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Dec 12th
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2022/2023 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
  1. Ras-IR Dowling

    Kraft and [JERRUH] Jones get into heated exchange
  2. Ras-IR Dowling

    This years draft haul

    I know the consensus draft grades had us pretty low but so far I think it’s shown to be a good haul. Strange and the Jones Bros look like fixtures in our lineup for years to come. Obviously today was a tough spot for Zappe to be put in but he played well given the circumstances. We will see...
  3. Ras-IR Dowling

    Question re: Uniforms

    When can we trash our current set of unis? Not only has our play fell off since we switched but they’re also ugly af.
  4. Ras-IR Dowling

    OT: Kembrell Thompkins legal trouble
  5. Ras-IR Dowling

    OT: Spencer Rattler

    How far does his draft stock fall after being benched today and possibly relegated to backup qb for the foreseeable future? He was being talked about as a Day 1 prospect not too long ago.
  6. Ras-IR Dowling

    Rham Stevenson

    Play this guy going forward please. The whole redshirt season went out the window anyway when we dealt Sony. No more Bolden at rb. Harris Rham and Taylor going forward.
  7. Ras-IR Dowling

    Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes agree on 10-YEAR Contract Extension

    Waiting on the contract details.
  8. Ras-IR Dowling

    OT: Chargers New Unis

    Like both the home and aways Don’t like the numbers on the helmet.
  9. Ras-IR Dowling

    Brett Maher

    Dear BB, Put in the claim please. V/R, Ras
  10. Ras-IR Dowling

    Former Patriot Trent Brown accused of domestic violence

    Raiders LT Brown accused of domestic violence
  11. Ras-IR Dowling

    AJ Green

    For those of us clamoring (myself included) to trade for Green during the offseason it’s a good thing we didn’t. Carted off today with a toe issue that sidelined him for parts of last season.
  12. Ras-IR Dowling

    NFL Draft: Day 3

    All right boys, let’s fill out the rest of roster.
  13. Ras-IR Dowling

    Jets new unis

    Well if you play like a college team you mine as well look like a college team.
  14. Ras-IR Dowling

    Travis Kelce run block whiff GIF?

    does anyone still have that and if so can you post it to this thread? Thanks
  15. Ras-IR Dowling

    Nathan Peterman #1

  16. Ras-IR Dowling

    Appreciate our kicking game

    For the past 2 decades we’ve had 2 great kickers (minus shayne graham). I just look at what the Steelers are dealing with now. Boswell sucks (and it’s year 1 into a 5 year 20 mil extension). Now they’ve shut him down and signed a new kicker for the rest of the season.
  17. Ras-IR Dowling

    Desean Jackson?

    Should be available this offseason. I’m not saying he would be the new focal point of the offense in 2019 but he can still stretch the field. Averaging around 18 ypc. Could be a cheap option at wr too on a short term deal.
  18. Ras-IR Dowling

    Turkey Day Games Thread

    Happy Thanksgiving guys and gals. Hoping for a good set of games today.
  19. Ras-IR Dowling

    Week 10 TNF Panthers - Steelers

    WTF was that cam lol?