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2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
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  1. Stu Pidassle

    Did Kraft put BB on notice?

    RKK is the owner whose job is to maintain interest in his product. He is also a smart business man who ensured that there was a plan to address the issues from last year and has stated multiple times that BB makes football decisions. Ultimately he is a fan who sometimes talks like a fan...
  2. Stu Pidassle

    Joe Judge 2023 role clarified

    In the case of a safety's coach the Rooney rule does not apply. There is no doubt that the JMD transition was not handled well which created the toxic view of BB's management of his coaching staff. Ironically, SB got the opportunity because Flores was promoted which is in the spirit of giving...
  3. Stu Pidassle

    Punting on The First Round

    For 2023 re-building the winning culture is as important as re-building the talent on the field. Deferring a first round pick to next year would send a bad message unless the team got a 2nd this year and a first next year. That is not going to happen for the 14th pick.
  4. Stu Pidassle

    Joe Judge 2023 role clarified

    To be fair, this may be how BB advances coaches on the developmental path. There was an emergency situation with the previous coach leaving and a veteran group which provided a great opportunity for a battlefield promotion. By all accounts SB grew into the job, the real issue is that he is the...
  5. Stu Pidassle

    Not Mortgaging the Future

    I agree with this. The Cam year was a reset to deal with previous mortgaging of future cap money. Mac's rookie year was a step in the right direction, last year was the only truly wasted year. The team should be able to quickly recover if Mac learned and matured as a result of the difficult...
  6. Stu Pidassle

    Not Mortgaging the Future

    The model to spend only this years cap without deferring money to future years to 'overstock' the roster is the reason that the Pats had such a long run of dominance. The Rams are the classic example of spending future money and draft capital to win during a very small window. The Pats did it...
  7. Stu Pidassle

    Joe Judge 2023 role clarified

    This is great fuel for the mediots, nothing that impacts Mayo. As OIFBS highlights, based on Breer's description JJ does not have an official AHC title. He is going to help BB with some administrative stuff.
  8. Stu Pidassle

    What Would you do?

    Zuma has a good point. It would be a better trade at the time of the pick knowing who was still available than now.
  9. Stu Pidassle

    Odell Beckham to the Patriots: Yay or Nay?

    I can't really argue the points, especially about Agholor and Brown except to say those are very low bars. They both proved to be more trouble than they were worth. At this point in his career, OBJ is likely to be the same.
  10. Stu Pidassle

    Odell Beckham to the Patriots: Yay or Nay?

    This version is quite different than my understanding. The widely reported scenario was that I didn't wake up when the flight staff tried to wake him up and then refused to buckle his seatbelt. He then proceeded to refuse to get off the flight until marshals forced him off. Assuming your...
  11. Stu Pidassle

    Odell Beckham to the Patriots: Yay or Nay?

    Even at low money he seems more trouble than he is worth. The last incident on the plane was the final straw for me.
  12. Stu Pidassle

    Player Signing Patriots Showing Serious Interest in JuJu Smith-Schuster (Update: Done)

    Meyers biggest issue is that he only gains the amount of yards that the ball travels in the air. He is not elusive. JuJu has much better YAC.
  13. Stu Pidassle

    Imagine if Felger was the GM....

    I agree that Felger is a cut above the other idiots that try to duplicate his schtick. He is an admitted contrarian who is negative when things are good and positive when things are bad. Adam Jones, stupid AH Jim Murray don't understand that and are just negative for the sake of being negative.
  14. Stu Pidassle

    Patriots Player Departure Meyers to LV Raiders

    kThat is a good deal for LV. Hopefully this means that there is a bigger plan in play at WR. I liked Meyers and the effort he put into getting better year over year. I think the team needs more from the critical slot receiver role. Despite the catch numbers, I don't think that he was of the...
  15. Stu Pidassle

    Jalen Ramsey

    Aaron Dobson is a sad situation, he had a very promising start before injuries forced him onto the bust list. He was a starter as a rookie with over 500 yards receiving before breaking his foot. The next two seasons hamstring and then ankle injuries put him on the IR before the Pats gave up on...
  16. Stu Pidassle

    Rodgers in talks with Jets [UPDATE: 'It's my intention to play for the Jets']

    I hate both entities, so this is going to be great. Your scenario is worst case for AR. The other scenario I would love to see is AR torments Punky and then retires in training camp after the cap is spent and there is nothing the Jete can do except start an even more psychologically damaged...
  17. Stu Pidassle

    Player Signing Jonathan Jones Stays

    It seems like the issue was taken care of, his agent immediately acknowledged the issue and said that it would not be a problem. He seems a bit immature, hopefully it was a learning situation. Glad to see that he hired an agent that had the players best interest in mind not there to enable bad...
  18. Stu Pidassle

    OT: Jarrett Stidham Headed to Broncos

    Seems like he has proved to be a backup, not a starter. This should put to bed any angst about BB letting him go for nothing.
  19. Stu Pidassle

    LINK: Top 5 offensive linemen in Patriot History

    I am surprised at the lack of appreciation for Bruce Armstrong. He was a rock for a long time during a dark period and was often the best player on the team. It is a pity that he never won a super bowl. "Bruce Armstrong holds the team record with 212 games played, starting in every one of...
  20. Stu Pidassle

    Dolphins freeing up a total of around 50 million in cap.

    Very good points. This is what BB was talking about when he talked about managing the cap over a 3 year horizon when reacting to the questions about spending so much on FA when they brought in Judon, Hunter Henry, etc.. On the field some worked out, some did not. The investment was in line...

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