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2020/2021 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread.
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Asking for your support
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    Asking for your support

    FYI - I will be working with @HartfordHabitat to help lift a family up. If you have found my work useful and can afford to do so, please donate at HartfordHabitat My goal is to raise $120,000 by 12/31/2022.
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    Will be joining BostonSportsJournal

    FYI - I will be leaving PatsFans.Com and will be joining BostonSportsJournal. I have to THANK @Ian for hosting PatsCap.Com for so long.
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    Quick Slants viewers

    If you watch @CSNNE 's Quick Slants on Mondays, please be forewarned that this ugly mug will be doing a guest appearance on the 13th.
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    12/17/2016 2017 Patriots cap space projection

    If the League Cap is 170M (currently projected to be between 166M and 170M) AND IF the Pats carry over 5.3M AND IF their adjustment is -1.4M AND IF they do not receive $3.25M credit for Aaron Hernandez AND IF they do not have to pay back up to $4.25M in borrowed cap space AND IF the Patriots'...
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    If Vollmer Retires -- Cap Clarification

    Read in a thread that the Patriots 2017 cap space would go up if Vollmer retires after this season. That is incorrect. Vollmer counts zero on the 2017 cap. You and I count against the Patriots 2017 cap as much as he does.
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    Thanks for the nominations for Patriots Fan of the Year

    Got an email today from the Patriots that I have been named as a semi-finalist for Patriots Fan of the Year. Like to thank all those who nominated me at Fan of the Year - Submit Your Entry
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    Twitter problem resolved

    Thanks to Doug Kyed and Danny Goldeberg I was finally able to reset my Twitter password so please follow me at @patscap. Will be deleting @patscapv2 at the end of the month.
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    Patriots have 82 active players. Have to get to 75 by 4PM Tuesday

    C 2 CB 7 DE 5 DT 8 FB 2 G 7 K 1 LB 10 LS 1 OT 6 P 1 QB 3 RB 6 S 7 ST 1 TE 6 WR 9 ======= 82 I am using the depth chart at Patriots.Com to classify a player's position. There are currently 4 players on Active PUP. They can be moved to Reserve...
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    New and Temporary Twitter Handle

    is @patscapv2. I have no luck trying to change my Twitter password so for the time being I am going to use @patscapv2.
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    NFL's Important Dates

    2016-2017 National Football League Important Dates Some highlights August 9 - is the deadline for players under contract to report to their clubs to earn an accrued season for free agency. Important for Butler and Collins. September 3 Prior to 4:00 p.m., New York time, clubs must reduce...
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    Patriots are now at 90 active players

    The two newest Patriots are TE Bear Pascoe OG Jon Halapio Halapio was a 6th round choice of the Patriots. His most likely 2016 salary is $450,000. Pascoe's most likely 2016 salary is $885,000. Expect his deal to qualify for the Minimum Salary Benefit deal which lowers his cap hit of his salary...
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    2016 Patriots Active PUP list

    Edelman, Amendola, Vollmer, Mason, Lewis, Harbor, Tre' Jackson. They can move off PUP anytime. Only players who spent the entire preseason on Active PUP can be placed on Reserve PUP during roster cutdowns.
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    Tennessee offensive lineman Kyle Kerbyson is the newest Patriot.

    The Patriots now have 88 players on their active roster with 1 player (Michael Williams) on IR.
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    Christian Yount released and C.J. Johnson waived

    Long snapper Christian Yount was released by the Patriots which pretty much confirms that Joe Cardona will be the Patriots 2016 long snapper. UDFA C.J. Johnson was waived. As of now, his 2016 dead money is 5K. If unclaimed it will increase to 10K as $5,000 of his 2016 salary was fully...
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    OT: Does anyone know someone that works for Twitter?

    I need some help resetting my Twitter password. I have done what Twitter says to do to reset my password but I have yet to receive a password reset email. My Twitter handle is @patscap. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Drive for Five Campaign

    A long-time family friend, my youngest sister's best friend, is on the board of directors of a soup kitchen and food pantry in Malden, Massachusetts that provided in 2015 the equivalent of 1,030,000 meals to hungry, homeless and isolated people. I am asking that if you have found my salary cap...
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    A possible 2017 Patriots March 2017 roster

    Brady, Tom 14,000,000 Solder, Nate 11,197,668 McCourty, Devin 10,000,000 Hightower, Dont'a 9,000,000 Collins, Jamie 9,000,000 Gronkowski, Rob 7,000,000 Sheard, Jabaal 6,000,000 Edelman, Julian 5,250,000 Gostkowski, Stephen 4,500,000 Chung, Patrick 4,500,000 Butler, Malcolm...
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    Thanking a $1,000 donor to the Bread of Life

    I like to thank the person who recently donated to the Bread of Life - my chosen charity. Hearing this great news makes my work worth it. Once again, THANKS.
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    2016 League Cap has been set at $155.27 million; Patriots have $13.56 million in cap space

    League Cap has been set at $155.27 million I have the Patriots with $13,563,036 in cap space.
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    OT: Thankful for my Twitter followers

    1.) Because of your support I was named one of the best 25 Twitter accounts in the Boston sports scene. 75 best Twitter follows in Boston sports 2.) I now have over 10,000 followers. Once again, thanks for your support and follow.