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2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
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  1. doesntmatter1

    Patriots Player Departure Patriots to Release Jalen Mills

    I'd go with an elite safety if one is available. The defense falls off a cliff without good safety play and for years we had McCourty and Chung holding down the fort. We need someone long-term to pair with Dugger.
  2. doesntmatter1

    Player Signing Patriots Sign Gesicki

    This is a quality signing. When Mac was throwing passes to the rb, he seemed to actually prefer throwing into congested areas. Gesicki, Henry, and Parker gives us those possession type wrs.
  3. doesntmatter1

    Patriots Player Departure Patriots to Release Jalen Mills

    He definitely does. I can see BB as a massive online troll while he will never admit to it and feigns ignorant of things like myface. Breaking tablets on the sideline is part of his long con lol.
  4. doesntmatter1

    Patriots Player Departure Patriots to Release Jalen Mills

    He was decent but I wasn't his biggest fan. Plus he was mia every time the Bills destroyed us. I sort of felt like he missed those games on purpose to not be exposed with everyone else. Not there when you need him sort of like Talib. Next step is to cut Myles Bryant someway somehow. He...
  5. doesntmatter1

    Jalen Ramsey to Miami

    I was a big fan of Ramsey years ago. His playmaking ability stood out immediately at Florida State but I think he has lost something that the last few years.
  6. doesntmatter1

    Rodgers in talks with Jets [UPDATE: 'It's my intention to play for the Jets']

    The jets are actually a good team for Rodgers. He is always looking for something to cry about and being a member of the Jets is as good a reason for anyone to cry about really. I'm interested into seeing how far they can drag his legendary status into the ground. Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith...
  7. doesntmatter1

    LINK: Top 5 offensive linemen in Patriot History

    I don't care how short Thuney's tenure was, he was one of the best. Far better than Mankins imo. And it is close but I think I like Andrews over Koppen. Stephen Neal and Vollmer were standout players for me as well. I like Light but he consistently got beat by Jason Taylor, Aaron Schobel...
  8. doesntmatter1

    OT: "29-year-old quit the NFL to sell Pokémon cards"

    5mill without risking physical injury. Yeah right choice.
  9. doesntmatter1

    Bourne and Parker: stay or go?

    This is basically where I'm at. I recognize that Meyers is pretty good but I kind of want him gone. He is improving but I feel like he holds us back. He still doesn't have enough yac ability and doesn't score often. And when he literally threw the game away, I sort of threw him away...
  10. doesntmatter1

    The Franchise Tags are Coming.. The Franchise tags are coming....

    I kind of hope Geno gets payed. Great redemption and he had a lot to overcome. I'd imagine playing for the jets is liken to a near death experience. Seriously, I don't think I'd wish my worst enemy to be drafted by the Jets:evil:.
  11. doesntmatter1

    OT: Carr officially released

    McDaniels is a jerk. He is hired with the expectation to fix an already established qb only to give him the boot after the first year. Cutler all over again. Then he followed Cutler up with Tebow. That isn't how you fix an offense. The Rams were also bottom of the league when Josh was...
  12. doesntmatter1

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Super Bowl Game Day Pregame/Game Thread (Eagles vs Chiefs)

    Mahommes knows he has a bad ankle and made no attempt to slide etc. Irresponsible really.
  13. doesntmatter1

    OT: Dan Orlovsky Top 5 QB's Of All Time

    I have no issue with Mahommes being so high. He is great and honestly Brady has played a role in diminishing his greatness by being a major roadblock for him in the post season many times. Joe Burrow and Josh Allen is all that currently stand in his way from the AFC. Mahommes' problem is that...
  14. doesntmatter1

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION NFL Conference Championship Game Thread

    If you watch Ossai closely on that play or watch it on quarter speed on YT, you will see he hyper extended the hell out of his leg and no one gave a damn:crying:. I have no problem with the outcome of this game. The Bengals converted all kinds of crazy passes this game but couldn't do it in...
  15. doesntmatter1

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION NFL Conference Championship Game Thread

    Easy. Just dip Jimmy G in the same pool that Wolverine was in to get that indestructible adamantium skeleton:whistle:
  16. doesntmatter1

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION NFL Conference Championship Game Thread

    I may not be able to throw a ball over them mountains, but I think I might be a better option than Josh Johnson.
  17. doesntmatter1

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION NFL Conference Championship Game Thread

    One of the worst fumbles/fumble recovery efforts I have ever seen. On the spot cuttable offense.
  18. doesntmatter1

    2022 NFC & AFC Championship pregame thread

    This year's final four are all worthy champions. I like the niners but Purdy might turn into a pumpkin at some point. How long can he go undefeated?
  19. doesntmatter1

    Former Patriot Tackle Adrian Klemm is an Offensive Coordinator Candidate

    All i remember of this guy is one of my old Madden games always had this guy as disgruntled and I had to trade him lol.

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