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2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
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  1. TommyD4207

    Did Kraft put BB on notice?

    It's not tampering because hes technically a free agent until he signs the tender.
  2. TommyD4207

    Would you trade the 14th overall pick for Jerry Jeudy?

    I agree with you. Although. The idea of him getting back with Mac Jones is a little intriguing. I wouldn't do it for a 1st round pick though, that's insane.
  3. TommyD4207

    Player Signing Patriots Showing Serious Interest in JuJu Smith-Schuster (Update: Done)

    It's by more than I expected, to be honest. It's a slight upgrade for the same money, but he's not a #1.
  4. TommyD4207

    LINK: Top 5 offensive linemen in Patriot History

    Holloway? Really? 3 of your HM were miles better than him.
  5. TommyD4207

    Reports are the Pats may upgrade the WRs through trade (not necessarily Hopkins)

    Normally yes, but you're only getting him for 2 years anyway.
  6. TommyD4207

    Pre-Free Agency 2023

    He wasn't laughing after the game.
  7. TommyD4207

    Massachusetts millionaire 9% tax another factor working against Pats in Free agency

    I'm sure Zack Wilson vs. Tua had no impact on his decision at all.
  8. TommyD4207

    Is that the most tainted sports championship you've witnessed?

    The refs are just doing the league's bidding. I don't know if they're even bad or not anymore.
  9. TommyD4207

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Super Bowl Game Day Pregame/Game Thread (Eagles vs Chiefs)

    If they win, he'll be a Warrior like Roethlsberger. If they lose, his leg will have been teh amputae pre-game.
  10. TommyD4207

    Class of 2023 Hall Of Famers

    This. Klecko was a beneficiary of having Mark Gastineau next to him. All the voters saw that for themselves.
  11. TommyD4207

    Inside the most dysfunctional Pats season under BB

    None of them sucked. None of them were bad QBs.
  12. TommyD4207

    Inside the most dysfunctional Pats season under BB

    Joe Theismann was an MVP and Doug Williams was a first round draft pick. Let's not pretend his QBs sucked, k?
  13. TommyD4207

    Pre-Free Agency 2023

    Well no, it's also how much they cost.
  14. TommyD4207

    Pre-Free Agency 2023

    This is exactly the point. He gets that production here. If you're asking him to be Waddle or Thielan, he's not that guy. The key (which something Bill Belichick and his pro scouting department has done extremely well over 2 decades), is combining the production with the physical attributes...
  15. TommyD4207

    Pre-Free Agency 2023

    He wouldn't, nor should he. Go get paid, sometimes that just happens (JC Jackson, perfect example). Anyone saying 8-10 just either isn't being serious, or just doesn't know how much WRs make now. Everyone loves to **** on Agholor, but $11m isn't a ton of money for WR now (it was when he was...
  16. TommyD4207

    Pre-Free Agency 2023

    12.5 is the very edge of my range with Meyers, Anything else will be an overpay in years 3 and 4.
  17. TommyD4207

    We're on to the OFF-Season

    He's a waste at deep safety.

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