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  1. Calciumee

    Visual History of the Patriots - 2014 Update

    I posted this after the 2012 season and thought I should really update it. So here you are:
  2. Calciumee

    Peter King's August 2014 take, and now

    On the Wes vs Jules arguement. When Welker was here, he was great! Probably the best slot receiver and the player that similar players try to be. Jules isn't trying to be that player. Jules can play out wide or in the slot. Can run a shallow route or run a deep route. Everyone though they...
  3. Calciumee

    How about Stork's year?

    Stork can hopefully anchor down the center position for many seasons! Rookie of the Year over the whole season. If we go on one play, might choose another player...
  4. Calciumee

    Boom!!! In 3AM Saturday Morning Tweet Jerry Rice Falls on His Sword

    He knew it was illegal, so no idea why he bothered tweeting this! I don't see any * on his Superbowls!
  5. Calciumee

    The Interception: Amazing Breakdown

    Which is what you should want from a receiver! 100% focus on the QB/ball and not a surrounding defender! Butler read it perfectly and made the play!
  6. Calciumee

    Gronk unanimous All-Pro

    Healthy Gronk - - - - - - - - Healthy Graham Every other TE. Actually does that mean the 2nd Team doesn't have a TE?
  7. Calciumee

    Who will New England play in Divisional round?

    I agree that Balt haven't got an O to match Pitts, but if Bell isn't playing or not 100%, the gap closes a bit. But it will come to a good game from Balt O and bad for Pitts O.
  8. Calciumee

    Who will New England play in Divisional round?

    I have a feeling that Baltimore will beat Pitts. No idea why, just think they will.
  9. Calciumee

    Annual "call yourself out" thread.

    I thought LaFell was a waste of space early on in the season. Revis early on seemed ok, but not 'Revis'. There were no skill players on the O, other than Edelman, that could get open. Yeah, I was wrong.
  10. Calciumee

    BB Doesn't Agree That JC91 is a bust and wasn't a need

    Misses are usually more memorable than a hit.
  11. Calciumee

    Brandon LaFell finds his groove…

    I may have shouted some not so nice words at him over the first few games, but now those words have changed! But i suppose that is the case with most players!
  12. Calciumee

    The Official Patriots vs Raiders Game Thread

    Solder wants to get TFB killed!
  13. Calciumee

    New Video Commercial Out Today on Edelman - Must Watch!

    The most inspirational video have I have seen in ages! His last remark about having two options is just amazing!
  14. Calciumee

    The Official Patriots vs Vikings Game Thread

    That was the game this team needed. It was a team performance! Brady protected the ball. Ridley got the ball moving on the ground. Edelman was Edelman. Defence gave the O short fields. Special Teams got a TD and also gave the Vikings long fields.
  15. Calciumee

    The Official Patriots vs Vikings Game Thread

    Hightower seems to have been everywhere! His 15 yard penalty showed some fight that seemed to be non-existent last week!
  16. Calciumee

    The Official Patriots vs Vikings Game Thread

    Where is the Ebner neckroll? Weird without it.
  17. Calciumee

    The Official Patriots vs Vikings Game Thread

    Note to self: read things before you post them!