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    pats mock Draft 1.0

    I have the pats tradeing #29 to the eagles for there 2th round pick #35 and there 4th round pick #101. and the eagles Draft QB E.J. Manuel, with the pats pick, so that #35. #59. #91. #101. #226 and #235, pick #35 pats Draft. Margus Hunt DE, SMU pick #59 pats Draft. DeAndre Hopkins WR...
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    my first round mock 2.0 - Pats trade down at #27; Michael Brockers at #31

    #1 Colts. Andrew Luck, QB #2 Redskins. Robert Griffin, QB #3 Vikings. Matt Kalil, OT #4 Browns. Trent Richardson, RB #5 Buccaneers. Morris Claiborne, CB #6 Rams. Justin Blackmon, WR #7 Jaguars. Quinton Coples, DE #8 Dolphins. Ryan Tannehill, QB #9 Panthers...
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    my first round mock 1.0 - WR Kendall Wright and C Peter Konz

    #1 Colts. Andrew Luck, QB #2 Rams. Matt Kalil, OT #3 Vikings. Morris Claiborne, CB #4 Browns. Justin Blackmon, WR #5 Buccaneers. Quinton Coples, DE #6 Redskins. Robert Griffin, QB #7 Jaguars. Riley Reiff, OT #8 Dolphins. Michael Floyd, WR #9 Panthers. Dontari Poe, DT...
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    the Good and the Bad through 7 games

    The Good the pats are 5-2 and both losses came on the road vs a up and comeing bills team and a team that was in the super bowl last year, the receiving core as a whole is the most talent Brady has ever had and the offense is one of the best in the NFL, the OL got a big upgrade in waters and...
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    my pats 7 round mock

    #17 Mike Pouncey, G i think JJ Watt will be off the bord by #17 and pats will trade down to the mid 20's and still take Pouncey im just to lazy to look up the trade value chart #28 Cameron Heyward, DT/3-4 DE not a day one starter but by mid season should be a force up front #33...
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    two round mock 1.0

    #1 Carolina Panthers: Da'Quan Bowers, DE #2 Denver Broncos: Marcell Dareus, DT/3-4 DE #3 Buffalo Bills: Von Miller, OLB #4 Cincinnati Bengals: Nick Fairley, DT #5 Arizona Cardinals: Blaine Gabbert, QB #6 Cleveland Browns: Robert Quinn, DE/OLB #7 San Francisco 49ers...
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    my mock 1.0

    #17 Cameron Jordan, 3-4 DE #28 Mike Pouncey, G #33 Brandon Harris, CB #60 Justin Houston, OLB #74 Jerrell Powe, NT #92 Daniel Thomas, RB 4th round pick. Jake Kirkpatrick, C 5th round pick. Austin Pettis, WR 6th round pick. Stanley Havili, FB let me know what...
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    Justin Houston, anyone ?

    this kid looks like he could be a pretty good every down 3-4 OLB in any system i dont know how hes stock will rise and fall come draft day but right now he's a late #1 who could be there at #33 what you guys think
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    realistic FA class for pats

    Tamba Hali, Haloti Ngata, and Nnamdi Asomugha, all will want way over 10 million per year if they hit the market thats out of the pats price range IMO with Brady, makeing 20 million i cant see the pats giveing much more then 6 or 7 million on any one player with or with out a CAP... so with that...
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    are the patriots back ?

    Brady, had good stats but not "Peyton Manning like stats" but he got it done when he need it to in the 4th and in OT the defense was not great through the first 3 QT's but when they need it to with the game on the line they shutdown the ravens and the pats got the win by a FG thats...
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    My breakdown of last night's game

    i know it's only preseason so i will try not to get to high with the good or to low with the bad. QB Tom Brady looked good him and moss, should have a big year but... he did not even look at he's TE's in the passing game Brian Hoyer looked great he is a very good backup QB and IMO could...
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    The Pats' front 7

    the pats front 7 how do they stack vs other 3-4 teams ? the pats NT wilfork, DE Ty Warren, Mike Wright/Myron Pryor ILB Jerod Mayo, Gary Guyton/Brandon Spikes, OLB Tully Banta-Cain, Jermaine Cunningham/Rob Ninkovich, Miami Dolphins, NT Paul Soliai, DE Kendall Langford...
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    The Pats' receivers

    if all the news is true and welker, will be there to start the season this could be one scary receiving core you have Randy Moss, and Torry Holt, who is not the same guy he was a few years ago but IMO is still a much better #3 then jabar gaffney, ever was Wes Welker, the best slot...
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    Player predictions for 2010

    i was bored it's the offseason so i wanted to know what are your stat predictions for the players and the team in 2010. ill start leading passer for 2010 tom brady, 4200 yerds 28 TD's and 11 INT's leading rusher Laurence Maroney, 850 yerds 10 TD's leader in receiving yerds...
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    Defensive end?

    we now know that mike wright, and ty warren, will start. at defensive end. in the base 3-4. who backs them up ? can Myron Pryor, be a spot starter at DE or is Damione Lewis, the best back up right now. do they add a vet for dept later on ?
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    player Prediction.

    name your 4 favorite players in this years draft and what you think ther. stats will be in ther rookie seasons. #1 Sergio Kindle, OLB start 16 games 80 tackles 8 sacks 1 int #2 Arrelious Benn, WR start 6 games 53 rec 700 yerds 3 TD's #3 Arthur Jones, DE start 3 games 40 tackles...
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    my 7 round pats mock draft. 2.0

    #22 Sergio Kindle, OLB #44 Arrelious Benn, WR #47 Devin McCourty, CB #53 arthur jones, DE #119 Dennis Pitta, TE #190 Marshall Newhouse, G #205 LeGarrette Blount, RB #229 Rashawn Jackson, FB #231 Zoltan Mesko, P #247 Jeffrey Fitzgerald, DE/OLB...
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    my last mock draft.

    #1 St. Louis Rams. Sam Bradford, QB the rams get ther franchise. QB in bradford. #2 Detroit Lions. Russell Okung, OT the lions have to keep ther young QB on he's feet if they want to win some games. #3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Gerald McCoy, DT he is the best fit for ther system and...
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    my 2 round mock draft

    #1 St. Louis Rams. Sam Bradford, QB. Marc Bulger, never realy did fill kurt warner, shoes and he is all ways injured. it's time for the rams to move on. #2 Detroit Lions. Russell Okung, OT the O line need to protect there young QB and drafting the top LT in the draft is a good start...
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    my 7 round pats mock draft

    #22 Jared Odrick, if he is there he has to be the pick. Sergio Kindle, is also a opt. #44 Arrelious Benn, he would be a realy good #3 WR as a rookie and in a year or two when moss, is gone he will be the #1 Jerry Hughes, is also a opt. #47 Rob Gronkowski, pats need a TE and at 6.6...