanent?

    its not just the on field stuff. Its the travel, its sleeping in a janky hotel that might have its pipes freeze, it's you entire schedule being changed up. The logisitics + the lack of comforts of home. Ref home cooking. etc etc etc. Taking that away from the Top seed is ********.
  13. chasa

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION 2022 NFL Playoff Saturday - Wild Card Round

    turn overs really dont mean **** if your team can put points on the board.
  14. chasa

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION 2022 NFL Playoff Saturday - Wild Card Round

    when people said Lawrence was the next peyton Manning, I don't think they meant being such a massive playoff choke artist.
  15. chasa

    Report: Mac was reaching out to other coaches about his frustrations with the offense

    I disagree. Hiring your chum who has never done anything on the offensive side of the ball to be the OC is the ultimate disrespect imo. Bill claims he does things that are best for the team. In what world, is having matt pattricia call plays AND coach the O-line best for the team? Bill set this...
  16. chasa

    Report: Mac was reaching out to other coaches about his frustrations with the offense

    if I'm struggling with my Boss, and my boss refuses to manage me appropriately I would definitely reach out to former managers to ask their advice on how to handle the situation. Mac can just go get another job in the nfl, he needs to make this one work, or at least try until he gets...
  17. chasa

    Apparently the 2023 opponent list is now set

    buff: L mia : W jet: W was: W phi: L kc: L lac: L ind: W no: W buff: L mia: W jets: W dal: L nyg: L den: W lv: W pitt: W 10-7
  18. chasa

    Apparently the 2023 opponent list is now set

    bro we only play the jets twice
  19. chasa

    Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Bills beat the Pats

    fire patricia for the special teams coach fire judge bring in actual coaches next year replace agholar we're stuck with both tight ends maybe find someone that knows how to utilize them. We need a new punter we need someone that can kick the ball through the endzone on kick offs. Lots of work...
  20. chasa

    WEEI Programming Changes. Fuaria and Keefe being moved

    im so bummed. the only time im not in my car is when keefe is on, and he's my favorite host. Don't @ me.

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