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2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
Asking for your support
  1. meatface

    A game we will look back on as key to Brady's legacy

    The Seahawks with Wilson were going to be the next dynasty, then it was Carolina with Newton, then it was the Rams and Jaguars and now its KC and San Francisco. Did I miss anyone?
  2. meatface

    Can I tailgate a fan less home game?

    Why not just do it at your own home?
  3. meatface

    Hard Knocks Ratings Way Down

    MLB ratings are worse than the NBA. In fact all the sports rating have underwhelmed after the initial highs. Sports arent essential during a pandemic and many people dont have the option of pretending real problems arent happening. Personally I dont like how nationalism and the military have...
  4. meatface

    Hard Knocks Ratings Way Down

    This is a thread hijacked by certain people who want to make Hardknocks rating a culture war issue and waited about 30 seconds before claiming George Floyd got what he deserved. I would actually love to know how I am actually the one causing the issue
  5. meatface

    Patriots to sign Lamar Miller

    He had issues at Oregon. Here is a summary
  6. meatface

    Patriots to sign Lamar Miller

    He was actually a UDFA but the sentiment is the same.
  7. meatface

    Patriots to sign Lamar Miller

    Is he going to play ST? because the article I read seemed to imply this was in large part because Bolden opted out
  8. meatface

    Hard Knocks Ratings Way Down

    A certain segment of America will Eat **** if its the libs have to smell their breath. They have made wearing masks a political issue, They will literally take any opportunity to make something a culture war issue
  9. meatface

    Hard Knocks Ratings Way Down

    I guess im just confused as to why you are pointing out NBA players. This thread wasnt about the NBA and its not like the NFL isnt making its stuff in China using imprisoned Uyghurs, seems like you are just mad that they are pointing out something that they don't want to acknowledge. Do you...
  10. meatface

    Cowboys will play in front of fans in stadium in 2020, encased in Pods..

    It didnt need to be like this but the leadership in this country went hard into the Lord Farquaad method of leadership. First it was die for the economy, then die for sports and now its die so that Jerry Jones can stay in the Green on his taxpayer funded stadium.
  11. meatface

    Cowboys will play in front of fans in stadium in 2020, encased in Pods..

    I don't know if there is anything stupider in a pandemic than listening to billionaires try and convince people that the way to not let Covid win is by going to sporting events.
  12. meatface

    Asking for your support

    Nutmeg state!
  13. meatface

    Semi-OT: Big Ten, Pac 12 will not play football in 2020

    If we lived in a country with some real federal leadership this would still have been a real possibility. I would really like to have a regular return to sports but despite what Lou Holtz thinks its not of national importance for a bunch of kids play football. 160,000 americans have died who...
  14. meatface

    Patriots QB situation

    The NFL seems to be trying to do this by the seat of their pants. Several states still have the first wave raging and the league doesn't seem to have any plan for if its ruled unsafe to play there.
  15. meatface

    Kicker competition?

    didn't they bring in some competition after he missed most of the 2010 season?
  16. meatface

    Is there anyway we could sign Newton?

    I just want to point out how hilarious it is to call any NFL player soft, let alone Cam Newton a guy who has been hit more than any QB (1,235!).
  17. meatface

    Kicker competition?

    We are talking about kickers here, not exactly breaking the bank.
  18. meatface

    Kicker competition?

    The Pats drafted Justin Rohrwasser in the 5th round to be their kicker, but so far it seems like he is the only person in camp. It seems odd to me considering they have brought in competition for every other special teams job after drafting someone. The pick was a bit odd considering most...

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