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  1. reamer

    One Week Out: My late-to-the-party draft thoughts

    Hello friends! I've been incredibly busy this year. My wife and I welcomed our third child into the world a few months ago, plus I'm working on a side business, so I haven't had a moment to catch my breath. Usually I research and post about the draft pretty intensively, but I haven't had time...
  2. reamer

    Playing to Harry's strengths

    Much better use of our big receiver today so far. He may still see more action in the rest of the game, but here's a quick recap of what he's done so far. Good hands, good moves in space. And the one that got away:
  3. reamer

    Edelman reaches 500 catches with the Patriots

    Shout out to the best 7th-round, CB/QB/PR/WR in the league! Way to compete. :cool:
  4. reamer

    2020 Mock Drafts

    The first weekend of the college football season is finally in the books. Let's kick things off! I'm sure this draft will change drastically over the season, but I was happy with this effort. The Draft Network doesn't have all the trades and comp picks, but it's still a solid intro to the year...
  5. reamer

    Postgame thread: Patriots defeat Panthers 10 - 3

    Preseason can be fool's gold, sure, but through three games the Patriots defense has allowed 3, 15, and 3 points (I don't count the safety against the defense). That's an average of 7 points a game. :cool:
  6. reamer

    Pats Pulpit: Belichick, Iowa State, and the future of defensive football

    Exceptional article. Well worth the read, although it's a bit long. Bill Belichick, Iowa State and the future of defensive football
  7. reamer

    Joejuan Williams film breakdown + predictive metrics

    Part I The UDFA thread took a detour over the weekend to discuss the Joejuan Williams selection. I promised a more in-depth look at Joejuan, why I liked him so much, and his fit in the Patriots scheme. Tangential to that debate: a discussion of the relative value of testing numbers (such as the...
  8. reamer

    2019 draft retrospective and notes on 2020

    Let's dig into the postmortem so that we can turn our sights to a successful 2020. N'keal Harry Joejuan Williams Chase Winovich Damien Harris Yodny Cajuste Hjalte Froholdt Jarrett Stidham Byron Cowart Jake Bailey Ken Webster Meet the Patriots 2019 draft class off the field I'll offer general...
  9. reamer

    2019 draft player names short story

    Many thanks to @patchickjr for inspiring me to obsess over player names. :D I had planned to post this in the annual draft prediction thread, even though I’m breaking the rules and including too many players, but @patchick said that she will delete extraneous posts that aren’t actual...
  10. reamer

    2019 draft prospect videos

    While these aren't quite the same as full game tapes, I do appreciate that you occasionally get some all-22 views and multiple angles of the same play. It's well worth the time to browse through these.
  11. reamer

    Draft measurements during the Belichick regime (and assorted stats that may interest only me)

    Apparently I can't use HTML to create a table, so I took a screenshot. I'll consider creating a Google spreadsheet instead with the information for each position, if this is useful to people to quickly review the Patriots history and tendencies. It seems that we don't care about size that much...
  12. reamer

    2019 Pro Days

    Schedule: 2019 Pro Day Schedule - Optimum Scouting We need everyone's help to update with results. Don't make me do this alone. :)
  13. reamer

    2019 Big Boards

    My first go around, pre-Combine. I threw this together while working, so I probably left off some names, included others I shouldn't have, and generally arranged them out of order. I expect significant changes before the draft. Please also keep in mind that I've skipped most of the consensus...
  14. reamer

    Pro Days 2019

    I know what you're thinking -- the Combine hasn't even happened yet! Never too early to prepare. :) 2019 NFL Draft: Pro day schedule
  15. reamer

    2019 Combine

    List of invites. Some notable exceptions, such as Hodge and Watson at LB. A few more weeks until the players gather for medical reviews, interviews, and field drills. Oh, and the 40 . . . 2019 NFL Scouting Combine: Full list of 338 invitees
  16. reamer

    Slater's emotional reaction after the victory kneel down

    Found this online and thought I'd share. Slater is one of my all time favorite Patriots.
  17. reamer

    Fan hype video - proving the media wrong

    This is worth everyone's time. I didn't make this, but I wish I had! Incredible!
  18. reamer

    2019 post-season games (UPDATE: Senior Bowl week)

    I'll update the title to reflect the current practices / games as the draft prep progresses. Here are notes from day one -- feel free to post tweets or links to other blogs and reports. Daniel Wise and KeeSean Johnson both showed up for West, and for the East it sounds like Lodge, Watson, and...
  19. reamer

    Early declarations for 2019

    I've been meaning to post this thread for a minute. CBS has a tracker that appears up to date. Feel free to post tweets and beaking news. 2019 NFL Draft early entries: Tracking which players are leaving college football