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  1. The Gr8est

    Honorary Pats fans

    Now that SB LI is in the books and was such an enjoyable game for the ages, it might be good to have a thread where we can list those who deserve to share in this victory celebration, due to their support through all of the BS that the NFL* and the Omissioner threw at us. Certainly we have...
  2. The Gr8est

    Two Interesting Coincidences from Pats Last 2 SB Wins

    I was listening to a sports talk radio show yesterday, think it was Rich Eisen, and they mentioned two very interesting coincidences from the Pats' last two Superbowl wins, involving the game turning plays. Against Seattle, when Wilson threw the pass from the one yard line, it was the 108th...
  3. The Gr8est

    OT - Dikembe Otumbo tweets congratulations to 76ers before lottery was held

    OK, fair warning, the link is from ESPN. Dikembe Mutombo congratulates 76ers on lottery ... before it begins "Yes, that's right -- the former All-Star center congratulated one of his former teams, the Philadelphia 76ers, on winning this year's lottery. The only problem? He sent out the tweet...
  4. The Gr8est

    Can NFL* dock traded for draft picks?

    In looking back at Defamegate, the concensus is that it was instigated, at least in part, because some owners felt the Pats hadn't been hobbled, er I mean punished enough during CameraPlacementGate. Some felt the Pats should have lost the higher of the 1st round pick, which they had traded for...
  5. The Gr8est

    Colts Cut Griff Whalen

    Colts drop Whalen from IR I remember reading a Colts fan's comments somewhere after the punt bumble that he thought that if the Pats ever had a chance to get Whalen they should jump on it as he could be a Pats-type slot receiver tailor -made for their offense. I am not familiar enough with his...
  6. The Gr8est

    Maybe The Purpose of the Wells Report is a Misdirection?

    I don't like to start new threads if I can find a related thread to add my points to, but this is a bit of a different take on the Wells Report. During the wait for the release of the report, we have been discussing who may have been involved in the whole affair and what levels were they...
  7. The Gr8est

    The What If FU TourII

    OK, I had this idea to float as something a bit different from the other Deflategate threads. If I am all wet this thread can die the normal message board death without cluttering up other threads, but right now I am having trouble drumming up enthusiasm for the game. I expect that to change and...
  8. The Gr8est

    Pats-Texans 5 Up and 5 Down

    I debated starting this thread since I can come up with more than 5 up and not many individuals down; but I'm sure others saw things that I didn't. I'll limit myself to five in each case in any event. Up 1) Shane Vereen - As alluded to post-game by Brady, losing Gronk and Woody early caused...
  9. The Gr8est

    New York madam Anna Gristina to name NFL honchos she says were clients

    New York madam Anna Gristina to name NFL honchos she says were clients | Fox News " Notorious New York City madam Anna Gristina is about to start naming names of high-power clients from her little black book — and an unlucky NFL executive will be the first bombshell name she lets fly, The Post...
  10. The Gr8est

    Sean Payton will be a FA after this season

    Sean Payton deal with New Orleans Saints voided by NFL, sources say - ESPN "Within the past year, the multiyear contract extension the Saints announced for Sean Payton in September 2011 was voided by the NFL, making the suspended head coach a free agent after this season and casting...
  11. The Gr8est

    Steelers Rookie RG Dave DeCastro Carted Off With Knee Injury

    Rookie right guard David DeCastro of Pittsburgh Steelers hurts knee against Buffalo Bills - ESPN " ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Steelers rookie right guard David DeCastro was carted off the field after hurting his right knee early into Pittsburgh's 38-7 win over the Buffalo Bills on Saturday night...
  12. The Gr8est

    Random 2012 NFL News

    I didn't see a thread which seemed to be a place for general NFL news, so I went ahead and started this one. I'm not sure how the mods want news like this presented, and they can merge or move as they deem necessary, but I thought one thread with news about other teams may be useful here. With...
  13. The Gr8est

    Seymour Is Playing Injured?

    Well, according to Pro Football Weekly that is the case. "Our sources in New England tell us that DRE Richard Seymour isn’t yet fully healed from a knee injury that forced him to miss the first seven weeks of the season...
  14. The Gr8est

    Would BB intentionally lose?

    In another thread poster "Speed" said " . Now I didn't want to comment on this there as it would have hijacked the thread, but it is something I have been thinking about. This season has been a big "Eff U" to the NFL and the media. The media with the constant harping on the whole undefeated...
  15. The Gr8est

    Most Important Game This Weekend

    ....for the Pats is NOT the Indy-SD game, it is the SF at Seattle game Monday night. As bad as the 49ers have been, they are only two games behind Seattle and one game behind Arizona. Someone from this putrid NFC West will be going to the playoffs, and only Seattle (4-4) and Arizona (3-5) can...
  16. The Gr8est

    Extremeskins Thread About Brady and BB

    I found this thread on Extremeskins and thought it was worth sharing. It's always good to get a perspective from fans of different teams, particularly knowledgeable fans like the Redskins fans. The basis of the thread is an article about the Pats posted on the LA Times. I could have just posted...
  17. The Gr8est

    Question for Redskins fans

    This has nothing to do with this week's games, but since a lot of Skins fans are visiting this week it is a good time to ask this. The year after Bill Polian got his new emphasis on pass interference into the rules, there were a lot of instances when teams would throw up a pass with less hopes...
  18. The Gr8est

    Excellent post about BB on Jets Insider Check out the post by SAR I about the history of BB's departure from the Jets on page 2 of the thread. Does that jive with everyone else's memories of this incident? Appears to be a well written and truthful recount of the facts...
  19. The Gr8est

    Sep 30 Early Games Thread

    Okay, let's see if we can get a consolidated thread for comments on early games. Don't rule out the Rams for the #1 pick in the draft, they are horrendous to the point of being unwatchable. Dallas looks good, but they aren't THAT good. BTW, they are saying that Stephen Jackson has a 40% tear...
  20. The Gr8est

    OT - What is the Steelers logo?

    OK, I can't be the only person who has ever thought about this. I'm not a member of any Steelers sites, or I'd ask there, but maybe someone here knows. I was driving today and saw a Steelers logo on the car in front of me...where it has "Steelers" in black and then three, 4-pointed star like...