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Dec 12th
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2022/2023 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
  1. BaconGrundleCandy

    BGC 2023 C/PTP Thread

    C/PTP Thread Was going to make an IOL thread but we have two starters locked up and in at guard. C and T is where the big discussions will be had. I'll add a few more names if/when needed but these are the guys. SVP plays tremendous with plus instincts and poise. Just very quick to pick up...
  2. BaconGrundleCandy

    BGC 2023 OT/PTP Thread

    OT/PTP Thread Tier 1A Darnell Wright - 6'6/335 - Tennessee Peter Skoronski - 6'4/295 - Northwestern Matthew Bergeron - 6'5/320 - Syracuse Broderick Jones - 6'4/315 - Georgia Zion Nelson - 6'5/315 - Miami Tier 1B Anton Harrison - 6'5/310 - Oklahoma Blake Freeland - 6'8/305 - BYU Paris...
  3. BaconGrundleCandy

    BGC 2023 TE/PTP Thread

    TE/PTP Thread. Mayer is cemented in at TE1 but I like others before him (Goedert, Freiermuth) he's not Gronk or baby Gronk. He's still really F'n good though. I wouldn't draft him in the top 10-15 but again he's really really good. I want to see Mayer's testing. I've heard #'s but I want to...
  4. BaconGrundleCandy

    BGC 2023 CB/PTP Thread

    CB/PTP thread Size has crept in all positions but maybe none more than CB/DB imo. All these kids are big, solid and just aren't giving up much when it comes to the guy across from them. All of Tier 1A are top 25-64 guys imo. Some others will jump in but I think that first wave of guys is pretty...
  5. BaconGrundleCandy

    Smellin farts and throwin darts (roadhouse!)

    I talked about AR15 in my QB thread (I've been working a lot, getting/trying to get laid, rest of threads will be out by the end of the week) and he showed why I think/said he's #1 overall material. Others will have twice as many yards and such but he's a freak. Idk who his comp is. Culpepper...
  6. BaconGrundleCandy

    NFL Training Camp(s) (non-Pats)

    I thought we usually had one of these for injuries, keeping track of players etc ... McDaniels pulling from Bill's bag of tricks already. Agreed. Definitely under some pressure. That offense should be scary.
  7. BaconGrundleCandy

    MMA / Boxing / Combat

    There has to be other fans out there on here. I'm a huge boxing fan. Love MMA, Muay Thai / Kickboxing. As a boxing fan I've been hoping Fury & Usyk would eventually link up. Huge fan of both actually. I love both styles and give Usyk a better shot than most. I think he's a bigger Loma. We're...
  8. BaconGrundleCandy

    BGC 2023 RB/PTP Thread

    RB/PTP Thread Looks like one of the better classes to come along lately. Ceiling could be 2017, floor 2020. I'm curious how Robinson will test but he's got a ton of goods to offer on the field. I think he'll do well in jumps but not sure about runs. Well spoken, great attitude and looks the...
  9. BaconGrundleCandy

    BGC 2023 RUSH/PTP Thread

    Rush - Edge / PTP Thread Lost this twice (*edit* three times!!!) lol My lazy azss left it here too long but here it is. Actually looks like a really good group. Not comparing it to anyone just yet but this is a solid group. Especially if you need rush OLB. There's 3 or 4 that could be impact...
  10. BaconGrundleCandy

    BGC 2023 QB/PTP Thread

    QB/PTP Thread There are several potential #1 overall picks here if they put it all together. There's no doubt in my mind that guys like Richardson and Stroud will be in that convo with another good year by CJ or a consistent, start to finish, "best performance to date" from Richardson. He's...
  11. BaconGrundleCandy

    BGC 2023 IDL/PTP Thread

    IDL/PTP Thread. Bresee was one of the biggest recruits ever. Certainly in my lifetime. Why does that matter? It means everyone already knows his name at all levels. Bias can and will creep in in different ways, if you're not careful. Even the highest level. No one is going to draft him on that...
  12. BaconGrundleCandy

    BGC 2023 WR/PTP Thread

    WR/PTP Thread Meant to post this the past few days but been busy with work. Just woke up so ill get it out the way. Not finished with the names, I'll add a few more. Have to move a few guys around but almost everyone is in the right. neighborhood. Boutte looks like a mini Chase at times but...
  13. BaconGrundleCandy

    2022 NEP Draft recap/thoughts

    I received a few PM and @'s asking my thoughts and some questions so I'll try to provide both here. Mostly what I would have done and what I think. Tough one bc I liked all the prospects just not where we grabbed them but I'm over that for the most part and just trying to look at what they can...
  14. BaconGrundleCandy

    2022 WR/PTP Draft Prospects

    Some people have mentioned WR as a need. Pats traditionally have like HWS guys (Jackson, Dobson, Price, Harry, Mitchell) but obviously love tough slot WR's. As far as needs go this team could use a true X or water bug slot. This team could use speed at the WR position but remember toughness...
  15. BaconGrundleCandy

    Which school will we double dip our drafting stick into??

    The NEP have drafted teammates 14-15 times during Bill's tenure. I believe Buffalo has done this about 8 times (they love FSU prospects), jete about 6, Miami 5, during the same time period. Which two are we drafting this year? Only listing a few names here ... SDST - Cameron Thomas, Daniel...
  16. BaconGrundleCandy

    2022 RB/PTP Draft Prospects

    Same idea for RB. Harris is coming up soon and White isn't getting younger and Bolden isn't here to pick up the slack. This is a very underrated need imo along with BU QB. Who's unique? Cook, Hall, Rachaad White and Pierre Strong. There are others but they stand out. 2nd-3rd RD James Cook -...
  17. BaconGrundleCandy

    2022 IDL/PTP Draft Prospects

    Let's get a little more specific. Want to use this thread to talk about IDL, interior defensive linemen, 0, 1, 3, 4, 5 techniques ... I wrote a few post about what opposing teams have done to our DL and what we might need to stop it. (Please no mock drafts) Maybe an idea of who you like and...
  18. BaconGrundleCandy

    2022 PTP Draft Board / Pats Draft Talk

    Here's the PTP (Patriot-Type Player) Board. I'll add to it including prospect notes, horizontal / vertical board. Just the hori board is up now but you get the idea. This will be my 12th year grading prospects so I just use my experience for their value...
  19. BaconGrundleCandy

    BGC 2022 TE/PTP Thread

    TE/PTP Thread How I graded the position in the past ... Tier 2 Trey McBride - 6'4/260 - Colorado St Jalen Wydermeyer - 6'5/265 - TAMU Jeremy Ruckert - 6'5/250 - OSU Greg Dulcich - 6'4/240 - UCLA Charlie Kolar - 6'6/260 - Iowa St Isaiah Likely - 6'4/245 - Coastal Carolina Jake Ferguson...
  20. BaconGrundleCandy

    Which prospect(s) would you trade up for?

    Curious if there's anyone you'd trade up for outside the top 10. Let's say a Stingley or Karlaftis is sitting at 13-15? Or maybe you want to pay a premium on Davis so the Chargers don't get him? Maybe there's another player you have in mind. Dean, Lloyd, one of the tackles? I'm trying to keep it...